20 of the Best Responses to “I am Excited!”

The way you respond to another person’s excitement really matters to the person and you have to pay attention to it. We have all gotten excited in several situations in our lives and the reaction of others matter.

Sometimes, the joy is only experienced to the fullest when there are people to tell it to and rejoice with.

When a person talks about his or her excitement, how do you respond without affecting his or her joy? This article is here to help you out on that. We will also look at various situations in which different messages have to be passed to the person in question. 

20 Responses To “I am excited!”

20 Responses To “I am Excited!”

  1. What for?
  2. Me too!
  3. It’s unnecessary.
  4. Should I be?
  5. Clearly, you are.
  6. What’s happening?
  7. I can’t see why.
  8. Maybe a tad too much.
  9. Fill me in, will you?
  10. Look who won a lottery!
  11. Not as much as I am.
  12. Not so fast!
  13. I’m worried.
  14. Your voice says it all
  15. We still have a long way to go.
  16. You always are for wrong reasons.
  17. I saw that coming.
  18. What is it now?
  19. We should celebrate.
  20. That’s not even all.

20 Responses To “I am Excited!”

What for?

Sometimes, a person’s excitement can feel very annoying. He or she may be jumping around boisterously and getting you pissed off. You don’t have to react that way. You can simply ask why he or she feels so happy.

The person may not jump around annoyingly. When your friend says that he or she is excited, it is right to ask what his or her excitement is for. That way, you can share in his or her joy. You will celebrate with the person, knowing the reason for his or her happiness, and knowing if it’s worthy to be celebrated.

  • “I am excited!”
  • “Excited? What for?”

Me too!

I don’t know about you but it is extremely satisfactory to me to share happiness with a person. When you are excited while everyone is unhappy for one reason or the other, you just may not enjoy the reason for your excitement.

Therefore, it is important to care for the happiness of your friends and relatives.

You can simply express your own excitement too when your friend tells you that he or she is excited. It doesn’t necessarily have to be for the same reason that you are both excited.

You may also blame the reason for your excitement as your happiness for your friend’s good news. You don’t have to lie if you feel no excitement.

  • “I am excited!”
  • “Me too!”

It’s unnecessary.

Have you ever seen someone whose excitement is unnecessary? It is like taking on a project that proves hard and celebrating after completing an extremely tough part when there are even tougher parts yet to be begun.

While it has been mentioned that one has to celebrate with a friend, sometimes, you just have to point out the truth to a friend so you both can do the right thing. If you think there are tougher things for your friend to focus on, you should say why it is unnecessary. 

  • “I am excited!”
  • “Obviously but it’s unnecessary.”
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Should I be?

If you are talking to someone you are very close to, you may want to hear why he or she is excited. It may be some good information that will excite you just as much as your friend.

 By asking this question, you will be getting to know if it is something that leads to good news for you too. Even if it is not connected to you in any way, you should hear why your friend is happy and celebrate with him/her.

 Congratulate your friend and let him rejoice in happiness m

  • “I am excited!”
  • “What’s up? Should I also be?”

Clearly, you are.

 Sometimes, it is just so clear that the person does not have to say it anymore. We can see it from the vibrancy and a person’s reaction to everything. If the person mentions that he or she is excited, you can mention that he or she is not holding it back in anyway.

 Then you can wear a smile and ask why he or she is excited. By saying you can see the person’s excitement, you are mentioning that you are not averse to his or her happiness. You can also celebrate with your friend after listening to what makes him or her excited.

  • “I am excited!”
  • “Clearly, you are”

What’s happening?

 Good news may be very clear to everyone in an household. Sometimes, it isn’t very clear. Only the person who has been blessed realizes it and no one’s else would know until he or she shares the good news with them.

 When your friend says he or she is excited, you can smile and ask what’s happening. Even though it is good to show joy for your friend’s excitement, it is usually much easier to know what your friend is rejoicing over.

Also, you will get to know how great the joy is and how much it should be celebrated.

  • “I am excited!”
  • Tell me. What’s happening?

I can’t see why.

 This sounds quite negative, I admit. We have focused on the positive part of things but we have to agree that we cannot totally ignore the negative part of reality which we cannot avoid. Disappointments often happen.

Though we should not be delivering it to friends, we can prevent our friends from later disheartening disappointments by letting them know unfair truths which they may be ignorant about.

 By saying you can’t see why, you are asking your friend for more explanation on why he or she is excited. You should only say this if you have a reason to think him or her should not be celebrating.

While you may help your friend to see why the excitement is unnecessary, your friend may also help you to see why the celebration is necessary.

