15 Phrases Like “A Breath of Fresh Air”

Idiomatic expressions present exciting and educational ways to communicate in the English language.

Therefore, knowing one or two idioms will add taste to your English grammar. One beautiful phrase you might have come across is “a breath of fresh air.”

This is an idiomatic expression you can use in many ways. So, if you need other phrases like “breath of fresh air,” I’ll be discussing other similar phrases you can use to express yourself.

First, however, I’ll explain the meaning of this expression.

What Does “Breath of Fresh Air Mean?”

“Breath of fresh air” is an idiomatic expression that describes something new and refreshing.

Usually, you may feel delighted and refreshed when you step out into nature and breathe in new air. Similarly, you can describe someone or something as a breath of fresh air when you feel thrilled around them.

This expression originates from two popular idioms before the 1800s: breath of heaven and breath of spring. These expressions also mean the same thing; that’s something new and exciting.

Furthermore, you can use this phrase in two ways. First, you can use it to describe the joy you feel around someone or something. For instance: “she’s a breath of fresh air. I need to spend more time with her.”

In addition, you can use this expression when you want something new and different: “We need a breath of fresh air to move forward.”

15 Phrases Like “A Breath of Fresh Air”

There are countless expressions like “breath of fresh air.” Depending on the context you wish to use, here are some wonderful phrases to use: “refreshing change,” “something new,” “intriguing” and many more.

That being said, here are 15 phrases you can use instead of “breath of fresh air.”

  1. Something new
  2. Exciting
  3. Intriguing
  4. Breath of spring
  5. Refreshing change
  6. Inspiring
  7. New development
  8. Fresh wind
  9. Energizing change
  10. Desirable change
  11. Invigorating
  12. Welcome development
  13. New transformation
  14. A relief
  15. A beautiful thing

Something New

If you’ve been indoors all day and decide to step out of your house, you’ll notice the change in air. The air you breathe within the four walls of your house or any establishment is different from what you breathe outside.

So, you can describe the air outside as fresh or new. Likewise, when you experience something different from what you’ve been used to, you can liken it to a breath of fresh air.

So, “something new” is another phrase you can use to replace “a breath of fresh air.”

Below are ways you can use this expression:

  • We need something new in this establishment
  • Let’s pray for something new to happen. I’m tired of seeing the same old things every day


Another good way you can describe a “breath of fresh air” is with the word, “exciting.”

When you’re used to seeing or working with the same system every day, you’re bound to get tired and bored.

However, once you experience a change in the system, or you move to a new place, it brings exciting feelings. For instance, if you’ve gotten tired of your present job, a new job can make you excited.

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Also, if you meet someone new in your life and you enjoy their company and look forward to seeing them, you can describe them as exciting.

Here are good examples:

  • Working with a different boss is exciting
  • Mercy is exciting. She knows how to get a smile on my face


“Intriguing” is another beautiful word that you can use to describe something you find exciting.

When you say something is intriguing, it means you find it attractive, it entices you and makes you want to find out more about it.

So, experiencing something or someone new and thrilling will keep you intrigued. For instance, if you just got a new job that you love, you’ll find it intriguing that you’ll look forward to resuming every morning.

In addition, when you move to a new neighborhood, you can describe it as intriguing if you love the place.

Below are some examples:

  • I find this new place intriguing, it’s serene and clean
  • This new boy is intriguing, I must befriend him

Breath of Spring

“Breath of spring” is one of the old-fashioned expressions that birthed a “breath of fresh air.” Although not common, this phrase is still in use today.

The idea behind the expression, “breath of spring” is derived from the fact that the spring season brings warm air. Many believe that springtime is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation.

So, when you experience something new and refreshing, you can describe it as a breath of spring.

Below are ways you can use this expression:

  • Spending time with you is like a breath of spring, I have been lonely these last few days
  • Our new teacher is a breath of spring, always filled with new ideas

Refreshing Change

Experiencing a change for the good can make you relaxed and happy. When you’ve gotten tired of doing the same thing over and over again, a positive change will make you delighted.

You can call this change a “refreshing change” because it brings joy and excitement. So, “refreshing change” is a good phrase that you can use to replace a “breath of fresh air”

It’s refreshing because it’s new, different, and energizing.

Below are good ways to use this expression:

  • His joining us brought a refreshing change to the company
  • We need a refreshing change in this state


Something inspiring will make you happy and make you long for it, as it provokes new and refreshing ideas. So, this is another way you can describe a new and different thing you love, that stimulates your thoughts positively.

It’s a cool way to replace “a breath of fresh air.” For instance, if you don’t like your office and you complain to your boss who moves you to a new place you love, you can describe the place as inspiring.

It’s inspiring because you’re comfortable and can work well. Likewise, when you meet a new person you can converse with excellently, you can describe them as inspiring.

