20 Similar Phrases for “Who’s Counting”

Have you been in a conversation with someone and you heard the person say ‘Who’s counting?’ 

Who’s counting is an idiomatic expression that explains that you are not concerned about the number of times something has happened. 

Sometimes, someone may be talking about something that happened that you have no interest in, and the best way to respond to the person is to say you do not care about what happened nor do you have interest in how many times it happened. 

20 Similar Phrases for Who’s Counting

I am indifferent

Similar Phrases for Who's Counting

‘I am indifferent’ is one way to say ‘Who’s counting.’ 

When you are indifferent about something you show no feelings, you barely care about the outcome of the thing and you are not bothered by how many times it happens instead. 

People often do this when they do not want to be involved in something. It is ok to feel indifferent when you do not want to be involved in something or you do not want to be held responsible. 


  • I am indifferent, I don’t care how many times it happened. 

Who cares

Similar Phrases for Who's Counting

‘Who cares’ is one of the best ways to say ‘Who’s counting.’ 

Asking who cares shows that you want to pass a message to someone that nobody cares about something. You do not care about that particular thing, that is why you barely want to know what 


  • Why are you talking about it when you know no one will pay attention, who cares?

No one is bothered

It is better to say ‘No one is bothered’ than say ‘Who’s counting.’ 

Imagine someone talking about how many times he has done charity or helped a particular person. Do people care about how often you give to charity? I doubt it. In a situation like this, you can just tell the person that no one is bothered. 

Some people may not show any form of concern because they may perceive it as showing off. 


  • Why tell us how often you give charity? No one is bothered.

I cannot afford to think about that

Another way to say ‘Who’s counting’ is ‘I cannot afford to think about that.’ 

People who do not have the time to think about something usually do not care about that thing. They do not even care about how frequently the event has occurred. 

When things happen and nobody seems to think too much about it then it is obvious the person does not care at all. 


Did I even notice

‘Did I even notice’ is one of the best ways to say ”Who’s counting?’ 

In the real sense, you tend to notice only things you want to pay attention to. If there is something you do not want to give your attention to, you will barely notice it. 

The same is applicable here, if you do not care about something or how frequently it has happened, you will barely even notice it. Saying ‘Did I even notice?’ shows you never cared in the first place. 

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  • You kept repeating how frequently you go to the gym, but did I even notice? 

No one is paying attention

‘No one is paying attention’ sounds cool as a similar way to say ‘Who’s counting.’ 

Already, no one is paying attention because they feel it is not worth their attention. 

If you think that particular thing is not worth your attention then you will not give your attention to it at all. 


  • Don’t think anyone is paying attention, no one is. 

I don’t think anybody wants to know

Instead of saying ‘Who’s counting?’ you can say ‘I don’t think anybody wants to know.’ 

People don’t care, neither do they want to know what is not important to them. You should be able to identify when someone does not want to know about something there is no form of interest from the person. 


  • I don’t think anybody wants to know how often you won a championship match while you were an athlete. 

I don’t care to hear

‘I don’t care to hear’ sounds like a better way to say ‘Who’s counting?’ 

When you do not care to hear about something you are not interested in it no matter how much the person empathizes with it or how many times the person repeats it. 


  • Can you stop repeating this old joke? I do not care to hear. Maybe you can tell it to someone else some other time

Do people care

‘Do people care?’ is a better way to say ‘Who’s counting?’

When people do not care about something, there is barely anything you can do to grab their interest. 

If there is something that people do not care about how often it happens you can barely get them to care about it. 


  • Why do you keep telling the crowd about this story? Do people care? 

I care so little

‘I care so little’ sounds cool as a way to say ‘Who’s counting?’ 

How else do you want to express how little you care about something? The best way is to say directly that you do not care and you do not want to show any form of concern. 

Who would you even bother when telling someone about something when you see that the person cares so little? 


  • Can you quit telling me about this? I care so little! But stay tuned, I may show interest soon. 

No one even notices

‘No one even notices’ sounds like one of the best ways to say ‘Who’s counting?’ 

People often pay attention to what they find interesting, the moment someone does not find something you are saying interesting you will notice that he will not by any chance notice it. 

