15 Onesie-Twosie Synonyms

Onesie-twosie is a phrase used to describe something that is done slowly or gradually, typically taking one step at a time. It is like making progress little by little.

It also best describes something or an event that does not happen all the time. It is like saying once or twice, it explains how unplanned and very frequently something an occurrence takes place. 

Onesie-twosie is an informal phrase that expresses how irregularly something happens or how very rare it is to achieve something, how scattered the timing of unexpected encounters can pop up, or how scarce opportunities present themselves.

In this article, I will show you great synonym words you can use in place of ‘onesie-twosie’.

15 Onesie-Twosie Synonyms 


Onesie-Twosie Synonyms

A good synonym of ‘onesie-twosie’ is ‘sporadic’.

Sporadic refers to something that occurs irregularly or intermittently. It adds an element of unpredictability to situations.

It entails that you stay prepared for unexpected moments and embrace the spontaneous nature of life. For something to be sporadic, it means that there is space and time between each occurrence.


  • ‘Sporadic’ rain showers made our picnic a bit unpredictable, but we still had a great time!
  • His sporadic attendance in class made it difficult for him to keep up with the coursework.


Onesie-Twosie Synonyms

A better synonym of ‘onesie-twosie’ is ‘Occasional’.

Occasional refers to something that happens from time to time, rather than regularly. It adds a touch of surprise and variety to life’s experiences. 

It makes you embrace the unexpected and cherish those special moments that come your way. When something is occasional, it helps you value it more and you can get excited because you are not tired of it. 

As an adult who lives far away from your parents, how often do you go to see them? Let me guess, you only go occasionally? 


  • ‘Occasionally’, we visit the sick at the hospital to cheer them on.
  • We love to have occasional movie nights with friends, complete with popcorn and laughter.


One great synonym of ‘onesie-twosie’ is ‘Infrequent’.

Infrequent means something that does not happen a lot, like a rare occurrence or happening occasionally. It is the opposite of happening frequently or regularly. Infrequent means that it happens once in a while and sometimes it happens unexpectedly or without notice. 

Something infrequent is something you barely do. If you are someone who barely goes clubbing, you can say that you are not frequent at the club, maybe because you do not enjoy staying out late. 


  • It is not often that we come across such ’infrequent’ opportunities in life.
  • Hey hot stuff, I enjoy taking infrequent trips to the beach, care to join me?


Another good synonym of ‘onesie-twosie’ is ‘intermittent’.

Intermittent refers to something that occurs at irregular intervals or with pauses in between. It can describe patterns, signals, or even weather conditions. It’s like a sporadic rhythm that keeps us on our toes.

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  • The ‘intermittent’ beeping of the alarm clock made it difficult for me to fall asleep.
  • The intermittent rain showers made it challenging to plan our outdoor activities.


‘Irregular’ is a fantastic synonym of ‘onesie-twosie’.

Irregular refers to something that does not follow a predictable or consistent pattern. It is like a surprise twist in a story that keeps things interesting and unpredictable.

Irregular means the lack of consistency towards something. It explains how things happen without plans, patterns, or deliberate schedules which creates inconsistency and rare occasions.


  • The ’irregular’ schedule of my favorite TV show always keeps me guessing when the next episode will air.
  • The irregular bus schedule made it difficult for me to catch my morning commute.


A cool synonym of ‘onesie-twosie’ is ‘Scattered’.

This refers to something without a perfect form, plan, or schedule. Scattered means things are spread out or not organized. It can refer to physical objects or thoughts that are not placed in a certain pattern or fit. 

This means that the mode of occurrence is not in an arranged and organized method but by an unexpected turn of events or circumstances that happens irregularly.


  • When I opened the box, I found scattered puzzle pieces all over the floor.
  • The scattered leaves on the ground created a beautiful mosaic of colors in the park.


‘Isolated’ is an amazing synonym for ‘onesie-twosie’.

Being isolated means feeling disconnected from others, like you’re in your little bubble. It can happen when you’re physically alone or when you feel emotionally distant from those around you. This means that you are doing something individually or in very small groups.


  • Feeling isolated can be tough, but reaching out to others can help you find connection and support, what are your thoughts about this?
  • I love taking long walks in isolated places, surrounded by nothing but nature’s serenity.


Another cool synonym of ‘onesie-twosie’ is ‘Rare’.

When it comes to the word “rare,” it often refers to something that is not commonly found or occurs infrequently. It’s like finding a hidden treasure or stumbling upon a unicorn in a field of horses.

 Rare things are special and unique, standing out from the ordinary. When something is rare it makes it more special and appreciated. Rare things are most times unexpected and happen once or twice.

Think of how many times you travel down to your hometown, you most likely do not go all the time, that is to say, you rarely go there. 