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Here are good examples:

  • This new place is inspiring. I can finally write well
  • I find Dan inspiring, he keeps us going

Phrases Like A Breath of Fresh Air

New Development

When something different happens around you, you can describe it as a new development. So, this is another phrase you can use to replace a “breath of fresh air.”

If it’s the case that things take a turn in your house, in your school, or at your workplace, it’s a new development.

For instance, if your school management informs you that a bus will start taking children to school and returning them home, it’s a new development.

However, this expression should be used in situations when the change is welcomed by the majority. You can’t say something is a breath of fresh air if it doesn’t make you excited despite it being new.

So, a “new development” can replace “a breath of fresh air” if it’s in cases when the new development is a welcome one.

Here are good ways to use the phrase:

  • This is a new development. I love it
  • Finally! A new development! It’s worth everything

Fresh Wind

“Fresh wind” is another phrase that can work as an alternative to “breath of fresh air.”

You can use this expression when you’re breathing the fresh air outside after coming from a stuffy environment. Also, this expression can work when you want to describe something new and exciting around you.

Below are ways to use this phrase:

  • I had to leave the room for a fresh wind
  • The new boss brought a fresh wind to our enterprise

Energizing Change

“Energizing Change” is another perfect phrase that can be used to describe something new and intriguing. When you love the change  around you, you can call it an energizing one.

For instance, if your boring old boss is transferred, and you get a new one that matches your energy, it’s an energizing change.

So, this phrase can also replace “a breath of fresh air” because something energizing brings excitement and relief to those concerned.

Below are ways to use the phrase:

  • I just got transferred to a new place, it’s an energizing change
  • Our new teacher is an energizing change

Desirable Change

“Desirable change” is another expression that you can use in situations when you love the new development or changes around you.

Something or someone desirable is loved, so a change that makes you happy or is welcomed by those concerned is a “desirable change.”

So, this is another good alternative to a “breath of fresh air.” Using this phrase shows that it’s something that brings relief.

For example, moving to a new place you’ve always wanted and admired is a desirable change.

Below are ways it can be used in a sentence:

  • The new girl is a desirable change, she keeps my friend happy


“Exhilarating” is another beautiful expression you can use in an exciting and refreshing situation.

Something exhilarating brings happiness and relief. It’s a good expression you can use instead of a “breath of fresh air.”

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Additionally, you can also use this expression when you inhale clean air. Just like saying, the clean scent is exhilarating.

So, you can describe your feeling at experiencing something fresh, or something that lifts your spirit or mood as exhilarating.

Below are good ways to use this expression:

  • It’s exhilarating to be on this adventure. I love the clean water and the smell of nature
  • It’s exhilarating to see new faces every day

Phrases Like A Breath of Fresh Air

Welcome Development

Another good phrase that’d work in describing a change that’s exciting and intriguing is “welcome development.”

This expression is a wonderful way of describing a breath of fresh air, in that “welcome” shows that it’s something that people love.

So, it’s a good alternative to a “breath of fresh air.” When something is a welcome development, it shows that it’s something different and something better.

For instance, getting a generator to support you in a lack of electricity would be a welcome development.

Below is how to use the phrase:

  • The new addition is a welcome development, things have gotten better
  • Getting a new car is a welcome development, you won’t have to be at the mechanic every day

New Transformation

Another wonderful phrase that would work to replace a “breath of fresh air is” “new transformation.”

A “new transformation” describes something different or a change around you that makes you excited.

So, if it’s the case that you’re experiencing a change in your workplace, school, neighborhood, or even in your life, you can call it a new transformation.

Below is how you can use the phrase:

  • I love the loss of weight, it’s a new transformation
  • The boss asks us to await a new transformation

A Relief

Another good phrase that can replace a “breath of fresh air” is “a relief.” I have earlier stated that something different that makes you happy brings relief.

So, when you’ve experienced a new change that you love, you can call it a relief.

Here’s how you can use the expression:

  • Having a new friend is a relief
  • Experiencing this new job is a relief. I can breathe easily now

A Beautiful Thing

“A beautiful thing” will also work to describe something that you love or someone that keeps you excited.

When you meet a new person that makes you happy, you can describe the experience as a beautiful thing.

So, this is a good expression you can use to replace, “a breath of fresh air.”

Below is how you can use the expression:

  • Meeting John was a beautiful thing
  • Going on that ride was a beautiful thing


A “breath of fresh air” is something exciting and different from what you’re used to.

Someone can describe you as a breath of fresh air if they notice something different and intriguing about you.

So, there are numerous ways you can also describe something new and exhilarating. The phrases above are examples you can start from.

Feel free to use any of the expressions as it suits you and don’t forget to add yours.

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