20 Best Responses For Yerrr

When someone says ‘’yerr’’ to you, it is a way of saying ‘’how are you’’ or ‘’hello’’. It is sometimes used in a nerdy way.

When you are in a conversation with a new person or you just got to meet this person, if the person tells you ‘’yerr’’, you should know that the person is trying to say ‘’hello’’. 

This article will show you the best ways to reply to someone who tells you ‘’yerr’’’ Take a look at the various ways that you can reply when someone tells you ‘’yerr’’. After you read through this article, you will know what to say when next you get in a situation like this. 

20 Best Responses For Yerrr 

  • How are you?
  • What’s up
  • I think this is quite inappropriate
  • Stop screaming, will you?
  • Call me by my name
  • How have you been?
  • Good day!
  • That’s not my name
  • Are you referring to me?
  • Are you lost?
  • Nothing much, how about you?”
  • I’m in rude health
  • I am trying to be good
  • What are you up to?
  • Hi there! 
  • Do I know you?
  • I’m hanging in there
  • I look better outside.
  • How do you think I am?
  • I prefer we go have lunch

How are you?

Best Responses For Yerrr

This is an appropriate reply to give, it is a friendly greeting intended to know if you’re in a good state of mind and body. 

It is an informal way to greet someone so the speaker doesn’t really need to say a whole lot or go into details.

It is a widely accepted and the first reply that could come to anyone’s mind.

What’s up?

You can use this reply to ask someone what the problem is, to know if everything is good with them, to know how their day went and all. 

This is quite an inquisitive reply, for it asks a single question but intends to know a lot of things.

Unlike the first reply, this question demands much more details from the person. This reply will enable you know more about the person, this way, it won’t be just you asking

I think this is quite inappropriate

You can use this reply if you don’t find the word “yerrr” so pleasing to you, it is actually a slang word and some people might find it rude or quite offensive, depending on who referred to you that way or the tone which the person used. 

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So if you find it uncomfortable being addressed this way, this is a suitable reply to give, for it is polite and straightforward. And it doesn’t sound rude or arrogant.

Stop screaming, will you?

This is a question that also sounds like an exclamation. Use this reply when the person says this in a very loud tone. Normally, the word “yerrr” is usually said in a loud voice as if one is screaming.

So if you’re not a fan of noise or you don’t like to be greeted in a loud manner, this is a perfect response you can give, instead of yelling back at the person.

Call me by my name

If you prefer to be addressed by your name, and you do not like when you’re addressed with words such as “yerrr” “hey” “hello” and the rest, then this is a good response you can give.  

If they know your name, they should be able to oblige and do your bidding, in the case they don’t know your name, you should let him or them know your name and tell them you prefer being called by your name.

Very simple and straightforward, you make your wish known in simple words, without being rude or impolite.

How have you been?

When a person says Yerrr, you can respond with this question. As long as you are quite sure that it is you who is being referred to or greeted.

This response inquires about the person’s welfare and general well-being. It is quite similar to saying What’s up? However, there is a major difference between the two questions.

While this response suggests familiarity, What’s up? can be said to a stranger. You shouldn’t ask how a person has been if you didn’t previously know the person, so you should never say this to a stranger.

Good day!

When a person says Yerrr, you can respond by saying Good day. This is also the same as being greeted with Hello and responding with “Hi”.

Just as Hello means the same thing as “Hi”, Good day also has the same meaning as Yerrr in certain contexts. Yerrr is often used to mean What’s up?

You should also be careful and you have to be sure that you are the one being referred to before you respond with Good day.

For you might definitely feel a slight embarrassment for replying to a greeting that wasn’t thrown at you.

That’s not my name

When a person says Yerrr, you can choose to ignore it if you don’t like being addressed that way. Instead of replying and sounding rude or aggressive, you can simply act like you didn’t hear it or that you didn’t know you were the one being referred to.

You can also make it obvious that you are intentionally ignoring the statement, by saying that’s not my name, and stop responding. 

If you don’t want to ignore it, you can also choose to let the person know peacefully what your name is, and tell him or her to kindly address you with your name.

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Are you referring to me?

