20 Similar Phrases to ‘When Pigs Fly’

In the vast and colorful world of language, idiomatic expressions are like gems that add vibrancy and depth to our communication. “When Pigs Fly” is one such gem, an unconventional way of expressing the impossibility of an event. 

Yet, the beauty of language lies in its richness, and countless other idioms can breathe life into your conversations.

In this article, we take a captivating journey through the world of idiomatic expressions, uncovering 20 phrases similar to “When pigs fly.”

Each of these phrases is a unique brushstroke on the canvas of language, offering different shades of meaning and vivid imagery.

These idioms allow us to play with words, infusing our conversations with humor, skepticism, or simply the joy of a well-turned phrase. 

Whether you want to describe the improbability of an event or express a sense of skepticism, these idiomatic phrases provide the perfect tools.

Let’s delve into this linguistic treasure trove and explore the richness of expressions that enable us to celebrate the nuances of language.

20 Similar Phrases to ‘When Pigs Fly’

When Hell Freezes Over

Similar Phrases to When Pigs Fly

‘When Hell Freezes Over’ is an alternative way to say ‘When Pigs Fly’ This phrase is a colorful and humorous way to express extreme skepticism or the belief that an event is not just improbable but virtually impossible.

The very idea of hell freezing over is a notion rooted in folklore and religious tales, as it represents a realm of intense heat and eternal flames. 

Therefore, suggesting that something will happen “when hell freezes over” serves to emphasize the unlikelihood of it occurring in a tongue-in-cheek and exaggerated manner.

This phrase vividly communicates doubt and disbelief, making it an effective tool for expressing a high level of skepticism.

Take a look at this Example Sentence:

  • She said she’d start eating vegetables when hell freezes over.

When Donkeys Fly

Another way to say ‘When Pigs Fly’ is ‘When Donkeys Fly’ Similar to “when pigs fly,” this phrase employs the absurdity of donkeys taking to the skies to humorously express the idea that the proposed event is impossible.

Donkeys, like pigs, are creatures of the earth, incapable of flight. 

The phrase also uses this impossibility to create a witty, imaginative, and playful tone when expressing doubt. It serves as a lighthearted way of rejecting the feasibility of something, often with a hint of humor or irony.

Example Sentence: 

In a Month of Sundays

Another cool way to say ‘When Pigs Fly’ is ‘In a Month of Sundays’ This expression is a unique take on describing an extended and impractical time.

The phrase conjures an image of numerous Sundays, which typically occur weekly, stretching into a seemingly endless timeline. This extended duration serves to underscore the improbability or infrequency of the event in question. 

It is also a metaphorical way of communicating that the likelihood of the event happening is so remote that it would take an extraordinary and practically unattainable amount of time.

Here is an Example Sentence: 

When the Cows Come Home

An alternative phrase to say in place of ‘When Pigs Fly’ is ‘When the Cows Come Home’ In this idiom, the event is metaphorically tied to the return of cows from pastures, emphasizing a never-ending delay.

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Cows are known for taking their time to graze, and this phrase emphasizes the sense that the event’s occurrence is so remote that it might never happen or would take an exceptionally long time. 

The humor in this expression lies in the playful image of patiently waiting for cows to conclude their grazing and return home.

Look at this Example Sentence: 

  • He’ll clean his room when the cows come home.

When Frogs Grow Their Hair

Another suitable phrase for ‘When Pigs Fly’ is ‘When Frogs Grow Hair’ The phrase playfully expresses the idea of an event that is entirely impossible.

Frogs are amphibians known for their smooth, hairless skin, making the notion of them growing hair patently absurd. 

This idiom utilizes the absurdity of the image to emphasize the extreme unlikelihood or impracticality of the event being discussed. It serves as a humorous and imaginative way to express doubt.

Take this for an Example:

When Turtles Roost in Trees

A good way to say ‘When Pigs Fly’ is ‘When Turtles Roost in Trees’ Just as the idea of frogs growing hair is comical, the concept of turtles roosting in trees is equally fantastical.

