20 Phrases Like “Eat the Rich”

Idiomatic expressions are common ways people use to describe certain things or to give good advice.

However, it isn’t all idioms that people are familiar with. One of the expressions you wouldn’t come across often is “eat the rich.”

“Eat the rich” is an old-fashioned expression that has been used by people of the lower class to talk about inequality among the classes of people.

It is a funny expression that some may think has no meaning. Conversely, there’s more to this phrase and similar phrases likewise.

So, if you’re wondering what this expression means and other phrases you can use instead, I’ll be taking care of your thoughts in this article.

What Is the Meaning of “Eat the Rich?”

“Eat the rich” is an idiomatic expression that is usually used when discussing financial inequalities between the rich and poor.

This phrase doesn’t mean that the rich will be eaten. But, rather it’s gotten from the full quote which states; “when the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich.”

Jean Jacques Rousseau, one of the key figures in the French Revolution quoted these words during a pervasive famine in France. During the food shortage, the rich were treated better than the poor who were left to fend for themselves.

So, this phrase means that the poor would do anything to survive.

However, depending on the context, this phrase can have different meanings. For instance, some people use the phrase to draw attention to the fact that people are suffering while others are doing better.

So, it’s a way of imploring help from those well-off. Also, someone might use this phrase to express their frustration at the rich, especially those exploiting the poor masses to make their wealth.

Generally, this phrase is used to encourage the less privileged to do all it takes to survive. Also, it’s used to encourage those that are better off to give support to those who need it.

Below is a way to use this expression:

  • All you do is complain; why not eat the rich instead
  • You need to eat the rich if you want to get out of this situation

20 Alternative Phrases to Say Instead of “Eat the Rich”

There are numerous ways to say, “eat the rich.” Depending on the context you wish to use it, you can use phrases that encourage those who think they are not well-to-do to strive to survive.

Also, you can use expressions that embolden the poor to question the rich, and one that promotes financial equality amongst all.

Some of the phrases to use include: “tax the rich,” “bridge the gap,” “narrow the differences,” and “reach for the stars.” Here are 20 alternative phrases to use.

  1. Tax the rich
  2. Bridge the gap
  3. Narrow the differences
  4. Reach for the stars
  5. Reach for greater heights
  6. Risk it for the biscuit
  7. Pull yourself up by your bootstrap
  8. Get it by all means
  9. Strive for the best
  10. Exploit the rich
  11. Exploit every opportunity
  12. Go for the wealthy
  13. Get what you want
  14. Do all you can
  15. Do all it takes
  16. Press for what you want
  17. Use every means to make it
  18. Take the bull by the horns
  19. Do the impossible
  20. Reach for the sky
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Tax the Rich

“Tax the rich” is another saying that has become relevant recently. This expression means the same as “eat the rich” but in a less aggressive way, common amongst some politicians.

The thought behind this expression is to encourage those in authority to tax wealthier people to give more money, which would be for the poor.

Additionally, just like the reason behind the expression, “eat the rich,” some people believe the rich are responsible for the poor since most of their wealth is gotten from the poor.

So, the purpose of this phrase is to get more help from the rich.

Bridge the Gap

“Bridge the gap” is a common expression people use to promote uniformity between two things.

In this context, this phrase can be used to replace “eat the rich” to mean closing the differences between the poor and the rich.

In the same vein, people often use this expression, intending to bring the common man and people with class together.

Below is a way to use the expression:

  • The government believes that quality education will bridge the gap between the rich and the poor
  • We need to vote for good leaders who would bridge the gap between the rich and poor

Phrases Like Eat the Rich

Narrow the Differences

“Narrow the differences” is another expression that means exactly “bridge the gap.”

You can use this phrase instead of “eat the rich” to talk about disparities between the common man and a wealthier person.

When people narrow the differences between these classes of people, there won’t be many complaints from anyone. Also, there won’t be talk of eating the rich, in the context of bearing any grievances on those who are doing better.

Reach for the Stars

“Reach for the stars” is a wonderful way of rephrasing “eat the rich.” This expression is used in a positive light to encourage anyone to go for what they want.

“Reach for the stars” is a common saying that encourages someone to be ambitious.

Conversely, reaching for the stars is impossible, but the idea is to encourage one to work hard to get what they want despite any difficulties.

It’s a good statement to use with anyone finding it difficult to get by. Instead of them depending on anyone or feeling entitled, they can always reach for the stars.

Reach for Greater Heights

“Reaching for greater heights” is a similar expression to “reach for the stars.” It’s a better alternative to “eat the rich,” in that it encourages people to work harder for greater things.

