How Do You Respond to “Aww Thanks”

Appreciation is key. When someone thanks us for something we have done, we will respond to them and there are many ways to.

For example, if I am told or texted “aww thanks” I understand that they really are touched by what I have said or done and are really grateful. I can say, “it’s nothing”, or “don’t bother” if I want to play it cool.

I can go for a more formal response and say, “it’s my duty”, or “it’s my pleasure”. And then I want to sound modest or nice or funny, there are other responses. Let’s start the article now, shall we?

Make resounding statements

You are welcome

This is the reply we are all used to. The most said in fact and while it might be stale, it is honest and straight to the point. No one is going to raise eyebrows and what’s more it’s great for any setting.

It shows you have manners, acknowledging someone in a respectful manner. If you feel this drab, you can switch it up a bit with something like “quite”, “so”, “very” and the likes.

People get it from the ways they say thank you (thank you so much, thank you very much). It makes a whole lot of difference and whomever you are speaking to will understand it in a different way. Check it out:

  • You are welcome
  • You are quite welcome

It’s nothing

This is another common reply but it is used in a more informal space. When you tell someone it’s nothing, you are telling them that it wasn’t a big deal to you and you don’t mind and they shouldn’t place so much value on it. You will sound badass, especially if it is a big deal.

No sweat

Another informal reply. It means it’s not a problem and it was easy to handle. They might use this after a hard physical task (or not) but they really mean it no matter how tough it was for them.

This can be used among friends, I imagine mostly the guys. If you feel it’s too casual and informal, you can say, “it’s fine’ or “it was no trouble at all”.

My pleasure

This is a formal reply and you will pass as very polite and well-mannered if you use it. It will definitely make you stand it and appear as a more intriguing and mature person.

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Think about it, they will be happy that solving their problems gives you pleasure and is not a burden to you.

No, thank you

It’s an odd reply but what if you also wanted to Thank them? In this case, you are saying no you shouldn’t be taking me. I should be taking you for so and so.

It portrays you as someone who is grateful and appreciative. While you are at it, emphasize the “You” so they will understand that you are saying that it is you who should be grateful and not them.

Anything for you

This reply should make anyone blush and whether I’m a text or in person. If you say it nicely, in a flirty voice they will understand that you are doing it for them because you like them.

If you don’t say that, you are still saying you will sacrifice anything for them because they are important to you.

Don’t mention it

Although this reply is telling not to bring up what you have just done for them because it is very small, it is also silently saying, “you have helped me too in many great ways so this small stuff shouldn’t be a big deal”.

For family and close friends, it is a very sincere response and they will be touched. If you use this for someone that isn’t very close to you it is not wrong but they won’t understand 8t like family would.


This reply can be used for anyone and you can call it informal because it can be used in a casual setting. Whoever you are speaking to knows that the cam depends on you in their hour of need without worrying if you would be inconvenienced.

If you are very close to them, you can throw in a term of endearment like love, sugar, darling. It hits differently. It’s also okay to use their names if you don’t feel comfortable with any endearing words.

No problem

People would be happy to know that you Helping them did not leave you in need yourself, or upset you in any way. This reply assures them of that. If this response is too plain you can say:

  • No biggie
  • It’s no problem at all

Sure thing

When you say “sure thing”, you are saying it is alright and you are affirming what they have just said. It is very casual and there isn’t much thought to it. It’s informal but it sits well with everyone so you can try this in the office.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

This saying means not to worry about unimportant things. It doesn’t mean you don’t value their appreciation. You are just saying it is not a big deal and they shouldn’t make a mountain out of a small matter. It’s badass and really cool if you ask me.

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You betcha

It’s a slang phrase that means “absolutely” or “sure”. You can use it among your friends and they will understand that you mean, ” no big deal.”

Of course

This is formal and it is okay for other settings as well. Here, of course is only trying to say “sure I will do that for you.”

You take care now

This response completely ignores the thank you and goes straight to something that can round up the conversation.

