20 “Blessing Your Feed” Replies

‘Blessing your feed’ is a phrase used on social media. You probably wonder what it means and how to respond to it. The phrase isn’t particularly special since it can be omitted from a social media post

One of the most common responses to ‘Blessing your feed’ is ‘Wow’, then the love emoji is added. You have probably seen this under social media posts. You can also respond by saying ‘Nice pictures’.

Before giving our 20 responses to ‘Blessing your feed’, let’s check out the meaning.

Meaning of Blessing Your Feed

‘Blessing your feed’ is what a person says when posting an image on social media. The phrase simply refers to social media posts and usually pictures.

‘Feed’ refers to the posts you see on social media. It doesn’t refer to your posts. Rather, it refers to the posts Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms allow you to see.

Therefore, when a person posts a picture and adds a caption that reads ‘Blessing your feed’, it means he or she has provided you with a ‘nice’ picture on your feed.

Note: this is always correct since you won’t be seeing the caption without the picture on your feed.

20 Great Responses to “Blessing Your Feed”

  1. Those are beautiful.
  2. This is no blessing at all.
  3. Boring pictures.
  4. That’s horrible. Take it down.
  5. Omg! Who is this?
  6. How did you get my pictures?
  7. You are beautiful!
  8. Nice pictures.
  9. I love them. Can you send them to me?
  10. This blows my mind.
  11. You realize this is prohibited, right?
  12. More like a curse on my feed.
  13. You chose my ugly pictures. I’m embarrassed.
  14. You shouldn’t be posting this
  15. Thank you so much.
  16. Who took those pictures?
  17. What an amazing view! Where is this place?
  18. I have never seen this picture of me posted online before
  19. It looks scary.
  20. Ha-ha. Funny you.

Wow. Those are beautiful

Blessing Your Feed Replies

When a person captions a picture with ‘blessing your feed’, he or she must have posted nice pictures. It is usually referring to the pictures of the poster but that is not necessary.

It may be a picture of another person. It may be a picture of things. It may also be a picture of nature.

If you find the pictures beautiful, you can simply say so in the comments. The use of ‘those’ means this particular comment can only refer to things.

Don’t use this if you are referring to a person. Instead, you can comment ‘Wow. You are beautiful’ or “Wow. She is beautiful.”

This is no blessing at all

This comment is a fair way to comment on a post you are not attracted to. There are more serious ways to express your dislike but you don’t want to get restricted on the social media platform.

Most social media platforms are against cyber-intimidation and all signs of it. The use of insulting words can get your posts deleted and you can be restricted from posting pictures for as long as a month.

So you don’t sound rude and insulting, don’t say this under a person’s picture. You can say this as a joke to your friend if he or she wouldn’t take it seriously. You may also make it an obvious joke by adding the Ha-ha emoji.

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You can say this under a picture that appears gory or inappropriate. You may also state why you think the pictures are inappropriate.

Boring pictures

This sounds like cyber-intimidation but social media platforms won’t detect this as a sign of it. Cyber-intimidation is not being encouraged, however.

You should only say this to tease your friends. Use this as a joke only with those who will understand it as one. You don’t want to offend people unintentionally.

You can also use this comment to refer to pictures of things that are not actually revered. A person may simply post a picture as a joke so it’s okay to respond with this.

However, if the person has taken a picture of nature, hoping to get positive comments on his or her photography skills, you should not say this.

That’s horrible. Take it down

 This is a more direct way of opposing an inappropriate picture on social media. It is often unnecessary sometimes since social media platforms can detect inappropriate images and have them deleted.

However, not all of these inappropriate images are detected and it may take a while before inappropriate images are taken down.

You can say this without appearing disrespectful if the image is obscene for any reason.

Omg! Who is this?

This comment denotes surprise. If you have ever used ‘OMG’, you know it’s something you only say impulsively when you are surprised or shocked by something.

It is a flattering comment you can leave under a person’s picture.

When you say this, you are probably implying that the person in the picture is beautiful and you want to know him or her. This will definitely flatter the owner of the picture.

It could also be a good joke if your friend is the poster and also the one in the picture. Then, you’ll be saying this to exaggerate his or her attractiveness.

How did you get my pictures?

Okay. You can tell what this one is about. It is sweet to have someone post your pictures, especially a friend or someone you actually like.

Before showing how much you appreciate the gesture, you can make this comment first.

You may also not show your appreciation in the comments section. You can show your surprise with this question, then send a direct message to your friend who made the post.

You are beautiful!

