15 Best Replies to “Will You Be My Valentine”?

The season of love is usually marked by February, while the 14th day of this auspicious month is recognized as a day for lovers. Before this day, a lot of activities normally follow up and the highlight of it all is when people get to boldly ask others out, to be “their valentine”. 

I have a good feeling that the season is here again and, to make it more interesting, someone might’ve asked you to be their valentine and you’re looking for the best ways to respond to this request. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered as I’ll be discussing a couple of good replies to “will you be my valentine” in this article. Stay locked in!

15 Best Replies to “Will You Be My Valentine”

Usually, when someone asks you to be their valentine using the aforementioned line, the response is expected to be a yes or no answer. That’d be a good way to reply though, that is if you either feel the same way about them (yes) or you do not (no).

However, I’d tell you that it’ll be uneventful if you’re to approve a valentine’s date by just saying “yes”. Or decline by just saying “no”, which doesn’t sound so intelligent if you ask me unless you’re not in for the long talks.

Because of that, I’ve curated a list of responses that brings more energy and sauce to the table and it doesn’t matter if you’re saying yes or no. The main thing is that you sound cool while saying that. Let’s get into the main course of this post quickly, before the dessert gets cold.

  • Of course, I will
  • Hmmm…yeah
  • The question should be…will you be mine?
  • Sorry, I’m already hooked up
  • That depends…are you up for the fun?
  • I’ll be needing a minute to think it through
  • I’d rather not get into that
  • Thanks, but I have a boyfriend
  • No!
  • I don’t think that would be necessary
  • I thought you were hooked with someone else already
  • I knew you would ask me…Yes
  • It would be a great experience with you, I guess
  • I’m glad you finally asked. I would
  • I don’t even mind being your soulmate

Of course, I will

If you need the type of response that shows you’ve been ever more ready to say yes when the other person asks you to be their date on valentine, then you should make use of this line of response.

What I see most in this line is the passion and enthusiasm you’ll be showing when you employ this line. Another important detail is that this line of response suits best if it were said by a woman. And this is because they’re usually the most hyped when it comes to a love affair and valentine’s day. 

I could vividly remember how a girl I once knew would start a new grooming routine just two weeks into the week of valentine, and the aim was to look best in preparation for receiving a proposal from a guy.

If you’re a girl and you feel like you’ve never been more sure about something than saying yes to your dream guy who just asked you out to be his valentine using the line “will you be my valentine?”, then you should express your passion to spend this auspicious day with him by using this response.

You can bring the whole response alive by either gasping or showing up a big smile on your face. This expression goes well with your response and implies that your body longs for the meetup just as your mind does.

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We live in a world of duality, so just as the previous line of response deals with you being passionate about saying yes, this one is a flicker opposite of that.

Do you know you can be sure about something, but still has a nudge in you that makes you drag the whole point? Well, that’s what you could feel in some instances when someone asks you to be their valentine. 

I know a lot of girls and guys that are sure about what they want but when the opportunity to explore comes at hand, they become numb and indecisive.

If you think that you want to make things work out between you and the person that asks you to be their valentine, but you still feel a tad unsure about that whole set-up, you can respond using this line.

While the person may notice the sluggishness in your response, you can try to make it lively by faking a smile (if that’d help). This way, you tone down the suspense in your voice which you already ignited.

By the way, this suspense could be helpful as it also puts you in the position of sounding interesting to the person who asked you out on a valentine’s date. After all, what matters most is that you finally said yes and that’s the main thing.

The question should be…will you be mine?

Replies to Will You Be My Valentine

The idea that one gender (male) has the sole responsibility of making erotic advances towards the other (female) is a one-sided theorem that is now fading off.

This is because a lot of women are now setting new standards when it comes to who asks others out…thereby placing them as intentional folks.

I’d personally rate a woman who makes the first advance higher than the one who just sits down, folds her arms, and wait for her prince charming to walk up to her and ask her out.

Because of this whole new concept, as a guy, you may be asked out for a valentine’s date by a girl when she uses the line “will you be my valentine”.

When this happens, you can overturn the setting to the default (not that it’s wrong for her to ask, but you’re just being a gentleman). And best way to do that is using this line of response. 

Using this line means you’ve indirectly assented to her request, and you’re redirecting the same question to her. However, since she already asked you out first, it won’t be long before she says yes as it’s now obvious that you two are on the same page.

To effect your response and question, you should know the need to be physically expressive. So, you can try to point your fingers back at her when you throw in your response to her. That’d do the work of showing your interest and assent.

Sorry, I’m already hooked up

It’s usually a tad sad when someone you have in mind or admire from a distance asks you out on a valentine’s date but you’re already unavailable. This usually happens if the person isn’t able to muster up the courage to walk up to you but someone else with courage already did. 

