20 Similar Phrases for “Stay Blessed”

One of the common expressions used to wish others positivity is saying ‘Stay blessed’. However, on occasion, we may want to switch things up and use an alternative phrase with a similar meaning.

This section explores 15 additional expressions that can be said in place of ‘stay blessed’ to brighten someone’s day and spread more cheer.

20 Other Phrases for “Stay Blessed”

Wishing you peace and happiness 

Wishing someone peace and happiness captures the spirit of blessing them while using more direct language about desired states of being.

Much like saying ‘stay blessed’ and hoping that the positive influence of grace or fate remains strong in their life, expressing a wish for peace and happiness for others acknowledges the very human need we all share for comfort, stability, and joy.

In turbulent times especially, the simplicity of this phrase can carry profound meaning. When stress weighs heavy on a friend, sending a message wishing them peace and happiness does the emotional work of a blessing by reaffirming their inherent worthiness of good things.

It also acknowledges the real impact that external forces beyond our control can have on internal well-being.

Sending positive thoughts your way 

Extending positive thoughts to others is an uplifting way to share hopes for their well-being. When we wish for someone to stay blessed, the intention is for favorable conditions and fortune to remain with them.

Sending positive thoughts carries a similar energy of encouraging only good energies and experiences to cross their path.

Especially during trying days, knowing someone is consciously rooting for happiness and prosperity, even from afar, can bolster hope.

The expression is also inclusive of mental and emotional health, not just external situations. Receiving the news that positive thoughts are headed in your direction affirms that another cares enough to have bright visions and optimistic mindsets toward them.

It can lift spirits by reminding the recipient they are in someone’s caring hopes and heart, with all the empowerment that accompanies them.

Wishing you joy around every corner 

‘Wishing you joy around every corner’ shows a heartfelt desire for happiness to surround someone in every aspect of their life.

It is a way of expressing a sincere wish for the person to experience joy in all areas, whether it be at home, at work, or in their relationships.

Similar to ‘Stay Blessed,’ this phrase encapsulates the hope that the individual’s life is filled with continuous happiness and contentment.

May good things come your way 

‘May good things come your way’ expresses a positive sentiment, hoping that the person will encounter various positive experiences and opportunities in their life.

It is a way of wishing good fortune and blessings upon someone, similar to the concept of being blessed. By using this phrase, one is conveying the hope that the individual’s life will be filled with positive outcomes and pleasant surprises.

May the good times tickle your heart 

‘May the good times tickle your heart’ captures the essence of joy and happiness. It conveys the desire for the person to experience moments of pure delight that bring a sense of warmth and happiness to their heart.

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Similar to ‘Stay Blessed,’ this phrase aims to express the hope that the person’s life is filled with cherished memories and happy moments that leave a lasting impact.

Wishing you joy and prosperity 

‘Wishing you joy and prosperity’ combines the wishes for both happiness and success in the individual’s life. It conveys the desire for the person to not only experience joy but also to thrive and flourish in various aspects of their life, including their career, relationships, and overall well-being.

By using this phrase, one is expressing the hope that the person’s life is abundant in both happiness and material prosperity, similar to the sentiment behind ‘Stay Blessed.’

Sending sunshine in your direction 

‘Sending sunshine in your direction’ shares a similar sentiment to ‘Stay Blessed’ by expressing a heartfelt wish for positivity and warmth to reach the recipient.

It implies a desire to bring brightness and joy into someone’s life. By using the metaphor of sunshine, it evokes feelings of happiness and optimism.

This phrase can be used in various contexts, such as when bidding farewell or sending well wishes to someone.

For instance, you might say, ‘As you embark on your new journey, I’m sending sunshine in your direction, hoping that it lights up your path and brings you endless joy and success.’

Sending you smiles and sunshine

Similar to ‘Stay Blessed,’ this phrase seeks to convey positive and uplifting vibes to the recipient. By mentioning both smiles and sunshine, it encompasses both emotional well-being and a sense of warmth and brightness.

It signifies a genuine desire for the person’s happiness and serves as an expression of goodwill. You can use this phrase in everyday conversations or when sending greetings.

For example, you could say, ‘Wishing you a wonderful day filled with smiles and sunshine. May every moment bring you happiness and positivity.’

May kindness find you 

‘May kindness find you’ is similar to and can be used instead of ‘Stay Blessed’ as it conveys the sentiment of wishing someone well and hoping that they encounter kindness in their life.

It carries the message of hoping that positive and compassionate actions come their way. By using this phrase, you are expressing your desire for the person to be surrounded by goodwill and benevolence.

It serves as a reminder that acts of kindness can bring joy and positivity into one’s life.

May your tomorrow be brighter than today 

May your tomorrow be brighter than today shares the same essence as ‘Stay Blessed’ by expressing a hopeful outlook for the future.

It signifies a desire for the person’s days ahead to be filled with even more happiness, success, and positivity than their current situation.

By using this phrase, you are implying that you want their future to be brighter and more fulfilling, emphasizing the idea that each passing day brings new opportunities for growth and joy.

Wishing you the very best 

‘Wishing you the very best’ is an excellent alternative to ‘Stay Blessed’ as it conveys a sincere desire for someone’s overall well-being and success.

It encapsulates the sentiment of wanting all aspects of their life to be filled with positivity and prosperity.

