25 Witty Responses to “The Eagle Has Landed”

You can’t be on earth and say that you have never heard the idiom “the eagle has landed”. If you haven’t, don’t be too hard on yourself. To be fair, it was said on the moon.

That was a long time ago and to this day people use it for a lot of things. If you are not getting my drift, I am guessing you need a quick history class.

Remember when I said the phrase was first said on the moon? It really was, or at least that’s when it became popular.

“The Eagle Has Landed” History

On July 20th, 1969, a spacecraft, the Apollo 11 Lunar Module landed on the moon. In that spacecraft were Neil Armstrong and his buddy, Buzz Aldrin.

When they landed, Neil Armstrong told NASA Mission Control that “the eagle has landed”.

That’s not the end of the story. You see the spacecraft was nicknamed “eagle”, and the rest should make sense now.

Because it was used at such a significant event, it got famous really quickly. The next set of people to use it was the military. They are used to signify a successful mission.

In fact, it got so popular that there is a whole movie called “the eagle has landed” (it has nothing to do with space, the moon, or eagles in fact).

Then there were memes about it and people basically incorporated it into their daily language and used them to refer to some really mundane things such as pizza being delivered or someone arriving at a place or just anything that they have been looking out for happening.

Now we are going to look at replies like, “Roger that, over!” to “the eagle has landed”. I must warn you, some are not very happy while others are very amusing.

Let’s get to the 25 major responses to “Eagle has landed”

  1. Roger tranquility, we copy you on ground
  2. I know, I saw the package arrive
  3. Can you please stop saying that?
  4. I can’t wait for this trend to be over so you can just use normal words
  5. No matter how many times you say this, you won’t become an astronaut
  6. Roger that, over!
  7. That package is way too small to be called an eagle
  8. Are you spying on the neighbors again?
  9. Finally! Something interesting is happening today
  10. It doesn’t sound cool when you say it
  11. In the nest or far from home. Over.
  12. I got an eyeball on that
  13. If you going to say something weird, at least use some other phrase
  14. Eagle in sight. It’s a big one
  15. I don’t agree. Looks more like a chicken
  16. But I ordered chicken and chips
  17. Package secured
  18. Will comply
  19. Eagle in sight
  20. Begin the next stage, over.
  21. Sweet now to take a swoop on the drop
  22. I call dibs on (something)
  23. Let’s get this party started
  24. Shoot! Dave’s the eagle?
  25. More like the eagle has crash-landed

Roger tranquility, we copy you on ground

This reply is the actual reply that the guys at NASA Mission Control gave Neil Armstrong after he told them “the eagle has landed”.

They must have been very happy and thinking, “No way. We just shot two guys into space and they are on the moon and are doing great!”

The reply meant that they had received their message and it was all clear and they could communicate with them. If you are all about old-timey things or you like to repeat history, it’s not a bad reply.

If people don’t get you, tell them a story. It might not be a reply they start using but you will get yourself some respect.

I know, I saw the package arrive

If a package just came in for you and you know, and they know that you know, and they still think they should let you know, you can use this reply and a side-eye.

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It tells them just what you think about them getting all up in your business.

Can you please stop saying that?

Responses to the Eagle Has Landed

Something is cool when it is trending or when a trend is done well. It might be mean but if it’s driving you nuts that they say the same phrase a million times a day, here’s a way to let them know.

Be careful how you go about it now. If you say it with an exclamation mark, you would sound thoroughly frustrated and angry.

If you say it, say it with a question, it sounds like a mean request that they will have to oblige.

I can’t wait for this trend to be over so you can just use normal words

It sounds a lot meaner but this reply can only be used if the saying is trending that is going on and you don’t like it.

Some people just don’t know the limit so they tend to overdo things and issues like trends, they just kill the vibes.

Maybe letting them know is not so bad. Might not make them happy but they will quit it.

No matter how many times you say this, you won’t become an astronaut

It sounds like what you will tell an overenthusiastic child. Truth is, since it was said in space by an astronaut, anyone with that dream will immediately take it up and start using those lines.

You can use it to tease them and make a nice joke. If it is some doofus messing around, change your tone. They will understand.

Roger that, over!

Responses to the Eagle Has Landed

This is one of the most common replies to commands, especially in the military or during secret missions and operations, and apparently in space too.

Roger that was used as early as 1941 to mean “message received”. Roger was used in the US military phonetic alphabet as the word for the letter R.

Over at the end just signifies that you are done with what you want to say. It’s kind of hilarious to use it now because no one really uses it officially anymore but it’s a great way to keep the vibe going.

That package is way too small to be called an eagle

When they first said the eagle, it referred to the spacecraft. It must have been huge. If you feel that what you expected was smaller in size, then you can use this reply.

After all, eagles are big and majestic. No use calling a chicken-sized package an eagle. This reply should get those that understand laughing.

Say it with mock disappointment or feigned anger. It will be a good joke they will remember for days.

Are you spying on the neighbors again?

Most times, code names are used for things that are stalking or dealing with in secret.

For example, if someone was present and you don’t want them to know what you are planning, you would use code names or nicknames so they don’t understand you and find out your plans.

Maybe someone you know is spying on someone else and stalking them 24/7. This reply will tell them that what they are doing is wrong and they really should do something more productive.

Finally! Something interesting is happening today

Responses to the Eagle Has Landed

Maybe you are not spying on your neighbors, it could be something you have been expecting for a while or a particular person that just gives good vibes to the place and makes it fun.

