17 Best Ways to Respond to Duh

What is more annoying than the word, Duh? Virtually everyone agrees that this word is rude but it is still used by kids. What does Duh mean?

The word is used when a person is trying to state something obvious. When you ask a question and a person says Duh, It means the answer is obvious. Some are, at least, kind enough to answer you before saying Duh. Some don’t bother.

Duh can also be said to you when you are trying to pass on information or give someone a reminder. It implies that the person already knows what you’re talking about so Shut up. Adults hate that.

How do you respond to that? This article is here to help

17 Best Responses To Duh

Ways to Respond to Duh

  1. Okay
  2. Answer the question
  3. Can you prove it?
  4. Keep it in mind.
  5. Good
  6. No excuses, then.
  7. That’s rude.
  8. Just asking
  9. Can your brain not process any other word correctly?
  10. Thanks
  11. I was just reminding you
  12. Speak English
  13. Teach me about that new word
  14. You better not forget
  15. What more do you know?
  16. Good luck
  17. You sound like an id^ot. Duh.


When a person says Duh to you, you can just say Okay and walk away. There is no point brooding over why you just got disrespected. In many cases, it is an intentional way to say Of course, I know. You think I’m stupid.

However, some people are just used to the word and they don’t realize how rude it is to say it to people.

When you tell a person to do something, the person can claim to already know and add Duh as a suffix. You can just say Okay so the conversation doesn’t drag on for a longer time.

You can also say this if you were trying to remind a person to do something and you get Duh as a response which implies that he/she knows. Say Okay and hope the person forgets. You get to laugh about it.

Answer the question

When a person says Duh to you, you can say this. It is most common among kids and immature teenagers so you have the license to frown and shout at them when they say this.

At times, a person gives you your response and adds Duh. In that case, this reply is needless since you already have the answer to your question. However, some don’t bother to answer you.

They just throw you a slice of Duh and make you brood about it. You can shout at the kid and make him/her answer your question unless it’s a stranger.

That will definitely leave the child feeling bad for a minute. When the answer is given, you can earn him/her against ever responding to you with Duh again.

Can you prove it?

When a person says Duh to you, you can calmly ask this question. This question will be much sweeter if the person is wrong.

A person can be passing on information and when you ask about the legitimacy of the information, you can get Duh as an answer.

If you are sure that the person is wrong, you can ask this question calmly and watch the person stupidly try to prove what he/she thinks is obvious to everyone.

This response only fits into specific situations. With this response, you get to make the person feel stupid. After saying Duh to imply that he/she is right, your response portrays the person as an ignorant know-it-all.  You can laugh at the person later.

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There is a high chance that he/she would think twice about saying Duh without surety again.

Keep it in mind

If a person says Duh to you, you can respond by telling the person to keep the information in mind. If you are someone who is carefree about the word, you will probably use this response without anyone suggesting it.

When a person says Duh to you after you share information, it means that the person is supposed to know about the information you have shared and he/she already knows so Shut up. However, that isn’t always the case.

Some people just don’t like when they are told what to do and they are already used to saying the word; Duh. You can tell the person to keep it in mind since the information is required, then you can walk away.


If a person says Duh to you, you can simply say Good and walk away. You don’t have to find disrespect in the word since it is not always used that way. If you are carefree about the word, you would be using this response already.

However, if you are worried about the politeness of your children, this is not the right response. You need to find the right way to scold them.

When a person says Duh while you are trying to give important information, it means he/she already has the info and you shouldn’t bother. Saying Good and walking away afterward implies that you are relieving yourself of the stress.

No excuses, then

When a person says Duh while you are trying to point out something important, you should say this. This implies that the person may forget what he/she claims to be obvious. You can say this and silently hope that the person forgets it, then you get to laugh about it.

Duh is an intentional way of saying I already know that. You think I’m stupid. It is obvious that I have to know this and I do. It shows that the person does not appreciate your information or reminder.

When you say No excuses then, it means the person must not fail in any way. Even if the person fails for a different reason, you get to be annoying too. You can shush the person’s excuses till he/she is frustrated. Thank me later.

That’s rude

Ways to Respond to Duh

When a person says Duh to you, it is an impolite way to show indifference or prove that he/she is smarter than you. You may simply point out how rude it is.