Blessing Your Feed Replies

You can say this to flatter the person who posted the picture. You just have to be sure that he or she is the same person in the picture you are commenting on.

This is just like the first suggestion on this list. Use this to refer to people and the first suggestion to refer to things.

You may also add the usual hype with ‘OMG’ or ‘Wow’. These words will show that you are amazed by what you see.

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Nice pictures

This is a good comment on a picture but it doesn’t show surprise or how you truly feel.

While ‘nice’ is a positive word for commenting on things and people, it is still a very boring word and it may actually refer to things that are just okay and not super attractive.

If you just don’t want to skip a picture, you can simply say this. However, it will still be clear that you are not amazed by what you see. Most people don’t expect you to be amazed anyway.

I love them. Can you send them to me?

This is a beautiful comment under a picture and it may make the poster happy if it is his or her picture. It doesn’t have to be a person’s pictures, however.

You can make this comment under the picture of a beautiful animal. It could be under a picture of nature. It could be the picture of a person. It could also be under a meme.

Simply saying you love them may be okay. Asking for the pictures will show that you truly love them. If it is the person’s pictures, then reposting them would be even more flattering.

This blows my mind

Here is another comment that expresses surprise and true admiration for a person’s pictures. It could also just be a reaction to beautiful photography.

If you say this under a photographer’s nice shots, you will be indirectly encouraging him or her. It will probably be a needless impression if he or she is already famous and confident.

Saying this under a person’s pictures is also very flattering. You will be putting a wide smile on his or her face unless you appear to be joking or exaggerating.

To show the honesty and true feeling behind this statement, you can directly state ‘You look amazing’.

You realize this is prohibited, right?

There are several things prohibited on many social media platforms. Nude and gory images are often prohibited.

Also, there are social media groups regulated by people and they may have their rules also. Some groups don’t allow the sharing of links to other groups or pages.

Some groups don’t allow images or posts that have nothing to do with the main purpose of the group.

If the pictures you are seeing in your feed do not conform to the group’s rules or the platform’s rules, you can give the poster a reminder.

More like a curse on my feed

You can add ‘Yuck’ to this to show how irritated you are by what you are seeing. This is to show no support for cyber-Intimidation, once again.

Never leave this comment on a person’s pictures unless it is a very close friend who understands your joke. To show you are joking, you can add the Ha-ha emoji.

You can leave this comment under the picture of something you don’t like. It may be a food you detest or an animal that irritates you. That is totally acceptable.

You chose my ugly pictures. I’m embarrassed

This implies that the person has posted your pictures. It doesn’t necessarily mean your pictures are ugly but you may feel quite embarrassed to see your picture up there. It’s a usual thing for introverts.

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You shouldn’t be posting this

 Here is another way to point out a post that doesn’t conform to the rules without being disrespectful. You can say this if the picture you are looking at is against the rules of the social media group.

You can also say this if you think it displays immorality or something that may just irritate a lot of people. It could also be something you think the poster should keep to himself or herself.

Simply saying this is okay. You don’t have to take any step further in letting the poster know what is wrong and what is right.

Thank you so much

Say this if the person has posted pictures of you. People don’t just go around posting pictures of others for nothing. Most times, it has to do with admiration.

If you can see a great caption with your photo, you should appreciate the gesture. You may also see a not-so-good caption with your photo, you can respond accordingly without using insulting words. You don’t want to get restricted.

Who took those pictures?

One of the ways to show you are impressed is to ask who took the picture or how it was taken. This will show that your mind is blown and you truly want to know the person who made the masterpiece before you.

What an amazing view! Where is this place?

You can say this if you are amazed by the shots you see on your feed. The poster has blessed your feed successfully with amazing pictures of nature or a place.

You will definitely put a smile on the face of the actual photographer if he or she is there. You may even ask who the photographer is.

There is also a chance that no one exactly knows who the photographer is. The pictures were probably copied from the net.

I have never seen this picture of me posted online before

Say this if someone has posted a picture of you. This will show how much you appreciate the gesture. You can also add ‘Thank you’ just to show you are grateful for it.

This comment doesn’t have to be true but it’s better if it is.

It looks scary

You can just comment on this if the picture or pictures look scary to you. You may also use this as a joke by putting it under a beautiful picture of your friend. You don’t need a Ha-ha emoji to show you are joking. Your friend will realize.

Ha-ha. Funny you

The picture may be a meme that you find funny. You can make a comment on the content of the meme after saying this.

Saying this alone may seem like the picture isn’t funny enough. You can imagine hearing this in a person’s voice. It wouldn’t sound sincere.

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