20 of the Best Responses to “It Has Been A Long Day”

Sometimes, it is very easy to tell when a person has had a long day. You could just look at the face and see all the places he or she has had to go, how much work the person has done, and how stressed the person feels.

It’s usually a time to show compassion for the person… or you could engage the person in a conversation and let him or her enjoy that short moment.

 Below are a few responses you can consider when a person says it has been a long day. You have a list to choose from depending on the situation of things.

20 Great Responses to ‘It has been a long day’ 

  1. Of course, it has.
  2. Tell me about it.
  3. You too?
  4. You look stressed out
  5. What happened?
  6. It’s quite the opposite here.
  7. Seems like it’s everywhere.
  8. That’s on you.
  9. You should have called me.
  10. Same here.
  11. My day was boring.
  12. I enjoyed my day.
  13. Sorry. Are you okay?
  14. Very uneventful for me.
  15. I can see it on your face.
  16. You always have a long day.
  17. My day feels quite short.
  18. You made our day boring.
  19. You should get some rest.
  20. Shall I give you a massage?

Responses To ‘It has been a long day.’ 

Of course, it has.

‘Of course’ is a statement you make when you agree with what another person has said. Making this statement in this situation suggests that you understand what the person has been through. There are several possible scenarios in which you may use this response.

 You may give this response if both of you have just gone through the same thing. You both may have been together all through the day.

The stress, the boringness, and every woe that your friend is complaining about was experienced by both of you. Therefore, you clearly understand what he or she is saying and you even feel the same way.

Tell me about it.

This may just be another way to stress a person who is already stressed out. However, it may also be the best way to release the person’s stress and make time pass. When some people are tired, they are often unwilling to have conversations.

Sometimes, it just depends on how tired the person is. The person may be so tired that all he or she needs is to sleep. In this case, the person is not willing to tell you anything.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask the person to tell you. You just shouldn’t force the person to do so. The person may not feel tired enough to just want to fall asleep. In fact, the person may be very interested in talking to you about his or her day.

You too?

This question suggests that something applies to someone else just as it applies to you. When you ask this question, the person will believe that you also had a long day.

After saying this, you can talk about how your day went and what made it stressful or boring to you. You will get the person to talk about his or her day too unless the person is too tired to indulge in the conversation. The person will probably fall asleep soon. You should probably have some sleep too.

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You look stressed out.

 This is you merely pointing out the fact. If the person appears tired, you can just say it as a comment, although that is obvious since he or she just claimed to have had a long day. Acknowledging that the person looks stressed out will show that you are paying attention to him or her.

 Simply knowing that you care will feel very good. After making this deduction, you can ask about the person’s day. Then you can tell the person to rest while you help him or her out with some things. You can also just tell the person to get some sleep.

Responses To ‘It has been a long day.’ 

What happened?

 This is simply asking why the person has had a long day. People call their days or nights ‘long’ for several different reasons. A person can say he or she had a long day if the entire day was uneventful.

In this case, being idle and bored, a person will look at the time as often as possible while hoping for time to pass. Time will start to feel slower than usual.

 A person may also claim to have had a long day if there was so much difficult work to do. When a person finds his or her work interesting, time goes by quickly as the person works.

 Another reason to say a day is ‘long’ is if a person has no time to rest all through the day. Fatigue will make the person’s work slow, as he or she also checks the time regularly.

It’s quite the opposite here.

When a person claims to have had a long day, you can simply talk about how your day went too. You can consider this response if you feel opposite about your day.

This statement suggests that you did not have a long day like your friend. Saying it at all implies that you may really have enjoyed your day. If a day goes normally, it usually doesn’t get any comments on it.

 After saying this, you can ask how the person’s day went. After that, you can also say how your day went. Then you can let the person fall asleep.

Seems like it’s everywhere.

 You can say this if you think many others also feel the same . There is usually a time when the day just feels unnaturally long for reasons unknown.

It is usually because a person feels bored and idle in the day. If the person has nothing to keep his or her mind busy, the person may start to pay attention to time unnecessarily.

 After saying this, you can mention how your day went or talk about how you think many people also had a long day.

That’s on you.

