20 Phrases Like “Hunky-Dory”

Hunky-Dory means that everything is fine or everything is going well. It is a way of saying that things are quite satisfactory.

The phrase “hunk-dory” comes from the slang word “hunky” which means “good”. The second word is being added to it as a reduplication.

It had once appeared in the U.S civil War as slang for soldiers and also in comic acts and writings in the early 1860s. The Americanism meaning of the phrase “hunky-dory” is fine or satisfactory.

When something happens and a person uses this phrase, they’re simply letting you know that everything is fine and they are satisfied with the result.

If a situation is “hunky-dory” then it is pleasant and satisfactory. It means everything is free of trouble or a problem is now fine.

It’s a way of saying that a thing is pleasant because there’s no problem. When any event occurs and someone says this phrase, they are only informing you that everything is good and they are happy with the outcome.

This article will look at 20 phrases that are like “hunky-dory, some of them are; “Fine and dandy”, “Up to scratch”, “In good shape”

20 phrases similar to “Hunky-Dory”

  1. Fine and dandy
  2. Up to scratch
  3. Able-bodied
  4. In good shape
  5. Good enough
  6. Solid as a rock
  7. Strong as an ox
  8. Okey-dockey
  9. Fair to middling
  10. Bog-standard
  11. Not bad
  12. All right
  13. In good kilter
  14. In fine feather
  15. In order
  16. In the pink
  17. Up to par
  18. A1
  19. Quite good
  20. Outstanding

Fine and Dandy

Phrases Like Hunky-Dory

This expression is similar to the “hunky-dory” phrase as it means alright or excellent. Though, in this present day, the phrase is used sarcastically to mean bad or not alright.

This phrase means that something is good or nice. In as much as it means excellent, it can also be ironically used to mean that something is not going well.

The “hunky-dory” idiom has a similar meaning to this term, which means okay or great. However, the expression is now ironically used to denote anything being unpleasant or not okay.

This expression is used to show agreement or acceptance of something.

Up to Scratch

“Up to scratch” is quite similar to “hunky-dory” as it means satisfactory. It means that something is acceptable or sufficient.

It’s an informal way to say that something is good enough. It means that something is as good as one expected.

This phrase means that something has gotten to an acceptable standard or has reached an acceptable level.

When you say someone is up to scratch, it means that the person has gotten to a particular standard. It suggests that something meets a particular requirement. “Up to scratch” and “hunky-dory” are pretty similar.

It denotes that something is suitable or adequate. It’s a casual method of expressing satisfaction with something. It indicates that something is just as nice as anticipated.

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This expression indicates that something has attained an acceptable quality or level.


The phrase “able-bodied” means that something or someone is fit. It is used mostly to describe that a person’s health is satisfactory. It means that a person is not physically disabled.

This is a way to refer to someone’s health that is fine or that a person is healthy and has no form of illness.

In Good Shape

This is as well a similar phrase that refers to a person’s health. It simply means that a person is fine or has a satisfactory health condition. Saying this can imply that a person is in good health condition.

Good Enough

Phrases Like Hunky-Dory

When you say something is good enough, it means it is okay to a reasonable degree. It is satisfactory and fair. It means something is adequately good for a particular circumstance or a purpose.

The phrase “good enough” is synonymous with “Satisfactory”. Saying something is adequate suggests it is acceptable to a fair extent. It is acceptable and equitable.

It denotes that something is suitable for the situation or the intended use.

Solid as a Rock

This phrase is similar to “hunky-dory” as it means to be very strong. It means that something or someone is calm and reliable. This means something that is firm and stable.

This is a way of saying that something is firm and fine. It denotes the stability and dependability of something or someone. This describes anything stable and solid.

This is a technique of expressing how sturdy and good something is.

Strong as an Ox

It is also a phrase to imply that a person is very strong. It can also be said to be a person being powerful.

It suggests that something is extremely strong. It is often used concerning a human being or human strength. It is used to describe a person that is tough and rugged.


This is a casual way of saying “Ok”. It shows agreement with something. It implies that something is satisfactory or fine with you.

By saying this, you simply show that you’re satisfied with something. It implies that there’s no issue and nothing is bothersome about a certain thing.

The word “Ok” is used in this informal manner here. It indicates that you agree with something. It suggests that something about you is okay or suitable.

Simply by mentioning this, you’re expressing your satisfaction with something. It means that there isn’t a problem and that something about a certain thing isn’t irritating.