  • We appreciate the governor coming for this event. It is a rare but highly appreciated gesture.
  • Finding true love is rare, but when it happens, it’s magical.


One great synonym of ‘onesie-twosie’ is ‘Scarce’.

Scarce things are valuable because they’re not easily accessible. When we talk about something being “scarce,” it means that it’s in short supply or hard to find. Scarce things are always of great value and they do not come by very frequently. 

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You can figuratively say it is available once in a blue moon, to explain how inconsistent it is to get something or see something happen.


  • I fall in love once in a while, true love is scarce out there.
  • During the dry season, water becomes scarce, and people have to conserve it carefully.

Few and far between

A lovely synonym of ‘onesie-twosie’ is ‘Few and far between’.

When something is “few and far between,” it means that it doesn’t happen very often or that there is a significant amount of time or space between each occurrence. Figuratively, It is like finding a rare gem in a vast desert or stumbling upon a shooting star in a clear night sky. 

These occurrences are infrequent and can be seen as special or unique. So, when something is few and far between, it is worth cherishing and appreciating those rare moments or opportunities that come your way.


  • Finding true friends who genuinely care about you can be challenging, but they are worth the wait because they are few and far between.
  • Opportunities like this are few and far between, so make sure to seize them!


Another lovely synonym of ‘onesie-twosie’ is ‘Hit-or-miss’.

Hit or miss is a phrase often used to describe something that has an unpredictable or uncertain outcome. It’s like taking a shot in the dark or flipping a coin to see if you get heads or tails. 

When something is hit or miss, it means that it can either be successful or unsuccessful, with no guarantee either way. You can say hit or miss to describe how rare an occurrence can take place which also explains onesie-twosie. 


  • Trying out new recipes can be hit or miss, but the joy of discovering a delicious dish is worth it.
  • Advertising our new brand product can be hit-or-miss, but it is always the best shot we can get to market our product.

On and off

A fantastic synonym of ‘onesie-twosie’ is ‘On and Off’.

On and off symbolizes something that is not constant and consistent. On and off is a common phrase used to describe something that happens intermittently or inconsistently.

It can refer to various situations, such as a flickering light bulb or an unstable internet connection. 

The phrase highlights the irregular nature of the occurrence, where it alternates between being present and absent. If you are in college you will notice that there are some students you do not see often. Students like these are students you can say are ‘On and off’ students. 


  • The Wi-Fi signal in my room is so unreliable that it keeps going on and off.
  • My internet connection has been on and off all day, making it hard to get things done online.

Here and there

One blissful synonym of ‘onesie-twosie’ is ‘Here and there’.

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“Here and there” is a phrase used to describe something that is scattered or not consistently located in one place. 

It suggests a sense of sporadic movement or distribution. For example, you might find scattered toys here and there in a child’s playroom. It emphasizes the idea of things being spread out or appearing in different locations without a specific pattern. 

You can also use this phrase to describe someone who can barely stay in one place for a long time, they are barely in one place, and you see them here and there all the time.


  • Here and there, I stumble upon little pockets of joy that make life truly magical.
  • I love exploring new places, so I travel here and there to experience different cultures. I would love you to join me on one of my trips, doesn’t that sound like a blast to you?

Now and then

A favorable synonym of ‘onesie-twosie’ is ‘Now and then’.

Now and then is a phrase that describes something that happens occasionally or infrequently. It suggests that something occurs from time to time, but not on a regular or consistent basis.

You might meet up with old friends now and then to catch up and reminisce. The phrase emphasizes the sporadic nature of the occurrence, where it happens intermittently rather than regularly.

Also, how often do you go on vacations? Maybe once or twice a year, it is safe to say that you only go on vacations now and then, this means it is something that is not done frequently.


  • Now and then, I like to treat myself to a delicious ice cream sundae.
  • Now and then, I like to treat myself to a relaxing spa day to unwind.

Now and again

Another cool synonym of ‘onesie-twosie’ is ‘Now and again’. 

Now and again is a phrase that means something happens occasionally or sporadically. It suggests that an event or action occurs infrequently, with no specific pattern or regularity. 

For example, you might go on a spontaneous road trip now and again to explore new places. The phrase emphasizes the element of surprise or unpredictability in the occurrence.


  • Now and again, I like to take a break from work and go for a refreshing walk outside.
  • Now and again, I like to indulge in some delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Parting words

The phrase ‘onesie-twosie’ explains the inconsistency and disarranged pattern of an occurring event or the occasional display of an action. 

Some of these events happen unannounced taking the element of surprise while some are on a particular fixed calendar year which happens once in a while. This makes us anticipate and try to enjoy every experience that happens infrequently.

Even if the timing is scattered and it changes unexpectedly, we are still prepared for anything that takes place now and then.

An example of an automobile accident that happens on a particular highway but happens occasionally and infrequently can only be expected anytime and is well pre-planned for.


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