Turtles are slow-moving reptiles known for their terrestrial and aquatic habitats, not for climbing trees. 

This phrase playfully shows the impossibility of an event by introducing a whimsical image that is entirely at odds with reality. The humor lies in the absurdity of the visual depiction.

An Example Sentence:

  • I’ll be ready to move when turtles roost in trees.

When the Stars Align

Another cool way of saying ‘When Pigs Fly’ is ‘When the Stars Align’ In contrast to some of the more whimsical expressions, “when the stars align” is a phrase that carries a sense of rarity rather than impossibility.

It is used to describe an event that is so infrequent that it might as well require the alignment of the stars in the night sky, a highly unique occurrence. 

While the phrase does suggest an unusual set of circumstances, it typically does not express complete skepticism; rather, it implies that such an event is highly auspicious and remarkable.

Take a look at this Example Sentence: 

  • We might win the lottery when the stars align.

When Ice Cream Doesn’t Melt

‘When Ice Cream Doesn’t Melt’ is another cool way of saying ‘When Pigs Fly’ Ice cream is known for its tendency to melt when exposed to heat.

Therefore, the idea that ice cream doesn’t melt expresses the notion of an event being so unlikely that it would require a suspension of the laws of nature. 

This phrase emphasizes the implausibility of the situation, often in a lighthearted or sarcastic manner. The humor is found in the exaggeration of the event’s unlikeliness.

A nice Example Sentence: 

  • I’ll believe it when ice cream doesn’t melt in the sun.

When the Moon Turns Blue

Another alternative phrase for ‘When Pigs Fly’ is ‘When the Moon Turns Blue’

The phrase “when the moon turns blue” is another idiom that emphasizes rarity rather than impossibility. While the moon’s color remains relatively constant, it can, on very rare occasions, take on a bluish color due to specific atmospheric conditions or other factors. 

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This phrase, therefore, suggests that the event in question is highly unusual or uncommon, similar to the rare occurrence of a “blue moon.” It expresses the idea of an event that is not impossible but highly infrequent.

An Example Sentence would help: 

  • You’ll get an apology from him when the moon turns blue.

When Pianos Fall from the Sky

A suitable way to say ‘When Pigs Fly’ is ‘When Pianos Fall from the Sky’ The imagery of pianos falling from the sky is both absurd and impossible, given the size and weight of pianos.

Therefore, this phrase humorously underscores the idea that the proposed event is entirely unlikely and goes against the laws of nature. 

It expresses skepticism with a touch of playful exaggeration, as it invokes a scenario that could never occur in reality. 

Take a look at this Example: 

  • I’ll take up jogging when pianos fall from the sky.

When Chickens Have Teeth

‘When Chickens Have Teeth’ is another ideal way to say ‘When Pigs Fly’ Chickens do not possess teeth, making this phrase a very humorous and whimsical way to describe the impossibility of an event. 

It adds a layer of playfulness and absurdity to the concept of doubt, emphasizing that the event in question is so far-fetched that it would prompt a significant departure from reality.

Example Sentence: 

  • I’ll lend him money when chickens have teeth. 

When Elephants Dance in Tutus

Another suitable phrase for ‘When Pigs Fly’ is ‘When Elephants Dance in Tutus’

The vivid imagery of elephants gracefully dancing in tutus emphasizes the unlikeliness of an event. This phrase uses a whimsical and entertaining visual to express doubt, humor, and the impracticality of the situation. 

The absurdity of such a scenario underscores the extreme skepticism surrounding the event.

Let’s have this Example: 

  • We’ll have a picnic on Mars when elephants dance in tutus.

When Squirrels Surf

‘When Squirrels Surf’ is another nice way to say ‘When Pigs Fly’ Squirrels are not associated with surfing, and this phrase humorously signifies the impossibility of the event in question. It adds an element of joke, infusing the expression of doubt with a playful and imaginative tone. 