For example if I get a call from a Friend thanking me for sending some documents over, I don’t have to make it long. Replying with this means, “I am glad I could help you to your satisfaction. Best regards”. If you think it comes on too quickly, you might preface it with “sure.”

A: Aww. Thanks Becky.

B: Sure. You take care now.

No worries

‘Don’t fret.” That’s another meaning. There’s no need for that, no need to thank you and no one has to worry about repaying a favor or thanking you later. Quite nice and simple

Happy to be of help/ glad I could help

If you want to be more formal you can use aid or assistance. It’s great to tell them that you are helping and that you were of service.

This way, you shift the focus away from what you did or the thank you. They are saying to the act of service and how you are useful to them. You will be more appreciated. Works like a charm.

It’s no bother

It’s the same as it’s no problem, just a bit more British. It says you are happy to help them and you don’t mind at all. There is nothing more than a happy helper. Raises the spirits and gets the work done.

No need to thank me

It’s a modest reply and you will definitely get more thanks after that. If you want to appear more modest, it’s a great way to give someone else credit:

  • No need to thank me. I am just helping
  • No need to thank me. It was actually Jim and me who installed the app

All in a day’s work

If you have never heard this saying before it means doing something difficult as part of a normal routine. Don’t worry, no one will read into it too much to understand that it was quite a stress for you. It’s a modest-sounding reply and it is very polite.

Just doing my duty

Even if it was not your responsibility, taking it as such will endear you to many people. This reply sounds simple, modest and even though you can’t really use it in a professional setting (unless it is really your responsibility), it’s great for flirting with people.


We are back to simple one-word replies. This will come off the top of your head and it is a nice way to say, “sure I will do it for you.” It’s a more formal alternative to “you betcha” and “of course”.

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That’s why I am here

It still means “this is my job so need to thank me.” If you want to be funny, you can say”oh no need. That’s why the boss pays me”. It’s funny but the first will make you look much more responsible and reliable.

You got it

This is on the same level of formality as “you betcha”. It’s not talking about them receiving your help, it is About you saying “sure” or “alright” as a way of affirming their thanks to you.

I’m here if you need me

This is another that completely ignores the gratitude except this one is not trying to round up a conversation, it’s letting others know that you are happy to help.

Not at all

Or don’t mention it. It means you don’t have to say it or bring it up. You can say this to family and friends. It doesn’t downplay what you have done, it just tells them not to make a fuss about what you consider to be a small task.

For those who are not familiar with this phrase, you might leave them confused so you can try, “no need to bring it up” as an alternative.

That’s what friends are for

How Do You Respond to “Aww Thanks”

In rough times, only people who really care about you will show up. A reply like this will really make them feel good and they will know you care about them and they can lean on you.

It is a modest reply that doesn’t try to give you any glory or make you look like a supreme helper that no one can do without. What’s more, you know they can do the same thing if you were in their shoes.

I will send your bill

This is a funny reply because it seems like you are going to charge them for your help. It’s great because they know how much of a big deal it is but you are helping the free of charge.

His response says that you know how much it costs you but you are doing it free. It’s a lovely way to end service.

There are no strict rules. If you what to merge two or three responses together, that’s alright. For example, “sure. It’s nothing.” Or “of course. That’s why I am here”. Just make sure they follow and you do it with a smile.

You can also respond with a gesture

Sometimes there are no meds for words. In the case where you don’t want to say anything, you can use any of these gestures. They say just as much as any of the responses above:

Peace sign

For friends or acquaintances to say it’s fine and there is no need to thank you

A nod

A simple sign of acknowledgment


How Do You Respond to “Aww Thanks”

Wearing a smile never hurts anyone and you will come out as friendly and nice. Besides, if you don’t smile after helping someone or saying something nice to them, they will wonder if they are just being a burden to you.

Fist bump

For people you know and who are fine with it


If you are trying to get someone’s attention or you are flirting with them it will definitely make them smile back.


Most of these replies are not common, I know but hey they are witty and they are a great way to keep a conversation going.

If you have more ideas for other responses, drop them in the comment section below and I will check them out. Thanks!

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