When someone is feeling reluctant to work, or when someone feels dependent on a particular set of people, this is an appropriate expression to use.

In addition, reaching for greater heights involves having the mindset to make it. So, it’s a good way of telling someone to try all they can to become better, albeit legally.

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Phrases Like Eat the Rich

Risk It for the Biscuit

“Risk it for the biscuit” is another great expression to use to encourage someone to go for something they’re reluctant about.

This is a juicy way of saying “eat the rich.” In this case, this expression is a way of motivating someone to take a risk that has a reward in the end.

The “biscuit” here stands for the reward. So, when you need to motivate someone to work harder to get what they want, this is a great phrase to use.

Pull Yourself Up by Your Bootstrap

This is another wonderful idiomatic expression that encourages someone to work hard to get what they want.

It’s a similar phrase to “eat the rich.” However, it motivates someone to work through their efforts to become better without depending on someone better.

So, when you need a phrase for someone who believes the rich owes them, you’ve got a good expression for them.

Get It by All Means

Here’s another expression to use to motivate someone to work harder. It’s a similar phrase to “eat the rich,” in that it encourages the poor to do all they can to survive.

However, this is an open expression, as anyone can interpret it in whatever way it suits them.

When you say, “Get it by all means,” someone might choose to exploit anyone to get what they want. So, you should be careful when using this phrase.

Strive for the Best

Here’s another good way to motivate someone to go for better things themselves.

It’s a better way to say “eat the rich,” as it encourages someone to work hard to achieve success within legal means.

It’s good advice for someone who’s satisfied with mediocrity, or someone who depends on anyone to survive.

Exploit the Rich

“Exploit the rich” is another way of saying “eat the rich.” In this case, this expression is one of the literal interpretations of the phrase “eat the rich,” as it tells the poor to get what they want from the rich.

During the famine in France, the “eat the rich” phrase came about to embolden the poor to go to the rich for what they want since they were favored with grains then.

So, “exploit the rich” here also tells the poor to get what they want from the rich by any means if things become difficult.

Exploit Every Opportunity

“Exploit every opportunity” is another expression to use to motivate someone to get what they want by all means.

In this case, this expression doesn’t narrow the “means” to the rich only, but it tells one to seize any opportunity that comes their way.

Also, it’s another open piece of advice that you should use carefully.

Go for the Wealthy

“Go for the wealthy” is another phrase that’s similar to “eat the rich.” This statement encourages the poor to tax the rich or go after them when they’re facing difficulties.

However, in a broader sense, this expression can draw the attention of those who are doing better to always find means to support the common man.

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Get What You Want

“Get what you want” is another phrase that states clearly the importance of working for what you want.

In this case, also, it can mean getting what you want by any means, whether you want to tax the rich or not. So, one also has to be careful when using this expression.

Do All You Can

“Do all you can” is another expression that encourages the poor to do all they can to survive.

It’s similar to “eat the rich,” as it means the common man will explore every means to pull through in life.

Just like other open expressions, you should be careful when using this phrase.

Do All It Takes

“Do all it takes” is another expression that can replace “eat the rich.” This phrase works like the expression above to encourage someone to try all possible means to get what they want.

Press for What You Want

“Press for what you want” is another alternative expression to “eat the rich.

If it’s the case of inequality between the rich and the poor, this phrase can encourage the poor to press for what they want.

Here, you’re telling them to channel their actions to the right authority to get what they want.

Use Every Means to Make It

This is another way of asking someone to do all they can or do all it takes to survive.

It’s another alternative to “eat the rich” to encourage one to seize every opportunity to pull through in life.

Take the Bull by the Horns

“Take the bull by the horns” is another idiomatic expression that encourages one to face a difficult situation head-on.

Instead of saying “eat the rich,” you can use this expression to motivate someone to face their problems themselves.

Do the Impossible

“Do the impossible” is another expression that motivates someone to do all it takes to get what they want.

It’s an alternative to “eat the rich,” used to ask someone to work harder to become rich. Additionally, it’s another open expression you should use carefully.

Reach for the Sky

“Reach for the sky” is another expression that serves as a good alternative to “eat the rich.”

It means the same as “reach for the sky,” when you encourage someone to go for what they want despite the difficulties.

So, when someone complains about how the rich are always doing better, you can encourage them to reach for the sky to do better too.

End Note

Conclusively, countless expressions can replace the phrase, “eat the rich.” “Eat the rich” is a funny phrase that people can interpret in numerous ways as it suits them.

While someone might believe the rich owe them, and so they must receive from them, others might believe they must do all they can to make it.

So, in whatever context you want to use this expression, you can always use the above examples as an alternative to “eat the rich.”

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