20 Best Responses to “What You Tryna Do”

Among many common questions a person gets asked every day, this question What you tryna do is one of them. When a person asks you what you tryna do, he/she is trying to get clarity on your actions.

Perhaps your actions are confusing to them, or they are seeing exactly what you are doing or intend to do but they’re questioning your judgment. Any way it is asked, the speaker would be hoping for a response of some sort.

The statement is the shortened form of What are you trying to do? The speaker would want to understand why you choose to act the way you are currently acting.

If you do not know what to respond to What you tryna do?, you don’t have to fret cause we have listed twenty (20) responses best suited for all types of situations, you only have to choose one.

Punch your teeth down your throat

This response Punch your teeth down your throat is the perfect reply to use for a person who has offended you tremendously offended you. It conveys a certain level of violence or confrontation.

If you are not prone to violence then it could mean that the person has been provoking for some time till you lost your cool. It also does mean that you intend to carry out your threat but that’s your way of warning them to stand down.

What do you think?

Can a question be considered an adequate response to What you tryna do? This rhetoric question What do you think I’m trying to do? can also qualify as a great response.

This response is meant to be sarcastic cause the person can see what you are doing and why you are doing it. They must just have been attempting to stop you from doing it.


As simple as this word sounds, it can also serve as a suitable response to the question What you tryna do? This is said in response to a person who has misinterpreted your actions.

It may be that the series of activities leading to that very moment has made the person assume that you wanted to take certain steps so telling them nothing is assuring them that you don’t intend to do anything.

Why do you care?

When you use this response Why do you care?, you are being dismissive and quite rude to an extent. It may be said by a person who is in a fit of anger, fear, indifference, or irritation.

Whatever feelings the person is experiencing may be a product of activities that went wrong or that someone has offended them with their actions or words.

On the other hand, it may be that your anger is not directed at the person they’re asking Why do you care? It could be a transfer of aggression from you to the other person.

Why are you asking?

Why are you asking? is another rhetorical question that can be used as a response to the question Why are you asking? You use this rhetorical question when you don’t want to let the person know what you are doing.

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Or perhaps it could be that you want to know the intention of the person asking. If it’s not a secret, then you can reveal what you intend to do after they have told you the reason why they are asking you Why are you asking?

Call 911

It is common knowledge that 911 is the number a person calls when they need urgent help from the police/cops or the hospital. The call is usually made where there is perceived danger or where there is an accident that requires urgent attention.

For a person to use this response, it could mean that he/she has come across a difficult situation that requires the expertise of any of the above. They have to be close to a landline or using a handphone for this response to be suitable.

Ask for help

The statement Ask for help is also another great response to the question What you tryna do? It is used when a person has run into a problem and will need external help and support to have it resolved.

While using this statement, the person does not have a specific person in mind whom he/she is requiring help from. At that time, he/she would just require any sort of support and have his/her issue solved.

Bribe someone

The response Bribe someone can either be a sarcastic response or the speaker may mean it. When a person wishes to bribe another, he/she intends to give them pay them in kind or cash in return for doing something dishonest.

A person can only decide to bribe another person when they are at a crossroads, and they believe that by doing certain things they can influence a person’s decision thereby turning the tide in their favor.

Turn the culprit in

When a person says he/she wants to Turn the culprit in, it would mean that a crime has been committed and he/she wishes to expose the person who committed the crime.

Hence, this makes Turn the culprit in a suitable response to the question What you tryna do? The person whom you are speaking to may or may not be in support of your decision.

I have no idea

Every average human being will admit that most times they do not know what they are doing but they do it anyway. This is because between taking a risk and doing absolutely nothing, sometimes taking a risk could save a lot.

Individuals also use the statement I have no idea when they are trying something for the first time, and they have nothing to guide them on how to do it properly.

Their intention would be to figure it out and hope that it turns out right. It is only brave people that take risks and most times, things work in their favor.

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The right thing

Doing the right thing is never easy. Most times, people know what the right thing is but choose to go the other way instead cause it always seems the easier choice.

Sometimes a person can use this question What you tryna do? on you knowing fully well that the action you’re taking is the right one. When that happens, you might as well use this response “I’m doing the right thing”.

Google it

When a person says he is trying to google something, it means that he/she is trying to get more information on the subject. This means that google it is the shortened version of I want to google it.

For a person to use this expression, it may mean that he/she is working on a project with someone and they either need more clarity on something, want to confirm something or they want to research a topic.

Not fail

The remark not fail is the shortened version of I’m trying not to fail. A healthy competition between two people usually reveals those who are extremely competitive and those who prefer to see everything as just a game.

When you are participating in a competition, you may be taking necessary steps to ensure that you succeed. Sometimes the steps you take may be funny and strange to some people and they will ask What you tryna do?

You can then reply with “Well, I’m trying not to fail”. This response can be sarcastic if used properly.

Have a cup of coffee

An average citizen or resident in a first-world country knows that having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning or throughout the day is normal. However, there are times when people would consider a cup of coffee to be weird.

For instance, when you are in a tense situation and someone sees you pouring a cup of coffee, they may be tempted to ask What you tryna do? You can then calmly reply to the person with – If we can’t solve this, let me at least have a cup of coffee.

This response can be a sign of resignation or an attempt at irony.

Defend myself

If you’ve ever been in a dangerous situation, you will know that knowing how to defend yourself is an important skill to have. When in such a situation, saying “I’m trying to defend myself” would be a great response to What you tryna do?

It could be that you’ve been cornered by the enemy or that you have noticed something strange by the door/window of your house and you pick up a bat.

Upon seeing the bat a person may ask you What are you tryna do? and you can reply to the person with “I don’t want to die so I’m trying to defend myself”.


This one-word response can also be very suitable for the question What you tryna do? Despite its simplicity, it is a quite versatile response and can be applied in many ways.

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The speaker may be implying that they want to win at a particular game or competition, or they may be implying that they wish to win in life at large.

What do you want me to do?

This response may seem a bit confrontational or direct. It is one of the most suitable responses to the question What you tryna do? At the time of saying this, the speaker may be flustered or exhausted.

It may be that he/she is facing a difficult situation and has tried all options available to him/her, but nothing is working. If he/she decides to give up and someone asks him/her What you tryna do? she may respond with What do you want me to do? out of frustration.

Stay alive

Depending on the situation it is used, the response Stay alive can be a very suitable response to the question What you tryna do? A person can only say this when they are in danger.

It can be a light-hearted comment said as a joke and it can equally be a serious comment made by a person who is in or perceives to be in danger. While saying this, the person may be taking steps to survive or escape.

Get some work done

As humans, we have periods when we are motivated to work and other times, we just want to be lazy. It’s okay to rest and be lazy for a while as long as it does not become a habit.

If you were relaxing with a person and suddenly you stand up to leave, they could ask you What you tryna do? and you can respond with I want to get some work done.

Take a shower

Taking a shower regularly is important to stay clean and healthy. But there are days when a person stays at home the whole day and will feel lazy towards taking their bath.

It could be later in the evening that the person would decide that it is finally time to shower. At that point, if a person asks you What you tryna do?, you could then reply with I’m tryna have a shower.

At the end of this list and explanations, you’ll notice that the responses fall under these categories – funny, witty, sarcastic, and succinct.

So, depending on how you are feeling at the moment, or what the situation calls for, you can pick a suitable response.

It must also be noted that the responses to this question are not limited to the twenty (20) listed above. However, these twenty (20) responses have been carefully selected to suit most situations that you would find yourself in.

When you are put on a spot with this question What you tryna do? and you don’t know what to reply with, make a nosedive to this website and find the perfect response you’ve been searching for.

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