25 of the Best Responses to the “Who Gave You My Number” Question

Among the many annoying questions we are often asked, certain questions make us wish we could find a way to get rid of the person asking such questions. “Who gave you my number” does not escape the list.

“Who gave you my number?” is a question that sends shivers down our spine, and we start wondering if we have done something wrong. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Instead of feeling guilty, we can use one of these 25 best responses to “Who gave you my number?” in this article to swing the situation in our favor.

25 of the Best Responses to “Who Gave You My Number”

While the list presented below does not in any way replace other options and responses that are suitable for the statement:” who gave you my number”, it is without a doubt that the responses below would help out where necessary.

I’m sorry

If you or the person involved is peace prone, even after calling the number and the question pops up, by apologizing immediately, you have doused tension.

Saying you are sorry when someone asked “who gave you my number” shows that you didn’t mean any harm and are willing to delete the number if needed.

It also creates a sense of humor that can make the person at the other end of the line feel more comfortable.

The mannerism to which I’m sorry is said can create a light humor of the situation hence making the call a memorable one to have.

“I found it on the internet.”

If you are an online vendor or frequent the internet, then it is either you have been asked this question or someone has asked you, whichever the case here is the best response to the question: who gave you my number?

“I found it on the internet” as a response to “who gave you my number” highlights the fact that numbers are easily accessible on the internet, and you or the speaker stumbled upon it accidentally.

It also shows the need to be more careful with their private information online.

I’m an AI assistant

“…and I was programmed to contact you.” ever heard a response like this? Then you probably had a chatbox reaching out to you.

This response is used by chatbots or virtual assistants who are contacting the person on behalf of their owner. It gives the impression that the contact was intentional and not accidental.

Next time you get a call and realize a chatbox is calling, just play along with the machine until it’s done.

I wanted to connect with you

Responses to Who Gave You My Number

If you are a social butterfly with a penchant for connecting with new people and do so by cold calling, then this response is for you.

While some people dislike strangers calling them, others are indifferent, nevertheless, when you’re asked who gave you their number, by responding to them that you only want to connect, you are more likely to be friends with them.

This response when used right should flatter the person and make them feel that their reputation is noteworthy enough for you to seek them out.

I want to know more about your product/service

Perhaps while surfing the internet, one product or service caught your action that you would like to know about, when calling the number shown on the site, be prepared for the “who gave you my number” question.

By responding with the above statement, you make them know that your calling them is strictly business matters and has nothing to do with the personal life of your receiver.

This response is common among sales representatives who are attempting to reach out to potential customers. It shows that you have an interest in their product/service and are genuinely curious.

I got your number from a mutual friend

There’s beauty to being friends with a friend’s friend, isn’t it? Winks!

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Like stated previously, if the connection is something you fancy and wouldn’t mind being friends with your friend’s friend, be ready to explain yourself when asked “who gave you my number”?

The “I got your number from a mutual friend “response works well in social situations where you have been introduced to someone by a mutual friend.

You can also use it at business networking events where you don’t know the person you are calling but have a mutual acquaintance.

I must have dialed the wrong number

You know that scenario when you’re in a haste and accidentally dialed a number you weren’t supposed to either through missing a digit or just outright carelessness on your part?

“I must have dialed the wrong number” as a response to your receiver asking “who gave you my number” is a lifesaver because the response is classical, and it can be effective against receiving a backlash.

However, it is also used when you have a good reason to call the person at that time, such as a job interview or a previously scheduled meeting.

I’m doing a story on.

Not everyone is going to like you bumping into their private life without notifying them forehand that you want to do a story about them, anyways, we’ve got you covered.

This response works if you are a journalist or blogger and are contacting a person for an interview or a quote. It shows that you are professional and are not just randomly contacting people for no reason.

One thing to bear in mind when calling this kind of person is the fact that your tone and manner of communicating can grant or not grant you the exclusive interview you seek.

Someone request I call you

What if you are a person who is looked up to as a reconciliation expert, and though they don’t want to let you know of their problem by directly dropping a note and a contact you should reach out to, how will you respond?

The best bet is to come out clean and let them know who gave you their contact without making it obvious who did and the reason why they did so before anything else.

This response is similar to the first one, but it adds an extra layer of mystery to it. It can be useful in situations where you don’t want to disclose where you got the person’s number.

We need your help

Mayday! Mayday!! We need your help.

Unforeseen circumstances and even very dire situations could cause someone not on your contact list to reach out to you with prior notice and upon asking “who gave you my contact”, the only word that comes out of their mouth is “we need your help”.

This response is used especially if you are a charitable organization. It shows that they are calling for a good cause and that your help is needed.

I’m a recruiter, and your skills and experience match the position I’m filling”

Organizations and HR are guilty of this action.

When an organization finds the portfolio of an applicant worthy enough to be considered for a role in their firm, there is a tendency to put a call across, and when this happens, the question “who gave you my number” definitely comes up.

This response is for recruiters who are contacting a person because they believe they are the right fit for a job opening.

It shows that they have already done some research and that the person is qualified for the position.

I’m a fellow enthusiast

Remember the last campfire night you had or that picnic your group organized and contact was exchanged?

