20 Better Responses to “What It Do”

“What it do” is easily synonymous with ‘’what’s up’’, and similar inquisitive statements. Usually, it’s used when asking about a person’s welfare or situation.

It is also used when the breakdown of detailed information about a subject or thing occurring is needed.

I daresay, this question has become the most commonly used when someone wants to start a conversation with you. It allows a conversation to start with little thought or effort.

Sometimes you get stuck trying to come up with an appropriate response when asked what it do.

You are either stuck with repeating some old boring line or saying things that don’t make sense.

Well, I’ve got good news for you.

There are 20 great responses embedded in this post to put such incidents in your past.

20 Great Responses to “What It Do”

Here is a better response. Say ‘’ I am peachy’’, ‘’everything’s soft, how are you’’? I’ve had better days’’. These responses are better than saying ’’ I am fine’’ which sounds generic and boring.

1. Nothing much, just taking it easy. What’s good?

Responding this way when someone says what it does tells them you are up to nothing. This tells them you currently have no plans now and their foreseeable future.

An answer like this is fine when you do not want to talk much about yourself. Here, you also have the opportunity of throwing a similar question back at the speaker.

You can respond this way in a variety of contexts and situations.

2. Just enjoying the day. Got any plans for me?

A better response when someone says what it does is saying just enjoying the day. It tells them you are spending your time relaxing and taking in the sights.

This is suitable for times when you want to show how much of a good mood you are in.

A response like this also comes with a question. You get to ask if they have plans for you, and if you are lucky, you just might get to do something fun.

3. Same old, same old

Responses to What It Do

When you are bored or tired of repeating the same thing over and over, reply using this response here. It tells the speaker that you are bored and there’s nothing new to share with them.

This tells them nothing new or eventful has happened since last they saw you.

4. Just keeping busy doing my thing

Sometimes you have work to do, and people keep trying to talk to you.

This can distract you, and you might want this to stop. With a response like this, you can have the speaker back off from you and mind their business.

This shows them you are busy and have no time for chats or gossip.

It is also useful in telling them you are now focusing on personal matters. If they have anything more to say to you after this, it will be a few words.

5. Nothing too exciting happening

A better response to what it does is saying nothing too exciting is happening.

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When you want to downplay any situation, you are in, use this response to achieve this.

It tells them you have had an ordinary day and nothing exciting has happened.

This is ideal when you want to keep prying eyes from looking too closely at your business.

If you respond to this, their curiosity about you reduces by many levels.

6. I am enjoying the moment. Taking one day at a time.

Sometimes you just want to enjoy the sights and hang your feet up. With a response like this, you are showing them that is exactly what you are doing.

It shows that you are not worrying about your present condition, and are not in a hurry to go anywhere.

You don’t need to explain much after a reply like this. They will read the meaning because it is clear and concise.

Use this when you don’t want to have questions asked about your affairs.

7. I have seen saner days

Saying you have seen saner days Is a response that will have the speaker thinking, but they will have to keep these thoughts to themselves.

Here you have shared with them the present conditions surrounding you.

It means that things are chaotic with you at the moment.

This will give you time to deal with your problems without the interference of other people.

Also, it lets them know you are going through stuff without mentioning what it is.

8. Just keeping things positive over here

Responses to What It Do

Staying positive is a good habit worth practicing every day. It’s also a better response to say just keeping things positive when someone asks what it do.

Here, you are telling them your state of mind is a good place and you are happy.

It can also be used when you want to show that you will remain positive despite conditions that prove you should behave otherwise.

With a response like this, you are an optimistic person.

9. I am living the dream. Care to join me?

Sometimes you are in the mood to share how things are going well with you.

Or, you very much want to engage them in a conversation. Responding this way is guaranteed to transmit this enthusiasm to them.

Here you are telling them, you are happy living the best version of life you desire while inviting them to join you too.

This will pique their interest in you and draw them in for a lengthy conversation with you.

10. Just lying low and staying out of trouble

When you are asked what it do by someone who expects you to divulge some sensitive information about your activities, you respond by just lying low and staying out of trouble.

