20 Best Responses to “Fight Me”

Most of the time, when someone says “fight me”, they do so to know your reaction and not just to throw punches.

The statement is a blatant call to getting ruffled up with the person in question but you can always let it slide because there’s barely any dignity in violence.

On that note, it is pertinent that you have a readymade response to offer to the person who asks you to fight them.

You don’t have to worry if you’re a bit out of place as to what you should reply with. This is because, in this article, I’ll be discussing the 20 best responses to fight me. Keep reading on to know more!

20 Great Responses to “Fight Me”

When faced with the request “fight me”, you can respond by using any of the following responses.

  1. Let’s take this to court
  2. I don’t hit boy-girls
  3. Are you sure you want to fight with fire?
  4. I don’t promise you a safe landing
  5. I think you might be too less for me
  6. I figure you’re taking out your mood swings on the wrong person
  7. What’s in it for me? Bruises?
  8. Hope you have the brains, because I don’t throw fists
  9. Try your pastor, please don’t try me
  10. Your face is too cute to get ruined by me
  11. I won’t take your word for it
  12. You lie so much that I don’t even believe
  13. Why? Because you just asked for it?
  14. You’re not worth my violent version
  15. If we’re being realistic, you’re just driven by hormonal imbalance
  16. I’ll pass
  17. Adults resolve scuffles with words, kids don’t. It’s clear you’re the kid here
  18. I have a black belt and I wouldn’t want your bruises to be on my conscience
  19. That won’t be necessary; because I don’t want to place you in a state of regret
  20. And if I don’t?

Let’s Take This to Court

One way to reply to someone who tells you to fight them is to make them realize that resorting to violence is not the only way to handle a rift between two persons. Based on this, you telling the person to go to court serves right as a cool response.

Here’s the catch, this response is not in the literal sense because you’ll or may have to spend quite a fortune to pursue a court case.

That being said, it becomes clear that what I mean by asking the person to take the issue to court is not a literal request.

You’re just messing around with the person, which is one way to scuff off any intending physical threat.

I Don’t Hit Boy-Girls

Do you want to be messy with the person who asked you “fight me”? If that’s your goal or motive, then you can make use of this line of response.

By telling the person that you don’t hit boy-girls, you’re invariably saying the person is unfit to face you in a fistfight.

While this response is sarcastic, it can also boil up the person at the receiving end. But what’s the use of a good response if it can’t get you off the grid of being seen as a weakling?

I’m pretty sure you’ll do well with this line as your response. First, it dissipates the person who’s asking you to fight and it also lets you walk away while retaining an upper hand against the person.

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Are You Sure You Want to Fight With Fire?

This is the first of its kind in this line of responses. This is because this reply comes as a question, contrary to the others which are straight statements that either dissuade or intelligently use sarcasm to reply to the speaker. Here, it is different.

With this response, you’ll be asking the speaker if they’re consciously stepping into a lake of fire because it is what it would seem like if they were to tell you “Fight me”.

This response poses you as the fire, and I’m sure nobody wants to deal with such an agent of destruction. Hence, the person you asked you to fight would certainly think twice before furthering their intent of fighting you.

I Don’t Promise You a Safe Landing

If you want to get out of any intending danger, you need to be on your most proactive version to do so. That version is what this line of response offers.

It offers you the opportunity of being dangerous but also chooses to remain less hostile.

Telling the person that you don’t promise them a safe landing is quite a good response to give anyone who demands that you fight with them.

It doesn’t only portray you as a less violent person, but also as a reserved person. These are needed virtues that can place you above the person who is demanding a fist ruffle with you.

I Think You Might Be Too Less for Me

In the same vein of being sarcastic but defensive, you can use this line of response to serve anyone who tells you to fight them.

This response seems a bit like a violation against the person, but before you start feeling remorseful as to if you will use it or not, you should realize that anyone who’s talking you into a fight is illogically violating you.

On that note, this response then becomes a case of paying back the person with the same coin that he or she chose to pay you with.

This response also portrays you as a bigger and stronger contender over the person who says to you “Fight me”.

And as such, you can employ it to let the person know that you’re not up for any petty fight with them since it’s clear that you will inflict a reasonable level of injury on him or her.

I Figure you’re taking out Your Mood Swings on the Wrong Person

Are you familiar with mood swings and their sidelines? If so, then you should know that there are people who take out the perk of their mood swings on others.

They do this either consciously or unconsciously, but you’re not in any position to be the moral judge in this case. Rather, you’re just a reactor to whatever type of energy the person is bringing to you.