Fair to Middling

This phrase means that something is averagely good. It simply means something is not exactly good and not exactly bad also.

The phrase means moderately good. It is mostly used to inquire about a person’s health or business. The expression means that something is slightly above average.

This expression denotes mediocre quality. Simply said, it signifies that something is neither entirely good nor entirely negative. Its meaning is passably excellent.

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It is typically used to enquire about someone’s business or health. The phrase indicates that something is just a little bit above normal.


This means something is basic or ordinary. It is completely ordinary without having any special thing added to it. It is not exceptional. It means that something has no special qualities.

Not Bad

It means fairly good. It means something is moderate or sufficiently good. This means that something is good enough.

By saying this, you mean something is better than you expected. You feel something is reasonably good. It is synonymous with using the word “admirable” or “commendable”.

It denotes a modest or adequate quality. This phrase expresses that something is better than you had anticipated. You consider it to be fairly decent.

All right

This phrase is very popular. It means that something is acceptable. It implies that a thing is satisfactory or fairly well.

This is an exclamation used to express happiness over something that has been done. It is a phrase that shows that someone is satisfied with something that has happened.

It denotes the acceptance of something. It suggests that something is adequate or functioning generally well. It may also be used to highlight how definite something is.

This exclamation is used to show joy in something that has been accomplished. It is a way of expressing satisfaction with what has already occurred.

In Good Kilter

This expression means in proper order or condition. It is a state whereby something is working well. It implies that something is in good condition.

This phrase indicates the right sequence or situation. It is a situation where something is operating efficiently. It suggests that the item is in good shape.

In Fine Feather

The expression means that a person is in excellent form. It is mostly used when referring to someone’s health. It refers to something that comes in excellent appearance or that is well dressed.

In Order

This simply means in a particular sequence. It also means in order of priority. This means that something is well organized or neatly arranged. You’re making sure that something is tidy.

To tell someone to put things in order means that you want the person you organize and arrange things in a particular way. Simply put, this implies in a specific order.

It also denotes in terms of importance. This denotes that anything is properly structured or set up in a tidy manner. You’re checking to see if everything is clean.

In the Pink

This phrase simply means that something is in good health or spirit. It is a state of being healthy. It describes a state of being in good condition.

When a person says he is in a pink, it simply entails that he is in perfect condition. It speaks about being in good physical condition.

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When someone claims to be “in a pink,” it simply means that they are in excellent health.

Up to Par

Phrases Like Hunky-Dory

To say “Up to par” means that something is up to an expected quality or a desired quality. It also means that something is good enough.

By saying this, you’re simply implying that something is good enough just as you wanted it to be. It suggests that something is up to the expected standard.

This phrase is synonymous with “satisfactory” or it’s up to an acceptable level. A quality that is “up to par” meets expectations or is desired.

Additionally, it implies that something is adequate. By expressing this, you’re only suggesting that something is satisfactory in the form in which you desired it.

It implies that such a thing satisfies the required standard. This expression is equivalent to “satisfactory” or “it’s acceptable levels.”


This is a popular saying. It simply means excellent. It is mostly used when someone has done pretty well. It means that someone’s effort is first-rate. It is seen as the highest classification.

When someone has A1, it can be seen as having good health or that a person is experiencing excellence. It only denotes excellence. It is typically used after someone has performed admirably.

It denotes exceptional effort on the part of the person. When someone gets A1, it may be assumed that they are in good health or are excelling in some way.

Quite Good

When you say something is quite good, you’re also saying that it is very good or exceptionally good. This is an understated way of showing your approval of something.

When you describe something as fairly good, you’re also describing it as excellent or very good. This is a subtle approach to expressing your support for anything.


This means that a person has a satisfactory performance. It means the person did an excellent job. It is often used to show amazement. It means that it is better than usual.

When a person has an outstanding performance, it means the person got distinction or came out excellent. This shows satisfaction.

This indicates that a person’s performance was satisfactory. It denotes that the work was superb. It is frequently employed to express awe.

It indicates an improvement over the norm. When someone gives an amazing performance, it suggests they excelled or received a distinction. This displays contentment.



From the beginning of this article, we have stated that the phrase “hunky-dory” refers to a situation whereby there is no issue.

This phrase means that everything is going well or everything is fine. It explains a satisfactory result. This article has highlighted 20 phrases that are similar to the phrase “hunky-dory”.

Some of the phrases are casual while others are familiar or popular phrases.

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