This seems like the worst response anyone can think of. It probably makes you feel weak to say this and sound like you are whining about a kid that has just disrespected you. That is true but not always.

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As mentioned earlier, this word is used often by kids but some of them do not even realize that they are being rude. If it is a kid who happens to be a perfectionist, you can point out what makes the expression rude.

In many cases, this will make the child stop saying Duh. However, if the child is just being rude and rebellious, this response definitely sounds like you are whining about your disregard.

Just asking

When a person says Duh after a question is asked, this response will most likely be heard. By saying Duh, the person is implying that the question is needless and the answer to the question is obvious. Therefore, you can say you were just asking a question.

In most cases, the person gives the answer first before saying Duh. This response can show that you were only asking to get the person to talk. Some the person is always saying Duh, you can use it as a weapon.

Begin to ask obvious questions and see how many times he/she will say Duh. When the person finally stops adding Duh, you can assist the person in adding Duh.

There’s a chance the person will stop responding. If it’s your child, ground him/her. You have the right. Thank me later.

Can your brain not process any other word correctly?

When a person says Duh repeatedly and you find it rude, you can respond with this rhetorical question and walk away. There is a chance that the person is just being carefree and is used to saying Duh. However, this calls the person back to reality.

If it is a rude child, you don’t have to wait for a response. The moment the child says Duh, make sure he/she hears this ridiculous question before you walk out. It will stun him or her for a few seconds.

The child may even think of a perfect comeback but it’d be too late to say it since you already walked out. Just make sure not to use this question twice. If the child doesn’t add Duh next time, you can do that for him/her and shake your head.

Alright. Thanks

When a person says Duh after answering your question, you can simply say this. If it is your child, you definitely want to scold him or her for the rudeness. However, if it is a stranger, you don’t have to care about his/her morality. You can give a mature response and walk out.

This is what a mature response sounds like. As long as your question was answered, you already got what you want. You don’t need the person to be righteous for you

I was just reminding you

Ways to Respond to Duh

When you try to pass on information that has already been passed to a person, you may get the Duh response. Then you can simply point out that you were just reminding him/her and walk away. You don’t have to show that you are affected by it.

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This sounds like a weak response, especially if you are talking to a rude child. You may want to choose a different response. However, if it is someone you don’t care about, this should work.

Speak English

When a child says Duh to you, you can shut him/her up and tell the child to speak English. It is a form of intimidation but nobody cares. By shouting this to the child, he/she would wonder what you mean and will probably think of what he/she said earlier.

You can tell the child to say what Duh means and ask if that is what he/she is being taught in school. Then you can ground him/her. If it’s a teenager, this is a long story. Just go ahead and ground him/her.

Teach me about that new word.

When a person says Duh, it could mean Yes, I know. Stop disturbing me. There is a high chance that the person is focused on something and does not want you to disturb him/her. That is exactly what you have to do if it’s a child.

Sit beside him/her or just step closer, fold your arms, and tell the child to explain what the word means. Seize whatever he/she is busy with and force him/her to converse with you. This is one way to get your child’s rudeness corrected.

You better not forget

When a person says Duh and you can’t control him/her, you may not have many options. If you are trying to pass on important information and a person says Duh, you can give this response.

This response implies that you were only trying to remind the person and the person better not forget or you would have something to laugh about.

What more do you know?

There are cases when a person says Duh too quickly so you don’t get to say all the information you were trying to pass. If you think there is a part that the person is not aware of, you can ask this question.

The person may say some things or not. If the person fails to mention crucial information you already have, you get the chance to tell him/her or keep it to yourself.

You can refuse to tell the person or just say how the person had just acted immaturely by refusing to be reminded or informed. This should teach the person to stop saying Duh.

Good luck

This is a perfect response to give if you think there is information that the person is still not aware of. A person can say Duh too quickly to hear all you have to say.

You can say Good luck and hope that the person eventually needs that information. Then you get to laugh later or call the person’s attention.

You sound like an id^ot. Duh

This is a perfect response if a person tries to shut you up with Duh. You can say this and just walk out. The person will be too stunned to reply.

While walking away, you can even add a question; did you know that too? You seem to know a lot.

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