20 Best Replies to “Get Some Rest” 

Saying “get some rest” to someone is nothing but a show of care and love to them. It is a way of telling someone to take some time off and relax. It can be used for anybody regardless of the person’s age or status.

When you use this phrase for someone or someone uses this phrase for you, it shows that the person cares about your well-being. 

But, the question is how do you respond to this phrase? What reply can you give when you’re told to get some rest? This is exactly what this article is about.

This article will explore some of the best replies you could give, some of them are; “Thanks, you too”, “Sure, I will”, “Take care of yourself too” and “Thanks for checking up on me”. These replies and simple and polite and they allow you to show that you care for the person as well.

20 Best Replies To “Get Some Rest” 

Thanks, You Too.

When you’re down with a sickness and a person wants you in better health by telling you to get some rest. With this reply, you want the person to also get some rest.

If someone wishes you good health and you see that the person also looks sick, this is the right response to use for them. Also, this reply shows that you appreciate that the person wants you to have some rest and at the same time you also wish the person rest too.

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “Thanks, you too my dear.”
  • “Get some rest.”
  • “Thanks, you too. You look tired as well.”

Sure, I Will

This reply clearly shows that you appreciate and also accept the person’s wish for you. It is a simple reply that shows that appreciate that someone truly cares for you. It is a reply that assures the speaker that you will get some rest. 

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “Sure, I will. See you soon
  • “Get some rest
  • “Sure, I will. I appreciate that.”

You As Well

When you want to wish someone the same thing the person tells you, this reply is cool to use. It is a good revert that is short and easy to use. It could also mean “you too” or “you also”.

This reply is a way of reciprocating what was said to you or a statement that was directed toward you.

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “You as well. Have a great day.”
  • “Get some rest”
  • “You as well. Get some rest.”

I Will Do That

400;”>Telling someone “I will do that” when you’re being told to “Get some rest” is a positive reply which means that you’ll carry out that which you’ve been instructed to do in no time. It is a statement that shows that you’ll agree with what you’re being told to do.

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “I will do that. Sleep well.”
  • “Get some rest.”
  • “I will do that. Good night.”

Take Care Of Yourself Too

Best Replies To “Get Some Rest”

A phrase like this is best used when you want to show the speaker the same care and attention. You can use this reply whenever someone shows you a good gesture such as telling you to get some rest. This reply clearly informs them that you equally care for them, just as they care for you.

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “Take care of yourself too. You need it as well”
  • “Get some rest
  • “Take care of yourself too. You’re so nice”
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Thanks For Stopping By

You can use this phrase when it is obvious that someone dropped by your house to check on you and tell you to get some rest. It implies that you appreciate the person’s time, effort, and attention toward you. 

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “Thanks for stopping by. You’re so caring.”
  • “Get some rest
  • “Thanks for stopping by. I sincerely appreciate that.”

Thanks For Checking Up On Me

This reply is similar to the previous one. It is best used when you know that the person has a busy schedule but still finds time to come and see how you’re doing. The response shows that you’re thankful for the sacrifice that was made by the person.

This reply can as well be used as a salutation when parting with someone. This is a way of saying goodbye and also thanking someone for visiting you.

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “Thanks for checking up on me. That’s so unlike you.”
  • “Get some rest.”
  • “Thanks for checking up on me. Try to rest too.”

Yeah! You’re Right

A reply like this shows that you approve of the gesture given to you. You agree with what the person said.

It is a way of telling a person that you know or you’re aware that the person cares for you genuinely. The response shows that you accept the person caring gesture and you’re also sure it’s the right thing to do. 

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “Yeah! You’re right. My night was so short”   
  • “Get some rest”
  • “Yeah! You’re right. I need to rest now.”

See You Later. Bye

This is a parting salutation that can also be used as a response to “Get some rest”. It means you’re going to obey what the speaker said by getting some rest and you also hope to see the person later.

This reply implies that the reason you both are parting is for you to get some rest and after getting the rest you need, you hope to see the person sometime in the “future”. 

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “See you later. Bye.”

 Don’t Worry, I Will. Thanks!

When you use this phrase as a response to “get some rest”, you’re trying to make the person worry less about you. You don’t want the person to be troubled or anxious about you not getting any rest.

Probably, this person is very close to you and as such worries a lot about your well-being. Using this phrase would keep the person’s mind at peace. This phrase also shows assurance of what you’ll do and also shows appreciation for the person’s genuine care towards you.

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “Don’t worry, I will. Thanks.”
  • “Get some rest
  • “You don’t have to stay. Don’t worry, I will. Thanks.”
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That’s Thoughtful Of You. Thanks!