  • “I am excited!”
  • “I can’t see why you should be.”

Maybe a tad too much.

The excitement may be a little too much. Pointing this out can be mistaken as jealousy but it doesn’t have to be if you have good reasons.

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If you are a person who feels irritated by another person’s excitement for no explainable reason, you should work on yourself.

Saying this means you think the excitement being shown is too much for the news being celebrated. You should only say it if you can tell your friend why he or she shouldn’t put too much focus on celebrating at a particular time.

  • “I am excited!”
  • “Yes… maybe a tad too much.”

Fill me in, will you?

Asides from the pain of being left behind in sweet cases like this, it is good to be informed about your surroundings and the ones close to you.

When your friend reveals that he or she is excited, then something must have happened or something is about to happen. You should get to know what it is so you can get yourself excited too, don’t you think?

Saying this shows you don’t know why your friend is so happy but you care to know why he or she feels that way. Asides from this showing that you care for your friend, it also helps you to know how much your friend’s excitement needs to be celebrated. In addition to that, it should bring the both of you closer as friends.

  • “I am excited!”
  • “Fill me in, will you?”

Look who won a lottery!

You can simply make this remark when you see your friend displaying a level of excitement or after your friend declares that he or she is excited.

You do not mean that your friend has won a lottery but it is a joke that you make just to know what is making your friend so excited.

 Saying this remark will make your friend laugh at first, then you can ask why he or she is so excited. Playing jokes brings your friends closer to you. When your friend shares his or her good news with you, you should celebrate him or her with all your heart.

  • “I am excited!”
  • “Look who won a lottery!”

Not as much as I am.

Two people can be excited at the same time. Your brother may return home, bouncing around vigorously and excitedly, and claiming he has some good news that will get everyone else equally excited.

Before he got home, you already received great news that you were just waiting to share with him and watch his reaction. Two people are excited. It could be for the same reason. It could also be for different reasons.

Saying this may mean you already know why your friend is excited and you are excited for the same reason. It may also mean you have different reasons to be excited. In this case, you both can share your reasons for excitement and celebrate together.

  • “I am excited!”
  • “Not as much as I am”

Not so fast!

The reason for your friend’s excitement may be very clear to you already. It may be a façade that you are already aware of. You cannot allow your friend to get disappointed later on just because you don’t want to appear to dishearten him or her with the truth.

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Before your friend’s excitement sinks too deep, you can tell him or her what you need to. By saying this, you must have reasons to give why your friend should not be celebrating yet.

  • “I am excited!”
  • “Not so fast!’

I’m worried.

If you are not sure of what you want to say to your friend, you can make sure you don’t sound too sure of yourself.

You can mention that you are worried about the good news that has been shared with you. After saying this, you must give your reasons but be ready to celebrate with your friend so you don’t appear ordinarily jealous.

  • “I am excited!”
  • “I’m still quite worried about this.”

Your voice says it all

Your friend’s voice may expose his or her excitement to everyone. Saying this implies that you could guess that your friend was excited just from listening to his or her voice.

 After this, you should ask why your friend is so happy.

  • “I am excited!”
  • “Your voice says it all. The world can hear you.”

We still have a long way to go.

This is another heartbreaking comment. When you say this, it means you know more than your friend and there are more challenges ahead. You should join your friend’s celebration instead of ruining the excitement.

 However, that doesn’t stop you from making the truth known.

  • “I am excited!”
  • “But we still have a long way to go.”

You always are for wrong reasons.

 If you think your friend is excited for an absurd reason again, you can mention it but make sure you don’t we hateful or jealous.

 This implies that your friend has been excited for wrong reasons in the past. Hear your friend out afterwards.

  • “I am excited!”
  • “You always are excited… and for wrong reasons.”

I saw that coming.

You can say this when your friend mentions his or her excitement to you.

 By saying you saw it coming, you may have been involved in getting the person excited or you may have seen signs that your friend is excited. 

  • “I am excited!”
  • “I saw that coming.

What is it now?

 This will sound hateful or jealous if you don’t watch your tone or facial expression. You should sound like you are joking with the comment.

 Saying this implies that your friend may have shared unreasonable news in the past. After listening to your friend, rejoice with him or her.

  • “I am excited!”
  • “What is it now?”

We should celebrate.

 You can also initiate some sort of celebration on behalf of your friend. This gesture will show that you truly care for your friend.

  • “I am excited!”
  • “We should celebrate this, don’t you think?”

That’s not even all.

 Your friend may be excited by something you told him or her. Saying this implies that there are even more good news to be excited about.

  • “I am excited!”
  • “That’s not even all. I have another great news to share.”


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