There is no way you won’t feel embarrassed when you tell a person to stop calling you Yerrr and you find out you weren’t the one being referred to in the first place.

For it would be so embarrassing to respond to a greeting when it was never thrown at you.

Are you lost?

When a person says Yerrr, you can respond with this. Wear a frown or a blank face while saying this to show disapproval.

If you do not like being addressed with Yerrr, you can simply let the person know.

However, this doesn’t guarantee that he or she will cease to address you with that word. 

Nothing much, how about you?

You can use this when you don’t have a lot going on for you that day, but you want to find out what is happening with the friend or person who spoke to you. 

It is good to use this when the person obviously wants to have a conversation with you. It shows you’re keen and interested in a conversation. And this would definitely open up more things to talk about, and would as well keep the conversation going.

I’m in rude health, what about you?

To be in rude health is to be perfectly alright, strong, and feeling good.

You can use this phrase reply to show that you’re strong and healthy and you’re in good health of mind and body. 

You’re also asking him or her the same to know if they’re in good health as well, which shows you care about him or her.

I am trying to be good

You can give this reply when you’re not in the best of mood, or if you’re not in good health and you want to convey it to the person without wanting to sound so down.

It’s more suitable to give this reply when you’re quite familiar with the person, for you might not want to expose your personal o a stranger, should he or she ask what is actually making you feel bad.

What are you up to?

This is a form of greeting and starting up a conversation. This question could also be interpreted in so many different ways, such as, what are you doing now, what have you been doing today, or what do you plan on doing later today? 

This reply is very suitable if you’re keen on keeping up the conversation with the person. If not you could just keep it very simple and easy.

Hi there!

You can use this in the event that the person is a familiar face or an old friend, this reply is cheerful and sounds welcoming. If you want to start a conversation and engage with the greeter, then this is definitely a good option.

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In the case you don’t know the greeter then you can simply say hi if you want to talk to them or you are generally a nice person.

Do I know you?

If someone comes up to you and says ‘yerrr’, then it is probably because they think you know them too unless they would have said something more formal and probably followed it up with an introduction.

In the case they mistook you for some other person, this question will calmly and politely tell them “I don’t know you, I think you got the wrong person”.

So this reply is suitable for this kind of scenario, for it is better than an outright and rude “I don’t know you”.

I’m in hanging in there

This reply means you’re not so good but you’re still surviving. It could be that you’re going through a tough time or you’re not just alright. It also tells that you’re not all that good but you definitely would be better. 

This is a suitable reply to give especially if you’re somewhat close to the greeter and you’re open to sharing your personal feelings with him or her.

I look better outside.

If you give this reply you’re trying to tell the greeter that the way you seem to look on the outside doesn’t display how you truly look on the inside.

It could mean that you’re going through a lot of things, be it emotionally, or psychologically or it could be health-related, maybe you have a health issue or a medical condition.

So if you reply this way you’re telling the greeter not to be deceived by just your outward looks, because you’re going through a whole lot.

How do you think I am?

I know while growing up as kids most of us were told not to answer a question with another question, but in this case, we have to.

If you choose to use this reply, you’re throwing the question back to the greeter to get his or her feedback on how they feel you are. 

It is a good reply that can open up many things and keep the conversation going.

I prefer we go have lunch 

This is a funny and remarkable response you can give. You could use this reply in several instances, one is if you are in love with the person and you want him or her to take the bold step and make a move to you.

Another instance could be if you’re just trying to be sarcastic, and you don’t intend for the person to do what you said. You just said it just for the fun of the moment.

Final Words

If you happen to be in a situation where someone tells you ‘’yerr’’, do not think that the person is weird, the person is simply telling you ‘’hello’’ or asking ‘’how are you’’.

It is a good thing you know this and one important thing is that you need to know how to reply when someone tells you ‘’yerr’’. 

Now that you have read through this article, you would already know the meaning and you would be familiar with the various ways you can reply to someone telling you ‘’yerr’’.

It is good you make use of any of the replies that I have explained in this article where necessary. 

It is good you use a reply that suits that particular situation. It’s easier to use any of these replies when you know the meaning. 


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