10 Yolo Similar Phrases

YOLO is a short form for ‘You Only Live Once.‘ It means that you should enjoy the moment and make the best of an opportunity you find yourself in because you only live once and you may not have the opportunity to enjoy that moment. 

Read our blog post to know different ways you can say ‘YOLO’ in any setting.

10 Yolo Similar Phrases

Live for the day

This expresses how important it is to live for the day and make the best of the day. Bothering about tomorrow will do you no good, so why not do that thing you so much want to do because you do not know if you will be there tomorrow? 

Example: Do not stress about making a decision, remember you only live for the day. 

Seize the moment

Certain opportunities do not come all the time. When such opportunities come your way, you should seize the moment, and ensure that you take that opportunity head on and not let it pass.

Example:  Do not waste any more time, ensure you seize the moment! 

Go all in

Another way of saying that don’t be scared about doing something you have never done before. It also means you want to put everything at stake.

Live for today

Live It is the same as saying you should live in the present and not worry about what will happen in the future.

Example: If you worry too much you may not end up enjoying the moment, just live for today.

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Live for the moment

Living for the moment is the same as saying one should live in the present and act like today is the only day you have left. 

Example: It’s best you enjoy yourself today, live for the moment

Carpe diem

Carpe diem also means to ‘seize the day’. It is a way of saying to take the opportunity while you can.

Example:  You can’t tell how long you have to enjoy this moment, it is as easy as saying carpe diem. 

This is it

This is it means that it is this moment that counts.  It means you must take the opportunity and go ahead and do it.

Live in the now

Living in the now is a way of reminding the person to live in the present moment and not bother too much about what the future holds or the mistakes of the past. 

Living in the now also means you live like now is the only time you have got.

Example:  You tend to do things with fear and try to live in the now. 

Take it head-on

Take it head-on is a way of telling someone to take charge of something without fear of losing or not performing well. 

Example: Don’t be afraid, take it head-on. Who knows when next you will come across such an opportunity?

Take the dare

When you are about to do something you have not done before it is usually more like taking a dare. You are daring yourself to go beyond what you normally would. 

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Final Thoughts

Two phrases can sound so different, but they usually mean the same thing. This article explained the different ways you can say ‘YOLO.’ 

Either when you are surfing through the internet or when you are having a chat with someone, you must have seen them say YOLO. 

Go ahead and use on the above ways that I mentioned and enjoy the conversation!

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