Therefore, when they finally ask you wouldn’t be so clear to say “no” as that would put them off completely. Instead, you can say this line of response to them.

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This is because it shows that you may be interested to give them a positive answer but the circumstance is not that easy as you’ve already said yes to someone else and overturning the other person’s proposal wouldn’t mean well for your reputation in the dating pool.

Similarly, with this line, you’re indirectly telling the person that you’d be available for next year if they don’t mind asking you again.

There’s this feeling of deep sadness which I managed to bring into this response and that’d surface if you employ the right bodily expressions to drive the message home. 

That depends…are you up for the fun?

I know people who’d rather sound weird with everything you ask them. Could it be that they’re born odd? I can’t say, but I know for sure that they don’t usually turn up with regular replies to requests or questions.

This response right here is one of such replies that a weird dude or girl can put up when you ask them to go on a valentine’s date with you. 

If you’re someone who enjoys being oddly exceptional, you can use this line of response. Instead of answering the other person with a yes or no response, you can reinvent yourself by asking them this question as your reply.

The response shows that you’re fairly saying yes, but would rather make an offer to the person than just jump on theirs by saying yes.

Asking the person if they’re up for the fun is a way of making sure you’re agreeing to someone who matches up to your energy when it comes to erotic affairs. Now you see the technique at play here?

I’ll be needing a minute to think it through

Do you feel that you’re not entirely in the right state of mind to either say yes or no when someone asks you to be their valentine? If that’s the case, you can propose to be given more time to decide using this line of response. 

There’s nothing sketchy about your response if at all you feel that way…it’s simply a way of showing that you don’t want to answer regrettably to the person’s proposal. And if the person who asked you out is fair in their decisions, he or she will allow you to think it through.

On the flip side, you can determine whether or not to assent to the person’s offer by examining their reaction when you request they give you time to evaluate yourself before giving them a response.

Hence, if the person starts acting all desperate, it means they’d probably act shady if something else comes up between you two. It also means they wouldn’t respect your decisions if you make one, and that’s a whole bunch of red flags.

On the brighter side, you can consider the person if he or she feels cool about your decision.

I’d rather not get into that

Replies to Will You Be My Valentine

Some people live a loveless life, at least they do so in the current stage of their life. If you feel you’re not cut out for the whole love affair set-up, you can respectfully decline the request of the person who asked you out using this line of response. 

Thanks, but I have a boyfriend

400;”>Politeness goes a long way in making people see you in a different light. This also applies when you calmly refuse a guy’s proposal for you to be his valentine. 

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You can be polite with your response by employing this line of response. It shows just how much of a nice girl you are, one your boyfriend should be proud of.


If you’re not up for the long talks like I already mentioned earlier on. You can blatantly refuse the person who asks you to be their valentine by saying “no”.

I don’t think that would be necessary

This is another good way you can decline the person’s proposal without sounding sassy about it. Telling the person that the proposal is not necessary should be enough reason for them to back off.

And this could be because you’re either not of the same relationship orientation as them, or you’re a nun or perhaps, your religious practice forbids such.

I thought you were hooked with someone else already

If you don’t want to sound too interested in the person who asks you to be their valentine, you can use this line to shift the attention of the question from you to them. 

This way, they now get to answer the question while you either decide to push through with them or back off, as it’ll all be determined by their response.

I knew you would ask me…Yes

When you’ve been longing for the person to ask you to be their valentine, you can leverage this line to say yes while letting them know you’ve always had it in your mind that they’d ask you. 

This shows just how much interested you are in hanging out with the person on valentine’s day.

It would be a great experience with you, I guess

If you’re looking for a good way to say yes, while painting a mental picture of how it would turn out to be, then you’re on the right page. This is because this line of response does exactly that.

It is all shades of the assumption that you’re putting up regarding spending time with the questioner on the said valentine’s day.

I’m glad you finally asked. I would

Replies to Will You Be My Valentine

Have you been waiting for an eternity for the said person to ask you out on a valentine’s date and they finally did? You can use this line to make them understand how elated you already feel that they turned up for you.

Saying you’re glad they asked means that you’re happy they asked you, and for that, you’re saying yes straight up!

I don’t even mind being your soulmate

This response is a sarcastic way of saying “yes” when someone asks you out on a valentine’s date. It shows that you’re not only saying agreeing to it, but you’re suggesting that you want more to come out from the meetup, maybe a possibility at marriage. What a way to shoot your shot!


Love is a beautiful feeling and those who get to genuinely experience and express themselves in that regard do not forget it in a hurry.

This would be the expectant feeling for the person who asks you to be their valentine, so you can either make their dreams come through by saying yes or decline.

Whether or not you are positive about it, I’ve provided you with the best 15 replies when someone finally asks you to be their valentine.

While I’m hopeful these responses will be helpful to you, you can kindly let me know what you think about them in the comment box below.


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