22 Best Responses to “You’re a Bit of Me”

Sometimes you find this one person that happens to seem like you in all regards, be it attitude, thought pattern, passion, or behavior.

And other times, that happens when you have been with them for a long time. When you have known a person for a long time, certain habits are shared and there is an exchange.

And sometimes it gets to a point where there is a similarity between the two parties. Expressing such things, there are many ways to say, for example, “You and I think alike, you remind me of me, you are a bit of me

Another definition of this sentence is based on Love Island, a dating reality TV show based in Britain. In the seasons of this show, the sentence “a bit of me” has a different meaning.

When someone says “You are a bit of me,” they are saying that they are attracted to you or they are interested in you.

It’s a way to show interest or express yourself. Pretty neat right? In this case, replies like “I am flattered” and “I can say the same about you” will suffice.

How to Reply to “You are a bit of me”

Well, you are my mom. Of course, I have a bit of you

To anyone you share a close-knit relationship with, say your family members, there will be qualities and traits and some behaviors that you will share.

It may not even be in character. Maybe your mum has a system of doing things that you have imbibed. Naturally, when you do those things, people will know that you both are related and that you have a bit of her in you.

Hit them with this response when they tell you and watch them blush.

I’ve got your long legs and your smarts

Or any other thing that you might see in you that they have. The thing about the response is that they realize that you have thought about them, and made these comparisons.

It tells them that you think of them and you appreciate your similarities. You will make them laugh with whatever features you pick out especially if you are teasing them you don’t share those traits with them.

After you can hear them out and listen to what bit of them they think is in you.

How? I don’t see it

In the case where you haven’t thought of someone to the extent of seeing what you have in common on the inside, this will come as a surprise to you.

The next line of action is to ask them about it and be prepared to blush till your whole face is red. Most people don’t tell you this kind of thing if it’s bad.

It hints that they have that bit of you in them too and because no one is going to admit that, it is a good thing.

Well I am my own person but I appreciate the sentiment

If it is not such a big deal or it is something you find flattering you can use this response to say that the similarities they find are not going to make you more like them or less of you.

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You will still be who you are, unique in every way but all the same, it’s fine and it is nice of them to notice.

And what did you copy from me?

This is a playful response to say that whatever bit of themselves they find in you, came from you so it should be the other way around.

It shows that you value yourself and you don’t need other people’s opinions to determine who you are.

Also, this response is meant for a friend or someone you are friends with so you don’t sound arrogant or proud to someone who doesn’t know you so well.

This response will probably lead to a comeback so get ready.

I don’t think I agree with you on that

In the case where it is someone older than you and you don’t want to sound disrespectful, you can begin with this.

The thing about this reply is that when you use it, especially those in a higher authority you need to be ready for questions and prepare your answers. No one will like being told this.

It would sound like you don’t like them and you don’t want to have anything to do with them. Sucks if it is true.

Just because we are in the same group, doesn’t mean we have anything that relates to us

Sometimes, some people will try anything to get your attention or to talk to you. In this case, where you are hit with something like this, tell them off.

Letting them know that being in the same group doesn’t mean you have the same character or have any similar qualities.

If you are not in the same group, find that one thing that brings you together and let them know that it’s not a behavior thing, it is a social group thing.

That’s a huge compliment. Thank you so much

It is an indirect compliment if the person spotting a bit for them in you is first a good fellow or someone who is respected, admired, and to be reckoned with, and two if it is a great trait.

Let’s say it was determination. It is a nice character or attribute to have and it is flattering that you have that noticed in you.

I’m glad we have that in common

For someone that you are striving to build a relationship of any sort with, walking up to you with the sentence, “You are a bit for me” is a great way to note other things about them.

This reply is great to start responding and then you can dive properly into knowing them. Spotting something in common makes you find a basis for friendship and a reason to build one.

I never noticed it before

If these are not your close friends or people you spend a lot of time with, it might be difficult to notice that they have something in common.

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Even those we are really close to, we will just look at these things as the norm and never connect the dots or try to relate them to ourselves.

I suppose you could say that we are connected

The adage “like poles attract” is accurate, right? It’s not necessary for there to be some kind of bond between you two that makes you two different or for there to be an aura around you when you’re together.

It simply implies that you two have one or more traits in common, which is sufficient ground on which to establish a solid relationship or friendship.

And you are not a bit of me

What do you do when you are not interested in someone interested in you? Best thing: honesty. Tell them straight that this is how you feel.

When you try to indulge that and encourage them, you lead them on and it just leads to trouble. The best part about this response is the fact that you get to use a subtle way to say them.

Throw their own line back to them. It makes it bearable, all you have to do is do it nicely.

Oh great you have seen that show. What’s your take on it?

What better way to boost a conversation than an already-developed topic? Since it’s a TV show that you have seen, you can easily talk about it, tell people what you think about it, or just analyze characters and events.

It’s a great way to keep a conversation going because it can lead to other topics. Also if you trying to turn someone down, this response does so indirectly

And you are a bit of me

Telling someone that they are a bit if you are saying that you feel the same way they feel about you and you are interested in them.

While it doesn’t say that directly, it’s a nice way to bond and interact and maybe start something beautiful together.

What bit exactly?

A rather playful joke that tries to find out what aspect of oneself or what part of one’s body you were insinuating they are.

A subtle means of finding out what you think of them, and what they mean to you. Now one could simply be playful and retort with “my hair because you fall off the couch when you’re relaxed”, to elicit laughs and guffaws, or the more intimate “my missing rib, because you complete me” to show your love and affection and for them to go “aww”.

What are you trying to say?

While some could mean this nicely, others could say this as a form of teasing.

While one could mean they are expecting you to say something cute or something that would make them blush like “What are you trying to say? Are you saying we are meant for each other or something?” or sometimes it’s more of a playfully sly comment like “If I were even slightly like you, I’d never make my bed”.

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I am not in the mood for your teasing today

There will be those jokers or class clowns or just people who are so bright and energetic, they light up a room.

Those kinds of people are the people that are friends with everyone and they go about making jokes, laughing, talking, and teasing.

You can respond to them with this reply because you know that it’s all fun and games and you are just messing with you.

Just a bit? It’s got to be more

There will be shy people and when they finally gather the courage to do something, they might do it half-heartedly because their fears are overwhelming.

It’s more complicated when it comes to matters of love. In this case, giving them a little nudge will help them open up and speak about how they feel. Who knows, they might conquer all their fears at once.

I am flattered

Trying to chase off a crush? This reply should do the trick in the best way possible. It doesn’t hit anyone as rude or offhanded but while you accept and acknowledge it with your lips, you can use your body language to tell them no.

I can say the same about you

While people have noticed some similarities between the two of you, you can also let them know that you too have taken notes and have noticed things too.

It will be nice to exchange your observations and get to learn more about each other

Is that some sort of slang?

These days everything has become some sort of slang. Nothing means what it seems to mean. It is best to just ask and get cleared up so you don’t make a mistake or embarrass yourself.

While you might seem ignorant for a minute, there is the plus side of being up to the trends and being to follow up and contribute I’m conversations.

Of course, I know you too well

In this case, it’s a situation where both have talked for a long time and have learned a lot about each other’s similarities such that they do many things similarly.

When you talk a lot, you learn from the people you talk to and sometimes adopt many habits or behaviors. Such things might be good or bad but since it is similar, one could make this statement and get this reply.

This saying is pretty cute and playful and can even be romantic in many regards. It is a nice way to compliment a person based on knowing you very deeply or being with you very long and growing similar in many details.

It is also very gratifying to hear depending on the context with which it is said.

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