21 “Leave Me Alone” Best Replies

‘Leave me alone’ is what you say when you need to be in a room alone when you are being disturbed by a person, or when you are being held.

The phrase simply asks that the speaker be relieved. Now, you know what the speaker is asking for when you hear this.

However, not everyone actually wants to be left alone or should be left alone. The way you respond to this statement is dependent on the situation, the person speaking, and what you choose to do.

Are you actually disturbing? Does the person actually want you to go? Do you want to be stubborn just for that moment?

You can respond to this request by saying ‘I don’t want to’. Below are 20 other responses that may fit into the situation and how you want to respond.

21 Best Responses to “Leave Me Alone”

  1. You don’t want me to.
  2. As much as I’d love to, I really can’t.
  3. Are you sure?
  4. Say it again and, I swear, I’ll leave.
  5. I wanted to hear it from you.
  6. I’m leaving right now.
  7. I wasn’t disturbing you.
  8. You leave me alone.
  9. And if I don’t?
  10. Whatever
  11. I didn’t know I grabbed you. Did I?
  12. If you say so.
  13. I don’t want to.
  14. That’s pretty difficult, don’t you think?
  15. I would never do that.
  16. Are you sure you want to be alone?
  17. No problem.
  18. I wasn’t holding you.
  19. You’re not leaving me alone.
  20. As your lordship pleases.
  21. What’s wrong?

You don’t want me to

If you are hearing this from your girlfriend, she doesn’t want you to… probably. You may already know this.

Girls often say ‘stop’ or ‘leave me alone’ when they are being teased by their boyfriends. It doesn’t actually mean they want to.

Many women have publicly confessed that they often regret making the statement. Sometimes, the women even blame their lovers for not truly understanding them.

If your girlfriend says this to you, you can assess the situation and see if she really needs you to stop playing with her.

You can also say ‘you don’t want me to’ and continue. Her countenance and voice should tell you if she really still wants the play at that moment.

If she continues smiling and reacting nicely, there is a high chance that ‘leave me alone’ is just another way of saying ‘I enjoy this but…’

As much as I’d love to, I really can’t

We have talked about the romantic situation. Here is a more serious one. Have you ever been in a situation where you have to stay with someone who is really in need of help?

Have you ever been helping an injured person and he or she asks to be left alone? This may be a reaction to pain and, even though the person really wants to be left alone, it is not right

You know it is not right to leave so you can’t just take your leave because you feel rejected. If you believe your presence or the help you are offering is needed, then you shouldn’t stop.

Say this and continue till you are done. He or she will appreciate the help eventually when the pain is gone.

Leave Me Alone best reply

Are you sure?

You may feel the need to stay with a person because he or she may need your help. However, the person may want to be left alone.

Probably, you have somewhere to go but you are staying back just because of him or her. The person can ask to be left alone so he or she doesn’t feel like a burden to you.

You can simply ask if he or she is sure about wanting you to leave. Then you can consider how the person may fare in your absence m

Say it again and, I swear, I’ll leave.

Say this to your friend or your lover. People often push one another away during weird outbursts. This may be one of them.

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You can make this statement to show that you are getting pissed by your friend’s request for you to leave him or her alone.

Good. I wanted to hear it from you.

While there are cases when your girlfriend may not mean this statement, there are also cases when she’s refusing to say it.

When your girlfriend says this to you, you may be able to tell that she really wants you to go. There is usually a clear difference when a person says something as a joke and when he or she is actually being serious.

This response implies that you have seen signs or gotten the hint earlier and you just wanted him or her to say it to you.

Your partner or friend may be upset or just uninterested in hanging out with you at the moment. However, he or she may refuse to say it to you directly till you start seeing signs of it.

I’m leaving right now

When a person tells you to leave him or her alone, you can respond with this to show you are not insisting on staying.

This does not have to be your reaction all the time unless you feel rejected or the person is being aggressive toward you.

You may also just have somewhere to go. Say this so the person knows you won’t be around to disturb him or her.

I wasn’t disturbing you

Has a person ever told you to leave him or her while you are not even close? That happens. You may be talking about an issue that concerns both of you but another person.

The person may feel bothered about the issue and not want to hear it anymore. Since you were not referring to him or her in any way, you don’t have to leave anywhere or stop saying anything.

You can turn to the person and say you are not disturbing. If the person is bothered about the topic of your conversation with another person, he or she should leave the room and go somewhere else.

No. You leave me alone

There are cases when no one is holding anyone and no one has to leave anyone. Both of you may be trying to take hold of something but you both can’t share it at the same time.

Of course, maturity should tell you to cooperate but maturity can be boring at times. We have all been in playful situations like this and the entire moment is just two or more people having fun.

A person can say ‘Leave me alone’ because you are holding what he or she is also holding. You can also respond by telling him or her to leave you alone.

At the end of the day, one of you has to stop holding since neither of you would be able to use it otherwise.

Leave Me Alone best reply

And if I don’t?

Here is a question used to dare a person. We can ask this question in several situations where requests are made from us. It doesn’t necessarily have to respond to ‘Leave me alone.’

By giving this response, you are asking what would happen if you don’t do as requested. You should be careful with the situations in which you ask this question.

You are indirectly daring the person to do the worst thing he or she can think of to get the request answered.

