What Does Lots Of X’s For Love Mean?

Lots of X’s for love in a text message can mean many things, depending on how it is used. The person sending this shorthand can mean as much as the message that the symbol conveys.

If you’re trying to wrap your head around what this could mean, and how to respond accordingly, then this is the right article.

You will learn what lots of X’s for love mean in a text, its origin, how to use it or reply to the symbol, and even the meaning of related expressions such as X’s and O’s.

What do lots of X’s for love mean?

Some people use the symbol “X” to represent a kiss, so when someone writes or types “lots of Xs” in the context of love or affection, they usually mean sending lots of kisses to you or the recipient.

The number of X’s used can indicate the level of affection or intimacy the sender intends to convey. For example, one X may indicate a friendly or casual relationship, while three or more X’s can imply a romantic or intimate relationship.

An excellent example is what you can see in this message:

However, the meaning can vary depending on the context and the relationship between you and the person.

Lots of X’s with love at the end of a message simply means an expression to convey affection, love, or a friendly goodbye.

This signature has become a widely accepted shorthand, particularly on social media, for sending a kiss or expressing love and affection quickly and conveniently.

I occasionally use it for my loved ones because it’s a simple and easy way to convey a message of warmth, closeness, and intimacy to them without having to write out a longer, more detailed message.

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Where does X’s love come from?

There are a lot of historical sources pointing to how X’s for love or multiple uses of X’s were used to represent love and affection in letter writing or text information.

However, according to Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest use of this symbol was in the English novelist Florence Montgomery’s 1878 book Seaforth, which mentions “This letter ends with the inevitable row of kisses, – sometimes expressed by × × × × ×, and sometimes by o o o o o o, according to the taste of the young scribbler.

In other words, x and o are both ways to indicate a kiss.

Another example is seen in the 1763 signing-off letter of Gil. White where wrote, “I am with many xxxxxxx and many Pater and Ave Maria, Gil. White”.

A 2014 article in the Washington Post shares more light on the diverse historical connections to the origin of this symbol.

So over time, the expression has been reinterpreted to mean different things, some of which refer to the biblical cross of the Christian faith.

The point is that today,  the X is often used to represent a kiss, and is commonly used in text messages, emails, and social media posts to signify love, affection, or a romantic interest.

People sometimes use it in combination with other symbols, such as a heart (XOXO), to express deeper emotions.

What do Xs and Os mean?

X’s and O’s is a term that refers to the symbols of X and O used to represent hugs and kisses. The X symbol represents a kiss, while the O symbol represents a hug.

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You can use Xs and Os in various situations to express love, affection, or friendship. For example, you can use Xs and Os in a text message or social media post to show someone that you care about them.

You can also use X’s and O’s to sign off on a letter or card, to show your affection towards the person receiving the letter.

However, sometimes,  X’s and O’s can have different meanings in different contexts. For instance, in the game of tic-tac-toe, X’s and O’s are used to represent the two players’ moves.

In this context, the X represents one player’s move, while the O represents the other player’s move.

But popularly, X’s and O’s are considered fun and affectionate ways to express your feelings towards someone.

What do three X’s mean?

Now, in a text message, three X’s typically represent three kisses, which is a way of expressing love, affection, or gratitude towards the recipient.

Many people use this symbol among their friends, family members, or romantic partners, to show their appreciation for each other.

The best time to use the three X symbols is when you want to express your feelings of love, affection, or gratitude toward someone.

For instance, if you are thanking a friend for a kind gesture, you can end your message with three X’s to show your appreciation.

In reverse, when someone uses this symbol to you in a text, you can reply with a similar symbol to reciprocate their gesture of affection.

For example, you can reply with three X’s as well, or you can add more X’s to show your gratitude. You can also use other symbols, such as a heart or a smiley face, to express your feelings toward the sender.

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For example, your friend could send you a message that reads:

  • Thanks for always being there for me. Love you lots XXX

Then you reply with:

  • Had a great time with you tonight too. Can’t wait to do it again soon! XXX

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