Therefore, if you notice that the person who asks you to fight them could’ve done so because they were experiencing some kind of mood swings, you can use this lie of response on them.

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While this may not be the entire reality, it is a good guess on your part and I know the person in question would also see the sense in it and back down from their violent-laced intent.

What’s in it for me? Bruises?

This response right here is yet another question-like response you can issue to the person who says to you “Fight me”.

Here, you’re asking the person what could be the possible advantage for you if you oblige their request.

Additionally, you’re also asking the person if you’ll be gaining bruises, which is nothing beneficial for a human being.

Here’s the thing…this response is an indirect way of telling the person who says to you “Fight me” while being tactical about it.

Hope You Have the Brains, Because I Don’t Throw Fists

You can also use this line of response when someone says to you “Fight me”. This is because it is a fanciful way of telling the person that they have no sense.

When you say this to the person, at first, it could make no sense but if the person tries to ruminate over it then they’ll find out how defensive this response is.

You’re telling the person that you don’t fight with your fists but your brain, meaning if the person so wishes to pick a fight against you, and then they have to do so while facing you intelligently.

This response goes ahead to question the person’s intellectual capacity, as they’ll need that to contain with you in a fight.

Try Your Pastor, Please Don’t Try Me

Things get a little bit interesting with this response as you’re telling the person who says to you “Fight me” to take their aggression to their religious leader and leave you out of it.

This can be a good way to get back at the person since there are a lot of people who hold their religious leaders in high regard and you’ll be ruining their day if you were to reply to them by saying this line of response.

Your Face Is Too Cute to Get Ruined by Me

You’ll be making jest at the person who says to you “Fight me” if you use this line of response on them. You’re telling the person that he or she is too cute to get their face ruined by you.

What this implies is that you have a greater chance of inflicting wounds on the person, hence, resulting in an unfair fight that sees you as having an upper hand.

I Won’t Take Your Word for It

If you’re looking for another way to tell the person who says to you “fight me” that you don’t believe them, you can employ this line of response.

This is another way of telling the person that you won’t oblige with their request.

You Lie So Much That I Don’t Even Believe

If the person who says to you “Fight me” is a liar on steroids, you can use this line of response to shade them off.

You’re saying that the person lies so much that you don’t even believe them when they say to you ‘Fight me”. What a way to decimate someone!

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Why? Because You Just Asked For It?

You’re simply asking the position why you should fight them. It is obvious they want to know your reaction, so how about you make them rethink their choice of words towards you?

You’re Not Worth My Violent Version

This has to be my favorite line of response in this list. This is because it portrays you kicking against picking a fight with someone just because they asked for it.

By telling the person that they’re not worth your violent version, you’re invariably dissuading them and also reaffirming your stand as an agent of peace and tranquility.

If we’re being Realistic, You’re just driven by Hormonal Imbalance

Here, you’re blaming hormonal imbalance as being the reason why the person who says to you “Fight me” would say that to you.

If this was to be your response, then it means the person is unwell and should endeavor to seek quick medical attention to contain their condition from escalating.

This is a cool way of telling the person that he or she is not fit, not to talk of fighting you.

I’ll pass

best responses to fight me

Do you wish to ignore the person who says to you “Fight me”, but wish to do so with little words?

If that’s the plan then you can make use of this line of response to do just that. This has to be the briefest response on this list and its precision makes it a good pick for you.

Adults Resolve Scuffles With Words, Kids Don’t. It’s clear you’re the Kid Here

Now you’re saying that the person who wants to pick a fight with you is acting childish.

This is because it is believed that only kids resolve misunderstandings by exchanging blows, rather than doing so diplomatically by talking things over.

I Have a Black Belt and I Wouldn’t Want Your Bruises to Be In My Conscience

If you want to petty scare the person who asked you to fight them, then you shouldn’t miss this line of response from your menu. It is a great choice to make them take a bow.

That Won’t Be Necessary; Because I Don’t Want to Place You in a State of Regret

With this response, you’re saying that fighting with the person in question is not necessary as it will only resort in them regretting that they picked a fight against you.

And if I Don’t?

Here, you’re questioning the person’s counter-reaction if you fail to oblige their demand that you should fight them.

This has to be another great response as it is concise, straight to the point and should be said if you want to exit the scene of the conversation right after serving your response.

Wrapping Up

While fighting could be needed to resolve some misunderstandings between you and anyone else, it is not and shouldn’t be a sort after line of action.

So, when someone says to you “Fight me”, you should know better than to let it slide than oblige it. In this article, I discussed in detail a couple of responses to “fight me”.

These are the best you can come across, be judicious while employing them.

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