When someone tells you to get some rest, it shows that the person truly cares for you. A good way to express that you’re aware and appreciate the care being shown to you, is by using this phrase to respond.

Telling someone that what they said is very thoughtful, shows that you’re expressing your gratitude but differently. You’re showing your gratitude by acknowledging the person’s effort on your health.

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “That’s thoughtful of you. Thank you, dear.”

 I’ll Try

Best Replies To “Get Some Rest”

With this response, you’re trying to convince the person of an action that you’d take, and in this case, the action is “getting some rest” you’re simply telling the speaker that you’ll attempt to get some rest.

The response shows that an attempt would be made concerning a particular action and it may take place later.

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “Though I don’t feel sleepy I’ll try.”
  • “Get some rest.”
  • “I’ll try but I don’t feel tired anymore.”

I’ll Do That Right Away

Best Replies To “Get Some Rest”

This response implies that action would be taken immediately or something would be done as soon as possible. It is a good way of convincing a person that you would do something immediately.

This response means that you’ll get some rest as soon as possible. It is also a way of letting the person know that you’ll surely get some rest.

  • “Get some rest.” 
  • “I’ll do that right away. You can go now.”
  • “Get some rest
  • “I’ll do that right away. Trust me.”

I Feel Sleepy Already.

When you use this reply, you’re trying to let a person know about your current state. Meaning that even before you were told to get some rest, you already felt like sleeping.

It shows that the option of getting some rest would have taken place with or without it being said. It shows that you had the intention of getting some rest.

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “Sure, I feel sleepy already.”
  • “Get some rest”
  • “I’m so tired, I feel sleepy already.”

 Even With The Noise?

They are people that find it difficult to sleep or get proper rest in a noisy environment. These types of people only prefer quiet places especially when it is time to rest or get some sleep.

Telling someone like that to rest in a such noisy environment is a waste of time. If you’re a person like that, then this reply would be best to use when you’re being told to rest and the place is noisy. It is a negative reply. It is a way of telling the person that sleep is most likely impossible at the moment.

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “Rest? Even with the noise?”
  • “Get some rest.”
  • “Even with the noise? Sleep is far away right now.”

 I Just Woke Up.

Saying you just woke up is a reply to rejection. It is a way of telling a person that you’ve already had the rest which they want you to have. It’s a way of saying you’ve gotten enough rest. It is a negative statement that shows that you won’t get any more rest as you have rested enough.

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “Thank you but I just woke up.”
  • “Get some rest
  • “I just woke up and I feel bored”
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 Is It That Obvious?

It could be that you were hiding being stressed or sick but someone noticed it and tells you to “get some rest”.

This phase expresses your disappointment that what you’re trying to hide or keep as a secret has been discovered by someone else. It means your stressed face or sick face is pretty noticeable to people.

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “Wow! Is it that obvious?”
  • “Get some rest.”
  • “I know I feel sick but is it that obvious?.”

 Ok Doctor!

Best Replies To “Get Some Rest”

This reply is meant to be humorous. It is a sarcastic reply which doesn’t necessarily mean that the speaker is a doctor. It only implies that the person is “acting” like a doctor.

It can be used in teasing a person that likes to act in such a manner. It is a good way of making someone smile and easing the tension. 

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “Ok doctor, I will.”

 I Was About To Do That

This reply shows that you had it in mind to carry out a particular action. Though it has not been done but there’s an intention to do it. It means you’re going to do it very soon regardless. The response expresses that shortly, you’ll do something. It shows you’ll do it very soon.

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “I was about to do just that. Thank you.”
  • “Get some rest.”
  • “Thanks for the reminder. I was about to do that but I got distracted.”

 I Don’t Want To.

This is a negative statement. It simply means you have no intention of getting any rest. This could be a result of a busy schedule or other factors that can prevent you from doing something.

The reply shows that you would not do it now or even in the near future. It’s another way of saying “No” to someone. Probably, you have a lot on your plate and would like to finish before getting any rest. 

  • “Get some rest.”
  • “I don’t want to. I have a lot to do”
  • “Get some rest.”
  • “I don’t want to. My schedule is packed.”


There are several ways you can respond to “Get some rest” whenever someone says it to you, and this article has identified the best 20 of these replies. These responses can be used to respond to anybody and at any time of the day.

“Get some rest” is a phrase that is used to show that someone cares for you and you can return the gesture by using certain replies discussed in this article.

They are also responses that could show appreciation. It could be that you want to respond to a person in a way that would show that you are thankful and sincerely grateful. 

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