15 Similar Phrases to “The Eagle Has Landed”

The phrase the eagle has landed is a very popular phrase used to say that a particular task or mission has been achieved or accomplished, or that something or someone has arrived.

If you have been waiting for something to happen or for someone to show up, this phrase can be used to say just that, when your wish is finally granted. This phrase originated from space. That right.

When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon with the Apollo 11 Lunar Module, a spacecraft, this was what he communicated to them to let them know that all was well and he and his pal, Buzz Aldrin landed safe and sound.

With time the military took it up and it became an official slang. Cool right? it makes you sound mysterious. Then again, who wants boring old sayings?

Here’s a list of something fresh, and casual phrases that will say just as much. Prepare yourself though, some are hilarious and others are plain silly:

15 Similar Phrases to “The Eagle Has Landed”

  1. The pilot is in the cockpit
  2. The messenger has arrived
  3. The cow is in the barn.
  4. The ball is in the net
  5. The sheep are in the pen.
  6. Green light! We have a go ahead
  7. The target is in position
  8. Baton secured
  9. The drop had been confirmed
  10. The moose has been let loose
  11. We have a signal
  12. The motor is in motion
  13. We have a code red
  14. The suits are here
  15. Mission accomplished

The pilot is in the cockpit

Saying “the pilot is in the cockpit” is another witty alternative to the phrase “the eagle has landed.”

It is a smart saying right? You can use this if you are talking about or referring to something that would get to a particular level.

The messenger has arrived

The thing about sayings like these is that you can use them as a secret language between you and your friends. It makes it easy to communicate and does whatever shady things you want to do.

You can use messenger for someone you despise or are not really fond of. If it’s just some new name for the delivery guy or a dispatcher rider, there isn’t much code to that.

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You can also switch it up a bit. For example, if it is someone you look up to or admire, you can say the big dogs are here.

The cow is in the barn

This saying will work really well if it is about location. In this case, it’s not about who but where. If you had the cow and you just had to put them in position, then all you need is a setup.

For example, if you are trying to make a dunk. The ball doesn’t matter, the net does. You can also make this silly but put the wrong animal. The fish is in the barn, for example, sounds strange and amusing.

The ball is the net

Yes, the example is also a good phrase. If you are into sports, and into basketball, you will sound so “the top of your game”, like you live and breathe basketball.

Besides, if you are not acting suspiciously, no one will suspect you and your basketball buddies of anything. It will just seem like you are talking about normal basketball stuff.

The sheep are in the pen

And we are back to animals. There is a matter of knowing where they live, and while it’s not the smoothest, or catchiest, isn’t it nice to leave people a little confused.

They will be too busy digesting the fact that sheep (not sheep) live in pens? Slick move. And while they ponder on that, you can continue with your business.

Green light! We have a go-ahead

This sounds more like you are on a serious mission with your life in danger. Kind of cool. You sound serious and knowledgeable, you probably just cracked the security code and now you and all your spies are sneaking in to finish the mission. Best if you are playing pretend, if you ask me.

The target is in position

You might not be an assassin about blowing someone up, but you will sure sound like one with this line. Well, maybe a group of guys who are on to something shady.

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If there was a setup and plan, then this phrase says it’s time to swoop down and get to the action. Maybe devour your loot or accept your package.

Baton secured

Since batons are things you hand over it is a good way to say that you have done your part of a job or deal and it is someone’s responsibility to finish the task and take on to the next stage.

You can also say it to mean that you have finally got something you have wanted that has been going around.

Get it? Because you pass a baton around. It might be something that has eluded you for a while that you have finally gotten and can enjoy.

The drop had been confirmed

This has got to be my favorite one on the list. “Drop” is usually used for things that you don’t want disclosed or known.

It makes whatever it is, no matter mundane or harmless, an aura of secrecy and just builds curiosity. The rest of it is just saying that not only has it arrived but it has been confirmed. Anyone listening on would be piqued with curiosity.

The moose has been let loose

Similar Phrases to The Eagle Has Landed

Ever wondered if the plan went bad and something didn’t work? Or how about this? If it was a prank on someone you can’t say “the eagle has landed” or “the target is in sight”, you will need something that speaks havoc and destruction, like the saying above.

We don’t usually hear a lot about moose but we know they aren’t exactly man’s best friend and if it were such a good idea to let them take a walk or a run every now and then they would do that more often don’t you think? Wink.

We have a signal

Sounds like something you have been waiting for forever and you are not willing to lose.

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The signal sounds very mysterious, like something that will lead you to track down a huge deal of something worthy. While it sounds odd and will make people keep a close eye on you, it is a great alternative.

The motor is in motion

You can use this for something that is still in progress. It is not always as swift and easy as delivery.

Maybe you are trying to convince someone to change their mind and you have got them to agree to listen to you. It’s half a win and you have to celebrate with something. I have got you. Use this line.

We have a code red

Usually, the color represents something. For example, code red can be blood because blood is red.

You can make it something else. Like, we have error 15X. It can mean that pizza wasn’t delivered fifteen minutes after you ordered it even though they promised it would.

The suits are here

Similar Phrases to The Eagle Has Landed

If you want to refer to important people or an important person, you should use this. Whoever you tell this to will understand that despite the modified saying, you still respect them and hold them in high esteem.

You can also say:

  • The man of the hour is here
  • The big guys are among us

Mission accomplished

Similar Phrases to The Eagle Has Landed

This is the simplest and most normal reply on the list. It is last but definitely not least. Since you want to express success on a plan or something you have been working on, why not use this?

You can say this anywhere and no one will think of you as weird because it’s a normal saying. You can also say “goal reached” or if it is for a package you have been waiting for, “package received”

Parting Words

Sometimes it’s okay to cut yourself some slack and have a little fun, what can be more fun than inventing new variations to an old slang? Did you like the various alternatives?

Share in the comments if you have any other additions.

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