20 of the Best Responses to “Sit On My Lap”

Isn’t it funny that men are willing to have all of that weight on their laps and even pay for it? But it shouldn’t be absurd. It is sensual.

Since you now understand why a guy could ask a girl to sit on his lap, you also have more clarity on how to make your decision. However, there are situations where there is no other place to sit and that may influence your decision after all.

The best suggestions provided to you are ‘I would rather stand’, ‘Sit on mine instead’, and ‘I would be comfortable’. Of course, this depends on the context.

 For more options and explanation, read further.

Sit On My Lap or In My Lap? Which is more correct?

You may have heard this statement more than a few times so you should know which one is correct. However, both are correct. You can tell the difference between ‘on’ and ‘in’ when they are used in sentences.

 When you put something on an object, it is lying on the surface of the object. When you put something in an object, it is lying inside the object. You can put water in a cup and you can put a bottle on a box.

The most correct statement in this context is ‘Sit on my lap’ because this is what is most often meant when the statement is used. When a person asks you to sit on his/her lap, you are simply sitting on his or her lap, that is the two thighs are together.

However, ‘Sit in my lap’ is not wrong if the speaker means you should actually sit in his or her lap. When this statement is used correctly, it implies that the two thighs of the speaker are apart and you are being asked to sit in the middle.

Therefore, we can conclude that both expressions are correct, even though ‘Sit on my lap’ is most often referred to. It is less sensual.

20 Responses To Sit On My Lap

20 Responses to "Sit on my lap"

  1. I’m okay here.
  2. Why would I?
  3. I would rather stand
  4. What’s the motive?
  5. I would never do that.
  6. Thought you’d never ask.
  7. Doesn’t sound appropriate.
  8. Then what?
  9. Get up already
  10. You sit on mine.
  11. It never ends there.
  12. I wish I could.
  13. You’ll regret it
  14. What happens when we are caught?
  15. We are at work, you know?
  16. I’ll pass on that.
  17. Why not?
  18. No, that’s my space.
  19. I’m heavier than you think.
  20. I won’t be comfortable

I’m okay here.

You can say you are okay where you are when a person asks you to sit in his or her lap, that is if you are okay. You may be sitting on something uncomfortable or the person sees you standing. That may be the simple reason for the person to offer his or her lap to you.

However, it may also be for sensual purposes. It is usually clear when the speaker has ulterior motives. You will realize this from the person’s facial expression or tone, or if the offer is clearly unnecessary.

To avoid being harassed, it is wise to reject the offer by simply saying you are okay with your position. Then, you can add ‘Thanks’ to your statement.

  • “Sit on my lap”
  • “I’m okay here. Thanks”

Why would I?

You can just ask why you would sit on a person’s lap when you are asked. The question is more suitable if the offer is clearly unnecessary. You may have your own sit already so the person clearly has his or her reasons for wanting you to sit on his or her lap.

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‘Sit on my lap’ may be coming from a bully so you may want to avoid sounding bad-mannered in your response. In that case, you may want to consider the previously suggested response on this, though it doesn’t guarantee your freedom. However, saying this may only worsen the situation.

If this offer is coming from a friend, you can respond with this question and keep the conversation going. This may also be seen as a way of indulging a flirt.

  • “Sit on my lap.”
  • “Why would I do that? I clearly have somewhere to sit.”

I would rather stand.

Tell the person you would rather stand if you would rather stand. Well, you may care less about your legs compared to the risks of being sensually harassed. This will sound like a rude rejection.

By making this comment, you are making it clear that you are not comfortable with standing but you would gladly choose that option if the only other option you had was to sit on the person’s lap. 

This is most often used if the speaker is already standing. Saying this while you are seated in a comfortable place would be an outright rejection to the person’s offer and may seem exaggerated even if it isn’t.

  • “Sit on my lap”
  • “I would rather stand.”

What’s the motive?

Often, there is a motive when a person offers that you sit on his or her lap. The offer rarely comes from a stranger and, if it does, he or she clearly has an ulterior motive.

If a stranger feels the need to help you out and save you from standing or sitting on an uncomfortable chair, it’s more expected of him or her to stand up for your sake than to offer his or her lap.

If the statement has come from a friend, you can say this. It will be taken as a joke. Sometimes, there is no ulterior motive. It may even be coming from someone of the same gender.

  • “Sit on my lap.”
  • “What’s the motive? What do you plan to do with me on your lap?”

I would never do that.

This is an outright rejection of the offer. It may sound rude to a bully or a friend whether the offer had sensual motives or not.

You can have several reasons for saying this. It does not have to be your fear of harassment or about the person offering his or her lap.

It may feel uncomfortable for you to sit on a person’s lap. You can mention your reason to avoid sounding rude with the rejection. You can even add a joke to this if you are talking to a friend.

  • “Sit on my lap.”
  • “I would never do that. It’s uncomfortable for me.”

Thought you’d never ask.

Does this sound ironic to you? Well, it does to me. It doesn’t have to be but that depends on you and the message you want to pass. It is not always wrong to sit on a person’s lap, is it?

