Your Wish is My Command | Meaning 

You are reading this article because your wish is my command. Cliche’ I know but what does this mean? We have used this phrase more often than not and though we may know the meaning, we aren’t sure we use them properly. 

The phrase has long been associated with strong emotions and even stronger sentiments attached to it. It is best to understand these as we explain the most widely accepted meaning of ‘your wish is my command’.

“Your wish is my command” is a phrase that signals a person’s strong commitment to fulfilling another person’s wishes or requests promptly and without hesitation.

This means, instils a deep sense of dedication and an unwavering readiness to go to great lengths to meet the demands and desires of the person to whom it is addressed. 

The phrase often finds use in a respectful and service-oriented context, and it indicates a willingness to serve or assist the other person. 

It is widely used as a polite way to express a strong desire to accommodate a person’s wishes, emphasizing your cooperative and obliging attitude. 

Finally, it establishes a deep sense of obedience and readiness to act on the wishes of another.

Origin of Your Wish is My Command

The exact origin of ‘your wish is my command’ can be chased down multiple beginnings. But with adequate research, we have seen this dates back to Middle Eastern, ‘’the ANightsNights’

The phrase ‘Your wish is my command’ was first traced in storytelling and folklore, particularly in the collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian folktales known as ‘One Thousand and One Nights,’ or ‘Arabian Nights.’ in these realms of stories was the phrase first used.

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This phrase is famously associated with the character of the Genie from the story of ‘Aladdin’.

The story’s plot involves, Aladdin finding a magical lamp that, when rubbed, releases a Genie who is bound to grant the lamp’s possessor three wishes.

The Genie often uses the phrase ‘Your wish is my command’ to indicate their willingness to fulfil Aladdin’s desires.

Since then, the phrase has become a symbol of absolute obedience and willingness to fulfil the wishes of another person including requests or desires, and it’s commonly used in a figurative sense to convey a strong commitment to serving their needs.

It’s been popularized in various adaptations and retellings of the ‘Aladdin’ story and has become a common expression in English and other languages.

Is it correct to say your wish is my command?

Yes, it is okay to say this phrase. You already understand its implications and meaning. Using it will have the effect you want a person to have, such as trusting in you.

It is one of the best ways to show your allegiance to a cause or commitment to a person’s request. They see this as a dedication to get the job done no matter the obstacle. 

How to Use Your Wish Is My Command In a Sentence 

There are multiple ways to use this phrase in a sentence. We have written out examples and contexts where you can use this phrase. You use this as a show of loyalty to a person’s wishes. Other samples where applicable have been given below. 

1. Granting a Favor

You can use this phrase as a quick way to show your acceptance of a person’s request. 

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When someone asks you for a favour, respond with ‘Your wish is my command’ to show your willingness to help and your eagerness to meet their request.


  • Friend: ‘Could you help me move some furniture this weekend?’
  • Your response: ‘Of course, your wish is my command. I’ll be there to help

2. Customer Service

Professional or formal settings make use of this phrase to assure their customers of quality services. 

In a customer service setting, you can use this phrase to assure customers that you are ready and willing to assist with their needs or address their concerns promptly.


  • Customer: ‘I’m having trouble with my account. Can you assist me?’
  • Customer service representative’s response: ‘Absolutely, your wish is my command. I’ll look into the issue right away

3. Romantic Gestures

Other times, this phrase symbolizes a romantic commitment between people. It is used to show how much you are committed to them or the true extent of your love.

In a romantic context, you can use the phrase to show your partner that you are dedicated to making their wishes come true, adding a touch of playfulness and affection.


  • Partner: ‘I’ve been craving your homemade lasagna all week.’
  • Your response: ‘Your wish is my command, my love. I’ll make it for dinner tonight

4. Servitude or Assistance

This phrase can also be used to show your loyalty to serve at the behest of the other person. 

When offering your assistance or services to someone, whether in a professional or personal context, you can use this phrase to underscore your commitment to their satisfaction.

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  • Client: ‘I need these reports by tomorrow morning.’
  • Your response (in the office workspace: ‘Certainly, your wish is my command. I’ll prioritize these reports and have them ready for you.’

5. Playful or Humorous Responses

This phrase has often been used to jokingly interact with other people. Its humour is a playful way to connect with friends. 

In a light-hearted or playful conversation, you can use the phrase to humorously indicate your willingness to comply with a friend’s or family member’s playful or whimsical requests.


  • Friend: ‘I wish I had a personal chef to cook for me’
  • Your playful response: ‘Your wish is my command What’s on the menu tonight?

Final Verdict

We recommend using this phrase within the context used in this article. These samples will give you insight into where you use them properly.

Remember that while this phrase can be used in various situations, it’s important to use it appropriately and with respect, ensuring that it aligns with the context and the nature of the request or desire.

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