This is a summary activity that reveals nothing about you.

It shows them you know are safe and keeping to yourself. If they have unscheduled activities for you, they will refrain from mentioning it after a response like this.

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11. Another day to be grateful for. How about you?

One better way to respond to someone saying what it does is saying just another day to be grateful under the sun.

When you reply this way, it means you have gratitude in your heart. This is an expression of the way you feel about your day.

You also get to ask them about their welfare after sharing how positive you feel with them.

It’s good to feel thankful for life and saying it out loud reinforces the idea within you.

12. Just hanging in there.

This response is suitable when you don’t have what to say or aren’t interested in doing much.

It is you saying things that are bleak and you can’t do much about it.

When you respond this way, it shows them you are going through stuff yourself.

They will have to give you space or feel what you are going through and try to help.

This way you are telling them about your situation without giving details.

13. Nothing much, just taking things as they come

When you don’t want to reveal things to the speaker or give clues about your expectations of an outcome, this is the right response for you.

It tells them nothing is going on with you, and you expect nothing to happen or change.

It shows them; you are not hoping but allowing things to happen on their own accord. This is another way to show how patient you are.

14. Some problems I’ll rather not have

Sharing your problems can probably solve them halfway most of the time.

It takes the edge off the burden when you tell someone what is wrong with you. A response like this is how you achieve this.

When you reply with this, you are informing them of the challenges you are facing and would love to have gone.

This is also a way you can ask for help without sounding desperate or needy.

15. Nothing I cannot handle. What’s up with you?

Facing challenges is part of life. It’s almost impossible to escape having one or two of them.

When you want to show the speaker, you can deal with them using this response here. It shows them you are up to handling whatever you are going through.

This is good for you too because by saying it out loud, it becomes easier for you to handle. When you don’t get help from people in your business, this reply ensures your boundaries are respected.

16. Just paused to find my bearings.

There are times when you seem lost or deep in thought and someone comes along asking you what it do.

You might be compelled to tell them what you are thinking on most occasions, especially when you don’t have a response lined up.

This is perfect for movements like this. It shows them you are just collecting your thoughts and they should not worry about you.

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A response like this is also good because it allows you to continue thinking without further external interruptions.

17. Nothing, but that doesn’t mean something can’t happen

Here you are being optimistic and cheerful. This is a response you use with a close friend or colleague.

It means nothing is going on with you, but you are hopeful something can change your situation.

It shows them there is a blank cheque waiting for them to fill out. If they are up for it, they will invite you to join them for fun.

It’s a way to show you have optimism about your boring circumstances.

18. That’s a question I have been dying to know. Maybe you can tell me.

Sarcasm is the humor of an old soul and sometimes you need the right amount to get you through your day.

When you want a sarcastic response to what it does, say this response mentioned here. What this means to the speaker is none of your business.

It shows them you don’t want to converse with them and are not in the mood to give answers to anyone.

This will have them back off from you and you will be left alone.

19. As you can see, I am good. What’s up with you?

It is good to positively comment on your state of mind and well-being.

Always finding things to complain about is an unhealthy habit that leads to dark thoughts.

When you respond by saying you are good, it portrays you as someone confident and aware.

This shows them, everything is okay with you and the evidence is visible.

You also return with a question of your own about their well-being too. It tells them you have concerns for them as well.

20. Fine, everything is just fine and dandy

This is a better response to what It do. It is a confirmation that you are fine and in good spirits. They will understand that you are happy with yourself and your surroundings.

Answers like this need no explanation to the speaker. It’s direct and clear when you respond this way to their inquiry.

I like this one because it has a way of satisfying the curiosity of anyone asking about your well-being.

Parting Words

After going through our 20 responses, I hope you have seen a couple that is perfectly suitable for you.

When someone asks what it do, your mind can come up with thousands of responses and you even subconsciously respond without meaning to.

Having the right response tucked under your breath helps you in times like this.

It makes you appear witty, learned, and versatile when you have an array of responses to dish out.

Doing this, helps you to appropriately match your responses with your feelings.

It significantly improves your communication skills. You also always know what to say at the right time.

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