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By using this phrase, you are expressing your genuine hopes for their happiness, achievements, and fulfillment in all areas of their life.

Wishing you goodness in all you do 

When you wish someone ‘goodness in all they do,’ you are expressing a heartfelt desire for them to experience positive outcomes and success in every aspect of their life.

This phrase is similar to ‘stay blessed’ as it conveys a similar sentiment of well-wishes and positive intentions.

By using this phrase, you are essentially sending positive energy and hoping that the person’s endeavors and actions are met with favorable outcomes.

Keep shining your light 

‘Keep shining your light’ is a phrase that encourages someone to continue being their authentic self and sharing their unique qualities and talents with the world.

It is an expression of support and admiration for the person’s positive impact and influence. This phrase is a suitable alternative to ‘stay blessed’ as it acknowledges and appreciates the individual’s ability to bring positivity and goodness into the lives of others.

Sending virtual hugs and high-fives

When you say ‘sending virtual hugs and high-fives,’ you are expressing a warm and affectionate greeting or farewell to someone.

This phrase is commonly used in online or virtual settings to convey a sense of connection, support, and camaraderie.

It is a delightful substitute for ‘stay blessed’ as it offers a lighthearted and friendly way to express well-wishes and positive vibes.

Much love and many blessings

‘Much love and many blessings’ is a heartfelt expression of affection and goodwill towards someone. By using this phrase, you are conveying a deep sense of care, love, and positive energy to the person.

It serves as a beautiful alternative to ‘stay blessed’ as it encompasses both the sentiment of love and the desire for blessings in the person’s life.

It is a genuine and warm way to convey your well-wishes and genuine affection for the person.

Keep soaring to new heights 

‘Keep soaring to new heights’ is a phrase that can be used instead of ‘Stay blessed’ to convey a similar sentiment of wishing someone continuous growth, success, and achievements in their life.

This phrase emphasizes the idea of reaching higher levels of excellence, not settling for mediocrity, and constantly striving for personal and professional development.

It encourages individuals to embrace challenges, overcome obstacles, and push their boundaries to achieve their goals.

By using the phrase ‘Keep soaring to new heights,’ you are expressing your desire for the person to continue their journey of self-improvement, explore new possibilities, and surpass their previous accomplishments.

Hoping your luck takes a turn for the better 

‘Hoping your luck takes a turn for the better’ is an alternative phrase to ‘Stay blessed’ that conveys a similar sentiment of wishing someone good fortune and positive outcomes in their life.

This phrase acknowledges that luck plays a role in our experiences and endeavors, and expresses the desire for that luck to shift in a more favorable direction.

By using the phrase ‘Hoping your luck takes a turn for the better,’ you are expressing empathy and understanding towards the challenges or difficulties the person may be facing.

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It implies that you recognize their current circumstances and sincerely hope that things improve for them.

This phrase offers support and optimism, as it suggests that a positive change in luck can lead to better opportunities and outcomes.

Wishing you nothing but good things 

At its core, this expression conveys a spirit of positivity and hope much like saying ‘Stay blessed.’ When we wish someone ‘nothing but good things,’ we intend that positivity and goodness to follow them wherever they go.

More specifically, it implies that you want love, light, joy, and abundance in their lives.

Much like being blessed, to have ‘nothing but good things’ is to be showered with benefits, open doors, and answered prayers that cultivate well-being, growth, and deep fulfillment.

It means never lacking daily bread or support in times of struggle. On a Higher level, it means traveling through this life experience surrounded and guided by the Highest Good.

Brighter days ahead, friend


When we tell someone that brighter days are ahead, it serves much the same purpose as wishing them blessings. Both speak to the promise of hope, sunshine, and better times on the horizon.

This expression acknowledges that in life, seasons come and go – there are positives and challenges, light and dark.

It assures the person that even if they may be going through a difficult patch presently, happier outcomes will come. Just as darkness never truly overcomes the light, so difficult periods are merely temporary.

Referring to the other person as a ‘friend’ adds an extra layer of care, solidarity, and encouragement too.

It’s a reminder that they do not walk alone and that people are wishing the best for them as they weather whatever storm they face at present.

Sending you feel-good vibes galore 

When telling someone you’re sending them ‘feel-good vibes galore’, the intent, much like wishing them to ‘stay blessed’, is to impart upon them good energy, positivity, and uplifting vibrations.

Vibes in this context refer to the unseen, subtle energy that surrounds us and permeates our experiences. We’ve all felt the difference between being in places or around people whose vibes are high versus low energy.

Feel-good vibes in particular carry messages of hope, encouragement, and joy.

Wrap Up 

I hope this article has given you a few new phrases to add to your vocabulary when wishing someone well. While ‘stay blessed’ has become famous in recent years, changing things up keeps conversations fresh and creative.

Who wants to sound like a broken record? The expressions covered here offer sincere sentiments similar to ‘stay blessed’ while putting your unique spin on things.

Whether you go with ‘wishing you peace’ to confer serenity, or ‘much happiness to you’ to share the simple joy of living, the choices are yours.

Feel free to mix and match based on who you’re talking to and the situation. A phrase that’s upbeat for one person could sound trite to another. That’s the beauty of having options – you can customize your well-wishes.

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