20 Best “Nice Place” Replies

Have you ever had someone come to your house and give you a compliment about how great it looks? If so, you have to admit that it’s quite flattering. How did you respond?

It is probably- or definitely- very easy for some people to find quick responses. You probably already have one in mind, right now. “Nice Place” can be used in different contexts.

It could be a compliment on a restaurant or a friend’s place. It could be a compliment on your place.

It could also be the opposite of what the speaker means, in which case many may find it difficult to find the right response.

20 Great Replies to “Nice Place”

Nice Place Replies

  1. Thank you very much.
  2. You think so?
  3. Be comfortable.
  4. I know you’re joking.
  5. You are welcome.
  6. I was considering something else.
  7. I didn’t think you would be impressed.
  8. Is this your first time here?
  9. I set it up myself.
  10. Of course. It has to look nice for you.
  11. Feel free to roughen the place up a bit.
  12. I knew you’d be impressed.
  13. We just moved in.
  14. I have eyes for nice things.
  15. I don’t like it.
  16. There are even nicer parts.
  17. It could still be better though.
  18. What’s special about this?
  19. You are not just seeing this.
  20. Do you want to take a survey?

Thank you very much

Do you know Nice place is a compliment? Of course, you do. That is why you get flattered when a person says so regarding the place you live or set up. How do you respond when a person compliments you?

Some people choose to respond with a very similar compliment while most people just respond with gratitude.

You can simply say Thank you very much when a person compliments a place where you live. Other nice responses may come after you say this.

You can then choose to talk about how you set up the place yourself. You can also choose to be modest by comparing your place to the person’s place or pretending to not see anything special in how your home appears.

You think so?

This question is rhetorical since you already know the answer. However, you are asking this question to show that you don’t share the same thoughts with the person.

This implies that you don’t think the place is nice enough to warrant a compliment.

You can also say this if the compliment has not been said about your house. If another person’s place is being complimented and you don’t think the compliment is correct, you can ask this rhetorical question.

However, you may appear rude and degrading with this comment.

If the compliment was said about your house, you are free to say this. You can also show your surprise toward the compliment and mention why you are happy to hear the person say the compliment.

You can say how other people seem to think otherwise or how much effort you put into transforming the place.

Be comfortable

Some compliments are only said because the speaker thinks he or she has to say something. In that case, a short emotionless Thanks would be perfect.

If you don’t think a person means the compliment that he or she has said about your house, you can simply ask the person to be comfortable in your house.

This response fits perfectly because a comment about your place would most likely come immediately after the speaker steps into your house and looks around.

At that moment, you would still be in the process of welcoming the guest. One of the things we say when receiving guests is Make yourself comfortable.

By saying this, you are telling the person to feel free and relaxed in your house. You can simply respond to the compliment with a smile before saying this.

I know you are joking

We have to consider every possible situation. Nice place may be a compliment but so are other nice words which may qualify people or things.

When a person says your food tastes good, he or she may actually mean the opposite and you may be sure about it when the food tastes too horrible to be enjoyed by anyone.

The same applies in this case when a person says Nice place but means the opposite.

First, this compliment may be said about your home. While there is a very high chance that the person means it, responding with this statement will make you appear modest.

However, the place that is being complimented may be looking extremely horrible. While everyone knows that the place is not looking nice, the compliment would be understood as sarcasm. You can respond with this statement.

You are welcome

Nice Place Replies

This is a very common statement with several meanings, depending on the context we use it. A person can say You are welcome as a response to Thank you.

It can also be used to greet a person who is returning from a journey or visiting one’s place.

As mentioned earlier, Nice place would most likely be said by a guest while he or she is just coming into your house or the place that is being complimented.

Although it is not necessarily said immediately after the person walks in, you are more likely to hear it when the person is looking around.

Since the comment may come during the moment you are still welcoming the guest, you may use this response to welcome the person into your humble abode.

I was considering something else

This is something you may say when you both are choosing a house or a venue for an occasion.

This response suggests that you may have a place that is even nicer than the one you are currently talking about.

I didn’t think you would be impressed

This sounds like you had prepared the place yourself with the person in mind. This may be the case when a person says Nice place and you have to respond. It may be your home.

However, if it is your home, this response may sound respond, depending on the situation.

If it is your home, this response will be implying that you have just tidied the place in expectation of the person and you didn’t think it would be considered nice enough.

It could also be a place you plan to use for a special occasion. Nice place would be seen as a compliment on the place and a compliment on how you have made a beautiful choice.

Is this your first time here?

This sounds like you both are in a public place and the compliment has nothing to do with you. This could be the case.

A person can say a compliment about a place that he or she is visiting for the first time. Responding to this question would indirectly imply that you are not surprised by how the place looks and because it is not your first time going to that place.

While it may not be true, you would be creating the idea that you have been to the place so many times already.

You may also say this if a person has said a compliment on your name. While you are meant to know the answer to the question, this implies that you believe the person has been to your place and you don’t expect him or her to be surprised by how your place looks.

I set it up myself

You can praise your decoration skills as a response to the compliment on how your place looks.

This response implies that you did all the decorations that make the place look nice. This may sound boastful but it depends on how you say it.

You can say this when the compliment is about your home or about another place that you decorated. You may want to say Thank you before adding this statement. The additional gratitude may help your statement sound less boastful.

Of course. It has to look nice for you

Compliments can come in several ways and this response is one of them. When a person says Nice place, he or she has said a compliment about your place.

You can respond with a similar compliment or show appreciation. This response is a similar compliment.

By saying this, you are implying that the place is only nice because the person is around. You are indirectly telling the person that you had to tidy the place up only because you knew the person would come around.

It could also be a way to flirt with the speaker or flatter him or her to get something.

Feel free to roughen the place up a bit

This response takes a different style that hasn’t been mentioned so far. While compliments are often responded to with gratitude or similar compliments, you may also respond with a joke.

This response implies that you wouldn’t mind if the person scattered the place. It is a joke and it won’t be taken literally by any sane person.

I knew you’d be impressed

This suggests that you prepared the place for the person you are talking to. It means one of the reasons the person is at the spot is to see how nice the place looks.

We just moved in

When a person says Nice place, you can make a comment on the place without addressing the compliment.

By saying you just moved into the house, you are indirectly agreeing with the person that the house looks beautiful, even though you are not saying it.

While this is a cool response, you can only use it if you truly just moved into the house.

I have eyes for nice things

Sounding a bit boastful may not be an entirely bad idea. If you are talking to a friend, it is okay to use a boastful response without seeming too serious about it.

The place referred to may not be your home. It may just be a place you have picked for an occasion. Then, this response would be you boasting about being able to choose the best place for the occasion.

I don’t like it

Speaking of beautiful and less attractive things, everyone has a choice. You may agree that the place looks nice but you may not like it.

When you say this, you can go ahead and state your reasons for not liking the place.

Oh. There are even nicer parts.

Saying this without showing the person around is like inviting a person for dinner and making him or her watch you while you finish all the food.

This implies that the person is only looking at one part of the house and some other parts of the house will be even more impressive.

It could still be better though

You can leave this comment concerning the decorations or arrangement of things.

You may also say this if you are looking for a place suitable for an occasion and you don’t consider the place good enough.

What’s special about this?

You may ask this question if you don’t think the comment about the house is needed. The person will also respond by saying what makes the house worth the compliment.

You are not just seeing this

You may want to point it out if you think your friend is stylishly trying ask for a favor.

People often say compliments when they want to seek favors.

Do you want to take a survey?

This is an offer to take the person around the house or the place that he or she has just commented on.

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