20 Good Comebacks for “Who Do You Think You Are?”

When someone asks who you think you are, they are challenging your personality or person. It’s often used to intimidate or crudely disregard your thoughts and opinions.

This is not acceptable, and I have carefully highlighted the best comeback for you.

These comebacks are specially crafted to respond to such questions, place, and person.

Enjoy reading and take your favorites from our lists.

20 Great Comebacks for “Who Do You Think You Are?”

Say, you don’t need to know me, worry about yourself, I am who I am.

1. I Know Who I Am, But Thanks For Asking

One good comeback for Who do you think you are is saying I know who I am, but thanks for asking.

This comeback is sarcastic and packs enough punch to stun anyone throwing hits in your direction.

They will understand that you are not in the mood for fighting or anything related to it.

The comeback shows the speaker that you understand their question.

It also tells them you are self-aware. This will put an end to whatever rift exists between the both of you.

2. Someone Who Knows Their Worth

When someone asks “who do you think you are?”, you should say someone who knows their worth. This is a perfect comeback for anyone who asks such a question in your direction.

An answer like this will put them in their place and prevent future altercations.

This comeback shows the speaker that you have high self-esteem and feel very confident about yourself.

Knowing your worth makes you impervious to verbal attacks from anyone. And it’s this confidence that will be transmitted to the speaker.

3. I Am Royalty, Who Do You Think You Are

Comebacks for Who Do You Think You Are

The comebacks that challenge the speaker are needed sometimes. In such situations say I am royalty, who do you think you are?

A comeback like this takes the challenge to the speaker, it asserts your dominance as royalty while challenging them.

Putting up a face when you need to will show the other person who they cannot easily ride you. They will think twice about asking who you think you are in the future. It tells them you are aware of your kingly status.

4. You Do Not Need To Know Who I Am, But I Can Tell You I Do Not Take Kindly To Disrespect

Sometimes you want to rise to the challenge the speaker has directed your way with a strong comeback.

This comeback here is exactly what you need. It is long and carries the right amount of gravity for the speaker to understand. They will know that it was wrong of them to challenge you.

This comeback tells the speaker that you are not willing to tolerate any form of disrespect from them. It shows them that your identity is not something they should worry about.

5. Who Do You Want Me To Be

A challenging comeback when someone asks who you think you are. Is saying who do you want me to be.

The speaker will be thrown off guard by this comeback from you. It’s a challenging response that demands their expectation from the confrontation.

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It shows the speaker you are well accustomed to such situations and can adapt quickly to match their energy.

This comeback asks them to think about what they want from the conversation. They will think twice before challenging you in the future.

6. I Am The One Asking The Questions Here

When you want to show the speaker who is the boss with your comeback, say I am the one asking the questions here.

This way you are telling them they have no right to send questions your way, instead they should listen and answer yours.

If you challenge them this way, they will regret asking you such a question. This comeback showcases your authority in the conversation with the other person.

When you use this comeback, follow it up with a direct question toward the speaker. It will ensure they will not ask much of you in the future.

7. I Am Better And Far More Superior In Life Than You

This comeback is a mouthful, but it’s worth it. It is you who provide an answer to the speaker but with a tone of confidence.

I like this comeback more because it answers the question the speaker has asked you. It will become embarrassing to them and they will avoid you soon.

This comeback shows you are living a better and superior lifestyle than the speaker. They will immediately regret asking who you think you are.

8. Someone Who Doest Appreciate Rude Comments

If someone asks you who you think you are, a good comeback is saying someone who doesn’t appreciate rude comments.

The person will be taken aback by your comeback because they will understand that you do not take well to rude remarks.

They will adjust the time and manner in which they have been communicating with you.

When you use this comeback, it tells the speaker that you are not willing to accept any form of disrespectful comment. It shows them their question has crossed some of your boundaries.

9. I Am Self- Aware And won’t Change It For Anyone

When someone asks you who you think you are? You need a comeback that resonates with your personality.

Saying I am self-aware and won’t change it for anyone is the best way to show this to the speaker. It tells them you are conscious of who you are.

This comeback shows you are comfortable with who you are and will not change it for anyone, both the speaker and other people.

It shows them they should not use such terms around them in the future. With the right comeback, you can put the speaker in their place.

10. Someone Who Knows Their Value And won’t Be Questioned By Nobody

Sometimes you want a comeback that will assert your dominance over the speaker.