If you love black cars, while you are driving or while you are walking you will tend to notice black cars more than any other person simply because you love them. 

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The same thing applies to when you do not like black cars, you will not notice it that much because you are not paying any attention to it at all. 


  • You have talked about that movie too frequently, haven’t you seen that no one even notices? 

No one has ever thought of it

‘No one has ever thought of it’ is a similar way to say ‘Who’s counting?’

You might have had an experience where you talked so much about something and you thought other people were also thinking about it the same way you were thinking about it. 

Only for you to show it to your friends and you realize that you are the only one who has been paying attention to it. 

None of the people you showed it to have ever thought of it because none have shown any form of interest. 


  • If no one has ever thought of it, don’t you think it’s a sign you need to stop talking about it? 

People will always pass by this

Instead of saying ‘Who’s counting?’ you can say ‘People will always pass by this’ 

People will always pass by is a way of saying that no matter what you do or how you make the situation look so good or interesting, people will not have an interest in it, they will always pass by because it is not worth their time in any way. 


  • Are you for real? You have told me about this business idea for the 10th time, don’t you know people will always pass by this? 

I have my head in the cloud

‘I have my head in the cloud’ is another good way to say ‘Who’s counting?

When you say you have your head in the cloud it means you are not aware of the facts that surround a particular situation. 


  • I have heard you say this repeatedly, but I am unable to contribute to what you are saying because I have my head in the cloud. 

No one is presently watching

‘No one is presently watching’ is a better way to say ‘Who’s counting?’ 

Who would watch what he has no interest in? No one. When you get feedback from someone that no one is presently watching, it shows that no one is currently interested in that particular thing. 


  • You kept advertising this product to the crowd repeatedly forgetting that no one is presently watching!

I’m absent-minded as regards this

You can say ‘I’m absent-minded as regards this’ in a similar way to saying ‘Who’s counting?’ 

To be absent-minded shows you are forgetful about a particular thing. Usually, when one is forgetful about something, it could mean that things are not so meaningful to the person. 

Usually, if something means a lot to you, it will be easy for you to pay attention to it. But once you become absent-minded, you easily forget things about it, showing you do not have so much interest in it. 

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  • I would appreciate it if you stopped explaining this situation to me over again, I am absent minded as regards this! 

Out of touch with reality

‘Out of touch with reality’ sounds like a cool way to say ‘Who’s counting?’ 

It shows you do not have a connection with the reality of things. When things happen in real life, you are not aware of what is going on. 


  • Haha, I didn’t even know something like this happened more than once, I have been out of touch with reality! 

Unaware of events

One of the best ways to say ‘Who’s counting?’ is ‘Unaware of events.’ 

Being unaware of events shows how much you do not bother yourself with things that do not matter or things that do not benefit you at that moment. 

No matter how many times someone tries to tell you about something, because you have been unaware of events, you are unable to relate to what the person is saying! 


  • You know you can’t tell Mike about what happened, he has been unaware of events! 


One of the ways to say ‘Who’s counting?’ is ‘Absent minded.’ 

Someone will stay absent-minded about something because the person understands that there is no need to pay any attention to it. 

When someone pays less attention to something, you will notice that the person will forget that thing easily. That is one thing that makes the person absent-minded. 


  • you should know by now that you should not tell someone who is absent minded about something, you will not get listening ears from the person. 

Memory is like a sieve

‘Memory like a sieve’ is a replacement for ‘Who’s counting?’

Someone who has a memory like a sieve forgets things easily. You should not tell someone like this something because the person will most likely forget it easily. 

Usually, if something is important to you, you will pay more attention to it because you do not want to easily forget it. 

However, once you notice that someone’s memory is like a sieve and you tell the person something he barely has an interest in, then you should expect the person to forget it easily and not even take it seriously. 


  • There was no need to tell me about that situation, this was the fifth time, and still, my memory is like a sieve. 


You will agree with me that there are different ways to say something and still mean the same thing. 

There are days when you want to express yourself better by using idiomatic expressions. In this article, I explained the best phrases that you can use instead of ‘Who’s counting?’ 

These similar phrases are well-researched and they can be used in any context and in any kind of conversation you find yourself in, you only need to know which one to use at a time.


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