17 Ways to Say “You’re Making Me Blush”

Blushing is a phenomenon that happens to occur at times when there is a temporary increase in the blood flow to certain areas such that the slight friction also causes there to be a small spike in body temperature.

The increase in blood flow rate also causes the blood vessels to expand, and that would be the reason why there is a slight tinge of red on the skin when that happens.

There are many reasons why people blush. It could be compliments, it could be playful jabs, it could be gifts, it could be too much attention or embarrassing kind of attention.

What other ways can you tell someone that they’re making you blush?

I feel awkward

In a case where you are the center of attention and you have a lot of praise heaped on you, it gets to a point where it is odd and you might start getting envious stares and fake smiles.

Plus, you don’t want to be called proud or haughty. You can also use an alternative like: “This is a bit awkward”. It takes the focus off of you and makes it more generic.

I am frazzled by all this

I know frazzled has to do more with being physically tired and exhausted but you can use this in this case to say that whatever is going on is enough and you can’t possibly take any more.

If it is a colleague or coworker praising you, or perhaps teasing you, you can be a tiny bit lax and say “Can you stop? You are making me frazzled with all of this”.

I am feeling a bit bashful

While bashful might not exactly mean that you are elated at the praise, it is, when you think about it a way to say that it would be best they stop with their teasing or compliments or praise because you are feeling timid and a bit shy with all of that.

You are making me feel self-conscious

Things can sometimes get pretty embarrassing even with a show of goodwill from a superior at work, a customer, a service provider, a passer-by, etc.

Sometimes they simply wish to throw you a compliment or do something nice for you, but it may end up getting awkward.

Take for example a boss going over the top to compliment his female employee’s look not long after she is hired.

It can also be used to express bashful displeasure, like speaking of a person’s weight, or touchy features like baldness.

I have got my cheeks looking all rosy

In this case, it could be a situation where you happen to be with a lover or partner, one who finds it pretty easy to make you feel butterflies in your stomach.

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A lot of the time, you could say you have rosy cheeks to represent the color of a rose appearing on your cheeks. It is one of the cuter ways to say you are blushing.

Great! Now I have flushed cheeks

This could be used when in a steamy situation. In which case you happen to be in a flirtatious conversation with someone and perhaps things start to get a bit too steamy for you.

It is common to be feeling the blood rush to your cheeks at that time and as a flirtatious comeback, saying you have flushed cheeks will make them understand what you are feeling about the conversation.

You always make me feel shy when you say that

Certain words elicit certain reactions from different people. In most cases, such words come in the form of compliments or flattery.

Especially when it has to do with beauty and parts of the body. For example, your golden hair is even more golden than gold itself” or “the color of your eyes are reminiscent of precious stones after they are polished”.

With such compliments, a lot of people, while of course enjoying the compliment, also feel rather bashful that those parts of them are receiving such attention, especially when surrounded by others who would be curious as to what such high praise would be given to.

Oh stop, I’m flustered

Another cute way to say you are blushing. This could be used more in a setting of people that do not know you so well but are acquainted with you nonetheless because it borders more on embarrassment than excitement or bashful joy.

It says that while you know they mean well, you were caught off guard or are a tad uncomfortable with the attention you happen to be getting at that point in time.

You are embarrassing me my face is all warm

When you feel surprised at a sudden act of public displays of affection (PDA), sometimes it is quite embarrassing.

Especially when one is not used to being doted on so publicly and one is perhaps socially awkward.

Such is a normal reaction, especially in today’s world where if things get the slightest bit interesting, everyone pulls out their smartphones to take a photo or a video and upload it to social media or the internet with some weird hashtag.

You are making my cheeks flush pink

Mostly with both hands covering the cheeks in question, this is yet another way of letting someone know how they make you feel and how you happen to be blushing.

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Blushing is very natural but still embarrassing, so it is normal for people to be shy about letting it show. This statement is usually used among friends who give lots of compliments as it is casual and has little tension to it.

I can feel the heat rising to my cheeks

Now of course this is accurate. Even when coming out of a hot shower, one would have a full body blush, so why not on the face as well when it gets heated by natural bodily reactions to flattering or embarrassing situations?

Yes, again, the heat rising to the cheeks is the blood rushing a little faster to the face. This one can be used with a crush or with a lover to express how you feel about their certain words or actions.

If you keep this up, I will become red-faced

A playful warning, sometimes flirtatious, sometimes not. But regardless, it is still one way to convey shyness.

Sometimes this comes with an innuendo or another layer of meaning beneath that would seem to say “Why don’t you go on? I happen to really be enjoying your compliments”.

Both can be used with anyone you happen to be close to or have known for a long time. Such is best as using it with strangers may cause misunderstanding by insinuation sometimes. It is pretty funny as well.

Stop this. I feel sheepish

This could be translated as one feeling rather flustered about a certain fault pointed out about them or a mistake they made or even simply about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For context, think of a student meant to be having an exam in college but not only appearing in the wrong venue with another class but also going on the date or time.

The embarrassment on their face would be so bad others would feel it, and the heat going to his cheeks would be enough to fry an egg sunny side up.

Or being called fat on a bus while eating at Mcdonalds’. Or being called short while surrounded by basketball players.

You are making me feel like I am on fire

Again related to the heat rising to the cheeks while flattered or embarrassed. This is not limited to the cheeks and face as depending on the level of embarrassment one feels, more parts of the body could heat up till the entire body is bathed with a tinge of red.

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This would usually also be accompanied by jitters and the strong urge to disappear or call forth the earth to swallow you.

The tingling feeling that also follows is what they mean by “feel like I’m on fire”, and is a more exaggerated way of saying they are extremely embarrassed or blushing very hard.

You are making me feel uneasy

Among friends, it could mean that a certain joke went too far or a certain kind of play became rough play. It basically says it’s enough.

It may be too many compliments, too much detail in a certain spicy story with lots of steamy situations and the like.

Sometimes some people could be in a serious battle with a certain habit and then it gets poked at in innocent or ignorant fun which would make them feel the heat in their cheeks and the knots in their gut.

This would be an easy way to say that you have had enough or you feel quite uncomfortable in whatever the situation may be.

I am blushing furiously

Another way to say one is very flattered or embarrassed about the things being said or done or simply the amount of information one is getting exposed to.

It is usually accompanied by a rapid face-fanning action to insinuate that they are trying to cool down. Mostly playful, it could also be a sign of serious discomfort or embarrassment on the side of the speaker.

All this kindness is making me blush

Compliments, compliments, good deeds, and more compliments. Some people are quite good and showering those close to or related to them with all sorts of gifts, attention, words of affirmation, and compliments.

And because of that, the ones they are related to would get bashful when such is done to them publicly and even privately.

Anyone would be a wee bit uncomfortable to get more than a dozen gifts from the same person in front of your house.

This would make a person say something like “Any more kindness and my face will peel off” or “All this kindness is making me blush”.

There are many ways to say the same thing, “you are making me blush. While some ways are more casual, for use with friends, family, or lovers, others are more formal and safer for use with a client, a superior, a coworker, or a stranger.

There are many people that can make one blush for many different reasons, but with these, you can say the same thing without using the same phrase.

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