20 Phrases Similar to “Que Sera Sera”

Que Sera Sera is an idiom which means ‘Whatever will be will be.’ 

It shows you do not care to change the course of things and you leave it to chance, it is more like saying that you are no longer bothered and you want anything that wants to happen to happen. 

There are similar ways you can say this in case you do not want to say it exactly as it is, this article explains it all. 

20 Phrases Similar to Que Sera Sera

Whatever happens happens

Phrases Similar to Que Sera Sera

‘Whatever happens, happens’ is one similar way to say ‘Que Sera Sera.’ 

Here, you have already made it known that you no longer care about what happens and where the situation could lead. Whatever happens, happens, is a way of saying that you would just let things be and you barely care about the outcome. 


  • I’m afraid I don’t care as much as I used to, whatever happens happens. 

Anything can happen

Phrases Similar to Que Sera Sera

Another way to say ‘Que Sera Sera’ is ‘Anything can happen.’ 

Truly, in life situations, anything can happen. It is a way of telling someone to expect that things will not always go as planned. Sometimes you may plan something and then it will end up not going as planned. 

This explains how anything can happen and one should be able to adjust once things do not go as planned. 


  • Do not always think things will always go the way you want, sometimes you should be flexible enough to adjust because anything can happen! 

Life is unpredictable

‘Life is unpredictable’ is one of the ways to say ‘Que Sera Sera.’ 

Truly, life is unpredictable, you do not always know what will happen the next minute, that is why people say ‘Que Sera Sera.’

They understand that life is unpredictable, so they prefer to do things the way they want them to without bothering too much about how it will turn out tomorrow. 


  • I knew it would not go as planned, I didn’t even flinch because I understand that life is unpredictable!

Leave It to chance

‘Leave it to chance’ sounds like a similar way to say ‘Que Sera Sera.’

Leave it to chance is a way of saying that one should not bother too much about the results of something. Just leave it to happen the way it should. 

With this, you do not need to put in too much effort because you already know you have left to chance. There is no need to stress, whatever will be will be. 


  • Sometimes, whatever you say may not work, you just have to leave it to chance. 

I have no say, let it happen

‘I have no say, let it happen’ is a cool way to say ‘Que Sera Sera.’ 

When something is not in your power to handle, it is usually a good option to leave it to those who can handle it or to leave it as it is. Let it take care of itself. 

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This is a way of expressing the need to let things be when you notice you have no control over it. 


  • I had to leave the situation to take care of itself, I have no say, let it happen. 

Such is life

‘Such is life’ is another way to say ‘Que Sera Sera.’ 

Anyone who understands life would know that you do not always get what you want and sometimes you have to leave things that you cannot control, or else you will keep worrying too much about things you have no control over. 

Sometimes, all you just need to say is ‘Such is life’ and then you move on because there is little to nothing that you can do. 


  • Don’t bother too much about it, there is nothing you can do, such is life. 

Leave it to fate

‘Leave it to fate’ is an easier way to say ‘Que Sera Sera.’ 

Fate is an event that was designed to happen to someone without anyone making it happen. 

When you leave something to fate it is equivalent to saying that you leave it to happen the way it was designed to happen without you doing anything about it. 

People often do this to things they have no control over. In times like this, it is usually good to leave it to fate because there is already nothing you can do about it. 


  • Can’t you see that there is nothing you can do about it? The best thing is to leave it to fate. 

That’s the reality 

You can say ‘That’s the reality’ in place of ‘Que Sera Sera.’

Truly, that is the reality of things that cannot be controlled. When something is a reality, there is little to nothing you can do about it, that is more reason why you may just let it be.  


  • Were you not told? That is the reality of things here! 

What will be will be

‘Whatever will be will be’ is a similar saying to ‘Que Sera Sera.’ 

This shows you no longer want to stress over things that do not favor you or things you do not care about. 

Because you do not care, you could just let it be. What will be will be is a better phrase to use in a situation like this. 


  • I do not want to stress over issues like these, what will be will be. 

Let it turn out anyhow it pleases

You can use ‘Let it turn out anyhow it pleases’ as a similar phrase to ‘Que Sera Sera.’ 

Here, you have already made up your mind that you will leave it to turn out anyhow it pleases because you no longer want to concern yourself with such issues. 