This reply tells whoever is informing you that you appreciate the information and you are finally excited because the atmosphere is about to change and get less boring. Whatever it is, you have that code name just for it so you know very quickly when it gets there.

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It doesn’t sound cool when you say it

Talk about crushing the vibes. You might just be bullying them or trying to put them down, but if you are doing it as a good person looking out for the social life of his buddy then you can drop other lines they can use instead of the eagle has landed.

Here’s an example:

A: Hey buddy. Might not want to say that again

B: What, why? Everyone is saying it.

A: Yeah but it doesn’t sound cool when you say it. Try “the hen is in the pen”

B: “The hen is in the pen”. Aww sweet. That’s better. Thanks, man.

A: Just looking out for you bro.

In the nest or far from home. Over.

This is a silly reply that can get on someone’s nerves. Especially if they take this kind of thing seriously.

Eagles live in nests so asking if they have landed in the nest far from home means that you are taking the eagle literally instead of what you have coded it to represent.

Adding the Roger and over naked you sound serious and it’s a good joke.

I got an eyeball on that

Not a usual reply. Instead of saying eyes, you said eyeball. Amusing but informative. It will tell whoever left you in charge of it or is giving you information on it that you have seen the “eagle” and you have it in sight.

If you going to say something weird, at least use some other phrase

Some people can be a stickler for good English. They don’t like catchy phrases, or abbreviations, or slangs, and that “some people” is you in this case.

If you will use this reply at least give them alternatives like “the cow is in the barn”. Anything. Just anything that won’t be as hard for you to hear as this one.

Don’t leave them phraseless. And while you are at it don’t be so uptight and rude. You don’t want to be called a bloomer.

Eagle in sight. It’s a big one

Remember how there is a reply to complain that the package is small, well here is an opposite reply to remark on how large the package or whatever has landed.

Also, the reply sounds professional like what someone in the 1900s would reply. Of course, you can alter it whatever you feel is okay. For example, “eagle in sight and it has some stuff” to say food or the meal has arrived.

I don’t agree. Looks more like a chicken

Do you know that joke about what I ordered versus what I got? Well, this reply is a good way to describe it. It’s also hilarious because they said the eagle has landed and you feel it is chicken sides.

If you know your birds you know that the chicken is way smaller than the eagle and as such it should be the chicken has arrived.

It’s also a good joke if what you ordered was chicken. It will make it seem like they said something wrong.

Another reply in this case will be, “wait, you ordered an eagle? I thought we agreed on chicken and chips for lunch?”

But I ordered chicken and chips

Similar to the reply above. Someone will try to explain to you while you complain about a wrong order and deliver, pretending like you didn’t know it was an idiom not what was ordered.

If you are a clown, those who understand will just laugh at someone’s pathetic effort to get you to understand. Good one right?

Package secured

This is a more modern way to say “Roger that.” Agreed no one really says affirmative unless they are robots or people who use English especially but at least it’s still used today and it’s not what the US army was saying in 1941.

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It sounds cool if you think about it. Makes you sound like a good boy on serious business.

Will comply

Since Roger means Received, it will make a great reply or serve as a good alternative. If you were told “the eagle has landed” with an instruction attached then you can add the “will comply ” part.

It means you would do as you have been instructed. Nice right? Makes you sound all tough and manly ready to do anything that will ensure that your package is safe.

Eagle in sight

Another reply is to inform the people at the end of the line that you are following and that you have located the eagle.

From here other plans will start to take action. It sounds serious but then you take whatever is going on very seriously so there is no need to worry.

Begin the next stage, over

If you are using this reply, you are the one in charge and you are telling someone else to commence the next phase.

For example, if it’s a package, someone has to receive it. If it’s a person you have all been monitoring and waiting for (creepy), then someone has to take the next step.

Sweet! Now to take a swoop on the drop

If it is something you have been waiting for all day or a long time, this reply means that you are ready to dive in and enjoy whatever it is that you have been waiting for.

If it isn’t, you can say, “Great! Time to get into business”. If the others didn’t get the message, they will definitely understand your reply.

I call dibs on (something)

When that package finally arrives, you want to make sure you get the best portion right? Well just call dibs on whatever it is.

And if it is something you can not call dibs on, for example, if it’s a chore you can say “not it” or whatever you and your group say to get out of doing something. Works like a charm

Let’s get this party started

Turn some music up, and get your dance on because the long-awaited whatever it was you were waiting for is a success.

And if it is a successful mission, all the better. A good worker is deserving of his pay. Seeing as you have all worked so hard and gotten what you wanted, it’s time to celebrate and enjoy your spoil.

Shoot! Dave’s the eagle?

Responses to the Eagle Has Landed

That sounds like what a member of the team who wasn’t paying attention would say. If everyone agrees on what the “eagle” will be when you are not around, you can assume it is anything.

If it isn’t Dave, maybe it is some other guy, or the mission to be the first one in line for sausages. Whatever it is.

More like the eagle has crash-landed

Funny right? This reply is good if something went wrong with the “eagle”.

If you had a mission to get to the hotdog stand before all the hotdogs are gone and you do make it in time but the hotdog isn’t there, you will say that the eagle crash landed because there was a hamper on things, not from your end but the eagle itself.

Parting Words

There are no fast rules to replies. Whatever comes to mind that you deem appropriate and witty, maybe even amusing can be used. If you have more ideas, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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