This seems more like an accusation. This is a statement you make to blame a person for what has been done. When you make this statement in this situation, you are telling the person that he or she is to blame for the boringness of that day.

 You should say this if you think the person failed to do some things or must have indulged in some things that stressed him or her out or made the day uneventful. You can explain why you said ‘that’s on you’ to the person.

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You should have called me.

The person’s could probably have been better if you were with him or her. This response implies that you would have come to the person if you had been called and you both would have some fun.

 You should ask how the person’s day went, after saying this to him or her. You should also make sure you are not forcing the person to have a conversation with you. If he or she is tired and unwilling to chat with you, you can leave the person to sleep.

Same here.

This phrase is used to admit that you feel the same way a person feels. When a person says it has been a long day, the person is indirectly saying how he or she feels about the day’s experience. You can respond with this statement if you feel the same way about your day.

 Unlike the scenario cited in the first response, you shouldn’t say this if you both were together and shared the same experience during the day. Rather, you should say this if you were apart and neither of you knows the other person’s stress.

My day was boring.

This is similar to having a long day, though it may not be as long as your friend’s day. Your day may simply be boring because you had nothing to do.

You could have chosen to sleep all through your day. That doesn’t make your day long. Your day may even be faster as your sleep helps you pass the time quickly.

Since your day lacks any major happening, you can listen to your friend and hear how his or her day went. Engaging in a conversation with your friend can make him or her feel happy unless the person feels to tired to talk to you. In that case, you can urge him or her to rest and go to sleep.

I enjoyed my day.

This is the total opposite of how your friend felt about his or her day. You can choose to listen to why your friend must have felt so bad about the day.

You can also choose to talk about your interesting day and rub it in his or her face. That is if your friend is okay with listening to your rants. If not, you should leave him or her to fall asleep.

Sorry. Are you okay?

 This question suggests that you care for the person you are talking to. It is not a very suitable response when a person says he or she has had a long day. However, you can ask this question if you think the person may fall sick.

 When a person is stressed out, it is sometimes very easy to tell from the person’s look. The person may be looking exhausted. You can also help the person with painkillers if he or she is in pain.

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Very uneventful for me.

 This implies that no major events happened in your day. It may mean your day was like every other day with nothing special in it. It is often used to mean you had more freedom than usual. Rather, you had more freedom and idleness than you desired to have.

 One may have no work to do all through the day. However, if the person indulges in some fun activity, time will pass like every normal day and it won’t feel uneventful. Therefore, saying uneventful means one felt extremely bored throughout the day.

I can see it on your face.

 You can simply say that it is clear from the person’s face. As mentioned earlier, people are often unable to hide their fatigue since stress is usually clear on a person’s face.

 You can say that you see the person’s stress on his or her face. This will show that you understand the person slightly, at least. You can offer to help the person out with whatever he or she needs. You can also urge the person to get some sleep.

You always have a long day.

You should mention this if the person is always complaining about his or her uneventful days. The implication of this comment helps you discuss the likely reasons for your friend’s constant complaints. It is probably due to the amount of stress he or she goes through at work.

 It is also possible that your friend is not having enough fun or not socializing enough and, thereby, succumbing to the feelings of loneliness while having nothing to be preoccupied with.

My day feels quite short

 Mentioning that a day has been long is not only literary but also literal. While it means a day has not been enjoyable, it will also feel really long, though this is due to the boredom or stress. 

 You can also mention that your day was short. This could be interpreted in two ways. It is either you enjoyed your day so much that you didn’t realize when it got dark or you didn’t get to enjoy your day as much as you wanted because you slept so much or you got carried away with work. A short day is not a boring or stressful one.

You made our day boring.

You may want to point out how your friend ruined the day for both of you. He or she may have made decisions that made your whole day uneventful. He or she may have also prevented you from making a decision that would have made your day interesting.

You should get some rest.

 You can show some care by making suggestions on how your friend may feel better. You can tell him or her to get rest, then you can help out in any way possible.

Shall I give you a massage?

This could be a honest question. It could also be a joke. If you can’t give a message, this question will simply make the person smile. Then you can just leave him or her to rest and sleep.


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