Usually, you can’t control how certain things will happen, these are times when you may need to let things turn out anyhow, please. 


  • I think I am fed up already, let things turn out anyhow they please.
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Act like you don’t care, it will happen anyway

A simpler way to say ‘Que Sera Sera’ is ‘Act like you don’t care, it will happen anyway.’ 

There are times when you care too much about something, knowing that when you show too much care, it may not change the course of the thing you care so much about. 

In situations like these, you may need to act like you do not care and let it happen anyway. Showing so much care may not in any way change the course of how things will happen. 


  • Duke has made up his mind on his decision, act like you don’t care, it will happen anyway.

I don’t care what happens

‘I don’t care whatever happens’ is a better way to say ‘Que Sera Sera.’ 

There are times you give up on something because you believe you cannot cause it to change in any way. At that time you no longer care what happens, you prefer it happen anyway it pleases. 


  • I think I have done my best, at this juncture, I don’t care whatever happens! 

Let it happen anyhow it pleases

‘Let it happen anyhow it pleases’ is one of the similar ways to say ‘Que Sera Sera.’ 

This shows you are left with no option but to leave it to chance, you do not want to talk much about it or even think too much about it probably because it has been so much of a burden to you. 

People often resort to this option because they seem to not want to stress themselves so much. 


  • I have tried and I don’t want you to go through the same stress, let it happen anyhow it pleases.

It is what it is

This is a way to say that a situation cannot be changed and people have to accept it that way. 

Once you are going through a situation you know what cannot change or nothing can be done about it, you can resort to saying ‘It is what it is.’ 


  • Don’t you think you are doing too much? Well, it is what it is. 

Well, so be it

‘Well, so be it’ sounds like another way to say ‘Que Sera Sera.’

This shows that you have resorted to the fact that nothing can be changed about a situation you are in. 

It is already going to end in a particular way and you want it to end that way because you know that nothing can be changed, you just say ‘So be it.’ 


  • If Mark chooses to go to the party after I advised him not to, then so be it. 

Just go with the flow

Instead of saying ‘Que Sera Sera’ you can say ‘Just go with the flow.’ 

This is a way of saying that you should join others to do what they are doing and not bother changing the course of things. 

You may be trying to change the outcome of something, but in some situations, it’s best to just do it the way others are doing it to not stress too much. 

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You can’t fight fate

‘You can’t fight fate’ is one of the best ways to say ‘Que Sera Sera.’ 

Some things are bound to happen that will happen regardless of how you try to change it. Things like that cannot be changed. 

In other words, you cannot fight fate, you have to let things be if they were meant to be a particular way. 


It was meant to happen

‘It was never meant to happen’ is an easy way to say ‘Que Sera Sera.’ 

You cannot change something that was meant to happen. This happens mostly in relationships when you have been with someone for a long time knowing full well that you both were never meant to be together. 

There is nothing you will try to do that will make the relationship work, no matter how hard you try it will not work out because it was never meant to happen. 


  • Hey, stop crying over him, can’t you see it was never meant to happen? 

It is not an accident

It is not an accident that is a proper way to say ‘Que Sera Sera.’ 

Something that was not an accident was never by mistake, it was meant to happen. 

When something is not an accident you should expect it to happen that way. If you met someone intentionally, then you both did not meet by accident. It happened because it was planned. 


  • Why are you surprised he came to your wedding, it was not an accident. 

I just can’t explain it, it has to happen

One of the best synonyms for ‘Que Sera Sera’ is ‘I just can’t explain it, it has to happen.’ 

Usually, some things can be mysterious, you cannot explain them. If you cannot explain something there is no need to stress yourself trying to change the course or to make it happen differently. It just has to happen. 


  • You intentionally made him angry and that is why he talked back at you, I just can’t explain it, but it has to happen. 

Final Words

As humans, there are times we try our best to change the course of things or try to prevent something from happening. Do not force things that cannot change to change, you may just need to leave it to fate.

People often say ‘Que Sera Sera’ when they want to say that something happens anyway it pleases, this article explains the different ways you can say ‘Que Sera Sera.’ 

After reading through this article you will be knowledgeable about the best synonyms you can use instead of ‘Que Sera Sera.’ 

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