Say this comeback mentioned here if you want to achieve that. This tells the speaker that you are aware of your value and permit no one to question those values.

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By responding this way, they know you are aware of your self-worth and will not allow someone to tarnish your image.

It shows them that you value yourself highly and they will understand it was a mistake to ask such things of you.

11. I Do Not Need Your Approval To know Who I Am

You need a comeback that speaks well of your character. Say, I do not need your approval to know who I am.

Knowing one’s self-worth is important. It lets you know what should be tolerated by others or not. Also, other people’s opinions don’t matter in your life.

A comeback like this shows the speaker that you are leaving your life without their approval and do not appreciate them butting in or interjecting in. It ensures that they will not try such in the future.

12. I Am A Unique Individual, Just Like Everyone Else

One comeback that is subtle and direct is saying I am a unique individual just like everyone else.

It’s not a boastful response, but it does the job of ensuring the speaker gets an answer that throws them off balance.

They will hesitate to ask you such things in the future.

This comeback answers their questions while telling them every other human is a unique person too. It shows them they lack the right to question you in such a manner.

With an embarrassing comeback such as this, you will get any speaker to back off.

13. Last Time That I Checked I Am The First Of My Kind

A boastful comeback to Who do you think you are is saying last time I checked, I was the first of my kind.

This response is boastful and shows how much confidence you feel about yourself. It also answers their question by stating your origins to the speaker.

This shows the speaker that you know where you belong and they will feel shame in asking you such. Knowing your origins and stating them out there is a bold way to confront any bullying or challenging situations.

14. Someone Who Is Not Afraid To Be Themselves

When you want a comeback to prove yourself to the speaker, say someone who is not afraid to be themselves.

This is a nice way to show the speaker that you are in charge of your life and actions. It takes away any self-doubt in the extent of your abilities when you answer this way.

This comeback shows the speaker that you are well within the boundaries of your freedom and will not be intimidated by them.

By not being afraid of being yourself, you rise higher above rude remarks.

15. I Know I Value The Principles Of Respect Being Reciprocal

If you want to put the speaker in their place, say I know I value the principles of respect being reciprocal.

This comeback will make the speaker consider how they have spoken to you. When you respond by stating your principles, it shows they have not shown you the respect you deserve.

This comeback will tell the speaker that the used words or tone in the conversation with you aren’t acceptable.

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They will learn to adjust and act in the right manner the next time you converse with them.

16. Someone Who Doesn’t Let Other Define Them

Sometimes, you need a comeback that only addresses you. It is an effective way to put down any ill intentions from the speaker.

Testing your resolve may be what the speaker hopes to achieve and by responding this way, you deny them this opportunity.

This comeback shows them you are superior in every way and they should be wary of using such a tone in conversations with you.

It also lets them know you know who you are and won’t allow them to change this belief.

17. I Am Proud Of Who I Am. Are You?

This comeback here answers the question from the speaker while asking yourself. It will make the speaker lose their center of balance because they won’t be expecting such answers from you.

When you are proud of who you are, no one can make you feel bad about yourself.

This comeback tells the speaker that their words mean nothing to you and they should know that you will always be proud of yourself. It tells them they can’t shake you with crude antics or questioning.

Also, by asking them a question, you have turned the target from you to them.

18. Just A Person Like Everyone Else. Don’t Put Me On A Pedestal.

When someone says who do you think you are? Say just a person who doesn’t like to be put on a pedestal.

This comeback downplays whatever scenarios the speaker is trying to create by asking you such a question. Your answer proves you believe you are the same as everyone else and don’t need special treatment.

This comeback tells the speaker that you don’t like them calling you out. And you want the situations to be quickly de-escalated and resolved.

19. Someone Who Doesn’t Need To Prove Anything To Anyone

This comeback tells the speaker that their question is irrelevant to you. It shows them you have total trust in your abilities and don’t need their approval. This way you take power from their hands back to yours.

Any situation in which you lose control can be regained with this powerful comeback here. Everyone will understand your decision or personal opinions. It is important that you have a strong opinion of yourself and ensure others around you know this.

It shows that you are not seeking validation from them and that you are comfortable in your skin.

20. I Know Who I Am And You Do Not Need To Know

This final comeback tells the other person who you are very much aware of who you are. It shows them that information is meant for you only and not them.

The comebacks listed in this article are very suitable for answering someone who asks who you think you are. They have been well-written and can fit a wide range of situations and circumstances.

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