You can say this to your girlfriend if she does not actually want you to leave. You shouldn’t expect any response. You can just continue teasing her and she will join in the fun soon.

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Saying this to your girlfriend when she’s upset will not be nice. You can make her say or do things she doesn’t want to.


We all know what ‘Whatever’ means so you should know when to use this and when not to. ‘Whatever’ may mean ‘Whatever you say’ but in a way that suggests indifference.

If you want to sound more polite and fair, you can say ‘Whatever you say’ instead. ‘Whatever’ suggests that you are carefree about the situation.

You don’t care about staying so you don’t mind leaving. When you say this, it means you are leaving, just as the person asked.

Don’t say this if the person actually needs your help. You don’t want to seem carefree to your friend’s plight.

You can say this to your girlfriend if she seems upset but it will show that you are also pissed.

If she’s only saying ‘Leave me alone’ without meaning it, then you can say ‘Whatever’ and just continue teasing her.

I didn’t know I grabbed you. Did I?

You can also respond to ‘Leave me alone’ with a joke unless you are actually grabbing the person. That would be a pretty good joke too, I guess.

While this is a funny response, it can also sound like you are pissed with the person talking.

Sarcasm often sounds dismissive and angry so you may want to choose another response if you don’t want to sound rude or angry.

If you say so

This is what we say when we are about to give in to what another person has requested. By saying ‘If you say so’, you are choosing to agree with what the person has said.

You both may be discussing a controversial topic and the person expresses his or her opinion which you don’t fully agree with.

However, if your opinion doesn’t seem firm enough, you can just choose to agree with what the person has said.

When you say this, you are agreeing to leave the speaker alone. If your girlfriend says ‘Leave me alone’ and she means it, you can say this and let her be.

You can also say this if your friend whom you’re trying to help insists on being alone.

I don’t want to

As mentioned earlier, your girlfriend may really not want you to leave her alone. If her facial expression or body language suggests otherwise, then you shouldn’t. You can say this to her and keep teasing her.

She may also seem really upset while asking you to leave her alone. You don’t necessarily have to leave her alone.

Rather, you can get to know what exactly is upsetting her, then you just may be able to help her out.

Probably, what you need to do is stop teasing her and engage in a discussion so you know why she’s bothered.

That’s pretty difficult, don’t you think?

Say this while teasing your girlfriend. You should also take note of her expression so you know what to do.

If she seems to be okay with your teases, you can continue. If she doesn’t, then you may have to stop teasing her.

When she seems upset, you can ask this question to just win her over and get her to talk to you about whatever may be getting her upset.

I would never do that

Here is another response you can give to your lover when he or she tells you ‘Leave me alone’. You can also say this if you believe the person you are talking to really needs your help.

As in one of the situations described earlier, you may be taking care of someone who needs your presence and your help.

If you believe that your absence won’t do any good, then you don’t want to be the cause of any problem, even though the person had asked for you to leave.

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The person may be in pain or may be simply irritated for any reason. Therefore, the request may be a thoughtless one. Once the pain or the irritation subsides, he or she would appreciate your decision to stay. 

Are you sure you want to be alone?

If you are talking to someone who might need your help, you can ask this question. This question suggests that your decision on whether to stay or leave is dependent on the person’s choice.

You can’t say this if the person obviously needs your help. Rather, you shouldn’t so you don’t seem indifferent to the person’s situation.

You can ask this question if the person may not need your help. In other words, you are only there because the person may not want to be alone or he or she may not be able to do certain things alone.

The person can insist on you leaving and you can go.

No problem

‘No problem’ implies that you have no issue with what someone has said. When you say this in response to ‘Leave me alone’, you are agreeing to leave the speaker alone.

However, it won’t sound like you are leaving on a good note.

When you say this, you may seem a bit upset by the request. You may also seem okay with it if you precede this with a calm question or statement that shows your understanding of the situation.

An example is the situation mentioned above where you can ask if a person is okay with being alone.

When he or she says ‘Yes’ to this question, you can respond by saying ‘No problem’. In this situation, you won’t be seeming upset.

I wasn’t holding you

This response can sound dismissive but it depends on how you say it and your facial expression while saying it.

When a person keeps asking you to leave him or her alone, you can respond with this.

The person may be saying so because you are saying things that he or she does not want to hear. The person is indirectly asking you to stop disturbing.

You may also not be talking to the person directly when the person tells you to leave him or her alone. You can respond to the person with this. It will sound dismissive, however.

You’re not leaving me alone

We spoke of a childish situation where two people are pulling at an object that cannot be used by both of them at the same time. In that situation, one of them has to let go so any of them can use it.

When one person says ‘Leave me alone’, the other person can respond by saying ‘You’re not leaving me alone’.

You can also use this response when you are teasing your girlfriend who seems interested in the play.

As your lordship pleases

We all know this allusion. This statement is used in court to mean obedience to the order of the judge. You can say this to your girlfriend to mean you agree to grant her request by leaving her alone.

You can say this to anyone who may be feeling disturbed by you.

What’s wrong?

Before giving a reaction, you may want to ask why the person is making the request first. Your girlfriend may be saying ‘Leave me alone’ and looking sincerely upset. You shouldn’t just get pissed and leave her alone.

You can ask what is going on with her so you know if you can help. She may only need someone to talk to while you are jumping around and teasing her.

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