What makes you think that calling someone off the contact list given wouldn’t make them ask how you got their contact?

Maybe your reason for calling them is to build a connection or to inform them of another program coming up. The best and first reply to their question is to let them know you are an enthusiast like them( or you share the same hobby).

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This response works well if you are calling someone who shares the same hobby or interest as you. It shows that you have something in common and that you want to connect with them.

I might need some information about you.

Buzz! Buzz!! Your phone rings.

Speaker: Hello, am I unto….

You: yes you are, who am I unto, and who gave you my number?

Does that ring a bell?

This response is useful if you are a private investigator or detective and need information from the person you are calling. It can be effective in situations where you need the information urgently.

I’m calling concerning your result

This response is for medical professionals and persons who have conducted some form of examination on another and need to give the patient their test results. It shows that the call is genuine and not a hoax.

Probably, the person involved has forgotten that they have an outstanding result due to their schedule or other matters.

Calling to inform them of their result is a better way to respond when asked “who gave you my number”?

We need to confirm your availability

Have you signed up for a program, seminar, or instructional class? Then you are more likely to get a call from these firms to verify your signing.

You are more likely to receive the response stated above if discovered that you missed a scheduled appointment and there’s a need for a refix when you ask them “who gave you my number”?

This response is for businesses that need to confirm their appointments with customers. It shows that the call is not a telemarketer but a confirmation call.

“We need to talk about your child’s performance”

This response is for educators who need to speak to parents about their child’s academic performance. It shows that the call is genuine and not a prank.

Moreso, it could mean that certain action exhibited by the child needs some adjustments and your input as well, hence when they call and a parent replies to who gave you my number”, this answer comes off instantly.

This is a distress call

This response is for someone who is calling on behalf of a friend who is in trouble and needs help. It shows that the call is not a prank, but there is a genuine concern for the friend in question.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you

Don’t be upset when you call someone and they rudely ask you “who gave you my number”? they may be having a rough day.

By acknowledging that you have interrupted something they are doing and going on to apologize, you have made known to them the genuineness of your intentions.

This response is for those who face hostility when they call the person. It shows that you have no malicious intent and didn’t mean to bother the person.

We need your support

Sometimes, it is just best to go straight to the point. Here is a perfect reply when someone asks you “who gave you my contact”.

Maybe, it’s a campaign or a political rally, and a party member who is well off hasn’t been responsive to their pledge or promises, calling to garner their support and assistance might be met with a “who gave you my contact”?

The response above is for political parties who are canvassing for support from voters, key party members, etc. It shows that the call is not a telemarketer, but political.

I’m calling from an Insurance company, and we need to update your policy

You should be happy about this, it shows your insurance company cares.

A breach in your account or an update on your profile may be needed and the reason for the call.

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Upon asking who gave them your number, the most likely response you will get is that they are calling from the insurance company you signed up to.

This response is used by insurance agents who need to speak to policyholders to update their policies. It shows that the call is genuine and not a telemarketer.

I saw it among a lost but found item

No greater joy than having to misplace an item and then getting a call from a strange number that such an item has been found, before then the tendency to ask where the caller got one’s number is inevitable.

Whether this scenario is about you or someone who found whose item you found, the best response at this point is to let them know that you either saw an Identity card among the list of items you found sprawled on the ground.

It makes the story believable and makes the recipient feel less suspicious about your claim, making retrieving the item easier to handle.

I guess it’s the wrong number

Remember your tone is everything when it comes to giving this type of response.

Not everyone appreciates strange numbers calling, especially if other strange numbers had called in before you called.

This response is for people who accidentally dial the wrong number. It shows that the call is not on purpose, but a simple mistake.

A Survey Company you signed up to

It could be you represent a survey team who have access to several people who had signed up to take surveys, and you decide to inform them of a company’s update.

At first glance, your clients are going to be quite suspicious of your call and even while they speak on the phone, they’re careful not to reveal much to you, you can put them at ease by letting them know that you are from the survey company they signed up to and would need some information.

By responding with this answer, they become less guarded and provide you with the information you need, this reply is best used for those who can conduct cold-calling by calling in random numbers or numbers in the survey database.

A charitable organization seeks your Assistance

This response is for charity organizations that need donations to continue their work and if in one way, the person being called had supported the cause, they are more likely to be called in again.

I cannot disclose my source

When the person who gave you the contact you’re speaking with tells you they want to remain anonymous, even when your recipient presses on, maintain your ground not to disclose your source.

However, it should be noted that when doing this, care should be taken not to sound too rude over the phone as you may be hung up on, defeating the message meant to be passed. Being diplomatic is the key here.

This response is for those who are not willing to disclose their source.

Parting Words

It is hard trying to explain how someone not on our contact list got our number, and worse still is giving the response if we happen to be the one doing the call. Luckily, this article is a lifesaver.

No matter the reason for calling, knowing the best response to “who gave you my number” shouldn’t be as daunting as before now that the reply in this article has all you need.

In conclusion, there are numerous ways to answer the question, “Who gave you my number?” The most effective response depends on the situation and the person on the other end of the line.

However, with these 25 responses, you can turn what may seem like an awkward or intrusive question into a positive interaction.

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