There’s not always a negative intention when this offer is made. You have even fewer reasons to suspect anything if the offer is coming from a male friend or a sibling.

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 By saying Thought you’d never ask, you are implying that you were hoping and are willing to sit on the person’s lap. You could also use this ironically by saying it and refusing to sit on his or her lap.

  • “Sit on my lap.”
  • “I thought you’d never ask.”
  • “Then sit already”
  • “Why would I?”
  • “You said you thought I’d never ask.”
  • “And I was happy till you did.”

Doesn’t sound appropriate.

 It is necessary to avoid taking risks when they are not needed. The last thing you want in your place of work is to be caught breaking the rules. You don’t want to be caught sitting on a person’s lap in the office.

It is inappropriate and totally unnecessary. This not only works in an office. You can say this in a public place or wherever self-respect is expected from you.

This is a suitable response if you like the person and have no problem with sitting on his or her lap. This will be seen as a plausible reason.

However, it may also be used as an excuse if you are only scared of being harassed. You can further explain that you must not be caught sitting on the person’s lap.

  • “Sit on my lap.”
  • “That doesn’t sound appropriate. I may lose my job.”

Then what?

 When you sit on a person’s lap, what happens next? You should ask the person when this is requested of you. This response suggests that you are unwilling to do it and you suspect the person to have ulterior motives for wanting you to sit on his or her lap.

 This is mostly okay if you are talking to someone you already know. It will sound a bit indulging, though clearly showing that you suspect the person of negative intentions.

  • “Sit on my lap.”
  • “Then what?”

Get up, already.

 This sounds strange. It only works in a specific situation. Have you ever gotten on a bus before realizing there’s no space to sit? That’s probably rare but you must have been in a place where some people are forced to stand because others have taken the sitting space.

 In this case, a person can ask you to sit on his or her lap, then you can tell him or her to stand up for you.

 Saying ‘Get up already’ will sound authoritative so it’s more appropriate if your sitting space was taken by the person you are talking to.

  • “Sit on my lap, please.”
  • “It’s my space, ha-ha. Get up already.”

You sit on mine.

 This sounds like a pretty good suffix for the option explained above. It is only suitable in the same situation. After telling the person to get up, you can give the same offer to him or her.

 This suggests that you have no fear about sitting on a person’s lap but your decision is based on comfort.

  • “Sit on my lap.”
  • “No. You sit on mine.”

It never ends there.

 It is very easy to tell when a person is making sensual innuendos with you. Sometimes, we often get the suspicion even when there really is nothing to suspect. When you say this, you are telling the person that you know what will come next.

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 You are directly telling the person that he or she does not simply want you to sit on his or her lap and you know what will happen if you do it.

  • “Sit on my lap.”
  • “It never ends there.”

I wish I could.

Whether this statement is true or not, you can always say this to avoid sitting on a person’s lap and avoid sounding rude when rejecting the offer.

When you say this, you will be passing the message that you can’t do so but you would love to, even If it’s not true.

 This is a good option because you will be blaming the rejection on another person or something else.

  • “Sit on my lap.”
  • “I wish I could.”

You’ll regret it.

Don’t say this to a bully. It’s like starting a war. You can say this to a friend or someone you are interested in flirting with. 

When you say the person will regret it, you may be referring to your body weight on the person’s lap.

 Wear a smile while saying this so it’s not taken too seriously.

  • “Sit on my lap.”
  • “You’ll regret it.”

What happens when we are caught?

 If it is an adamant person, this may be your favorite option instead of emphasizing how inappropriate the person’s statement is.

 By asking this question, you are telling the person to consider the reasons you can’t do what you have been asked.

  • “Sit on my laps.”
  • “What happens when we are caught?”

We are at work, you know.

 Remind the person that you are in an office where professionalism is required of you.

 In this case, the request is unnecessary and definitely has sensual motives.

  • “Sit on my lap.”
  • “We are at work, you know?”

I’ll pass on that.

 This is a simple refusal to do what you have been asked. You should say this and look away or walk away

  • “Sit on my lap.”
  • “I’ll pass on that.”

Why not?

 This sounds like you are eager to do the person’s bidding but you can use it sarcastically. You can say this when flirting with the person. You can also say it as a funny response to the ridiculous request.

  • “Sit on my lap.”
  • “Why not?… So I can have you breathing on my neck.”

No, that’s my space.

 A person may ask you to sit on his or her lap because he or she has taken your space. You can protest against the idea and demand your seat back.

  • “Sit on my lap.”
  • “No, that’s my space. Get up.”

I’m heavier than you think.

 This is similar to telling the person that he or she will regret making that offer. By saying this, you are saying you have no problem with sitting on his or her lap. The person may insist though.

  • “Sit on my lap.”
  • “I am heavier than you think. You’ll regret it”

I won’t  be comfortable

 You can simply reject the offer by saying you are not comfortable with sitting on another person’s lap. With this response, you are not suggesting your suspicions, even if you think the person has ulterior motives.

  • “Sit on my lap.”
  • “I won’t be comfortable.”


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