The idea of squirrels riding waves is a delightful way to express the unlikelihood of the event.

Here is an Example Sentence: 

  • I’ll be interested in politics when squirrels surf.

When Worms Wear Boots

An alternative phrase for ‘When Pigs Fly’ is ‘When Worms Wear Boots’ Worms, being simple creatures, do not wear boots, which makes this phrase a lighthearted and creative way to describe an event’s impossibility. 

The humor in this expression lies in the playful and absurd image of worms donning footwear. It emphasizes the event’s unlikeliness with a touch of whimsy.

See this Example: 

  • I’ll wear a hat indoors when worms wear boots.

When the Sun Rises in the West

‘When the Sun Rises in the West’ is a great way to say ‘When Pigs Fly’ This phrase underlines the impossibility of an event by proposing a reversal of the sun’s usual eastward trajectory. 

It expresses a sense of disbelief and skepticism by presenting an image that contradicts the natural order because we all know that the Sun rises from the East.

An Example Sentence: 

  • We’ll visit the North Pole when the sun rises in the west.
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When Bananas Grow on Apple Trees

Another suitable phrase for ‘When Pigs Fly’ is ‘When Bananas Grow on Apple Trees’ The notion of bananas growing on apple trees is imaginative and absurd, making this phrase a whimsical and playful way to describe an impossible event.

It expresses the unlikelihood of the situation with humor and exaggeration. The combination of two different types of fruit trees adds to the whimsy.


  • I’ll have a pet hamster when bananas grow on apple trees.

When Fish Climb Trees

Another cool way to say ‘When Pigs Fly’ is ‘When Fish Climb Trees’. Fish are aquatic creatures, incapable of climbing trees, which creates a playful and humorous image of the impossibility of an event. 

The phrase expresses doubt with a lighthearted and exaggerated tone, as it presents a scenario that defies logic and reality.


  • I’ll believe him when fish climb trees.

When Ants Sing Opera

A similar phrase for ‘When Pigs Fly’ is ‘When Ants Sing Opera’. The idea of ants singing opera is preposterous and whimsical, making this phrase a humorous and imaginative way to describe the impossibility of an event.

It adds an element of playfulness to the expression of doubt, emphasizing that the event is so improbable that it would require a miracle.


  • I’ll study calculus when ants sing opera.

When Rocks Roll Uphill

‘When Rocks Roll Uphill’ is another cool way to say ‘When Pigs Fly’. The concept of rocks rolling uphill defies the laws of gravity, highlighting the impossibility of the event. 

This phrase is used to express extreme skepticism with a humorous touch. It paints a picture of an event that goes against the fundamental principles of nature, thereby creating a playful tone.


  • I’ll take up skydiving when rocks roll uphill.

When Cats Bark

Another suitable phrase to use in place of ‘When Pigs Fly’ is ‘When Cats Bark’

Cats are known for meowing, not barking, making this phrase a humorous and playful way to describe the impossibility of an event. 

It adds a layer of whimsy and absurdity to the notion of doubt, emphasizing that the event in question is so unlikely that it would require a significant departure from reality.


  • I’ll understand cats when cats bark.

Parting Words

In the grand symphony of human expression, idiomatic phrases are the instruments that add depth, color, and humor to our everyday conversations.

As we conclude this journey of exploring phrases similar to “When pigs fly,” we see how language is a rich tapestry of creative expression.

The 20 phrases we’ve explored are not just words; they are vivid brushstrokes that allow us to paint different pictures with our language.

Whether you’re expressing skepticism, humor, or simply the improbable, these idioms offer you a delightful range of options to play with words and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

They showcase the joy and versatility of language, enabling us to express the complex and the absurd in a uniquely human way.

So, the next time you find yourself in a lively conversation or penning an engaging piece of writing, consider reaching into this treasure trove of expressions.

Let your words soar like pigs, donkeys, and elephants in tutus, and watch as they resonate with the playful spirit of idiomatic language, making your communication truly stand out.


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