20 Best Responses to “Get Over Yourself”

When somebody tells you to get over yourself, they’re insinuating many things at the same time.

Perhaps, you have an attitude that they perceive as intimidating and they’re looking for the best way to tell you to make a U-turn (particularly positively).

However, the statement that doubles as advisement could come off as derogatory or annoying to some point.

In this case, you might want to know the best way to respond when someone directs this statement to you. Do you wild out on them or do you admit your flaws and promise to turn a new leaf?

That depends on how you take in the statement. In the course of this post, I’ll be discussing the 20 best responses to ‘get over yourself’. Happy reading!

20 Best Replies to “Get Over Yourself”

I’m someone who likes being all-encompassing, so I can brag about having two or more different views for any given situation.

That is what I would be bringing into this post, and I’ll achieve it by highlighting responses that reflect two different perceptions when someone tells you ‘get over yourself’.

One will be addressing a circumstance where you don’t find it annoying for someone to say that to you like ‘I understand your view is different from mine, but let’s compromise’, ‘I appreciate your remark, but I don’t think that would be necessary, and ‘I’ll have to take that under advisement’.

Comebacks for when you don’t find it appealing for someone to tell you ‘get over yourself’ include ‘I don’t think you concluded me right’, ‘I smell jealousy all over you’, and ‘I don’t remember asking you to opine’.

Without further ado, let’s get right into these responses;

  1. As you should do to yourself
  2. Really? Is that what you have to say?
  3. I smell jealousy all over you
  4. I know what you mean, and it’s giving ‘spite’
  5. Says the person who doesn’t have their life figured out
  6. I don’t remember asking you to opine
  7. Yeah, I should. Just like your dad did
  8. Now you’re done talking; put your mouth padlock back on
  9. I’ll think about that because you’re not far from the true
  10. I don’t think you concluded me rightly
  11. Isn’t that not what you failed to achieve?
  12. I appreciate your remark, but I don’t think that would be necessary
  13. I would appreciate you use subtler terms to talk to me
  14. Is that what you tell someone who prefers being real to themselves?
  15. I understand your views differ from mine, but let’s compromise
  16. I’m not narcissistic like you think; just confident
  17. It’s giving…constructive criticism. Not bad, coming from someone like you
  18. Can you do me the honor of explaining what you mean?
  19. I need to ‘get over myself’, and you don’t? Smh, psycho
  20. I’ll have to take that under advisement, but I’ll always do ‘me’

1. As You Should Do to Yourself

The core reason why someone would tell you ‘get over yourself’, especially with a derogatory tone is to make you feel less of yourself.

Perhaps, your height of confidence exudes a certain type of intimidation on them and they think talking you down will do the job. When this thought is conceived, the person could end up telling you to ‘get over yourself’.

While we mean no violence, it is pertinent you address every attempt at insulting you as a matter of strictness. It doesn’t tell good about you when someone talks down on you and you say or do nothing.

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In light of that, you can pose a response to the speaker by saying this particular line of response to them.

2. Really? Is That What You Have to Say?

Sometimes, the people who say the most hurtful things to you could be someone you expected the least.

This is the circumstance on which this line of response is based. If the person who tells you to ‘get over yourself’ is someone who didn’t have that to come from, then you should avail yourself to make use of this line of response.

With this, you’re questioning the person for saying a such thing to you, especially if their tone showed disrespect and spite.

This line is supposed to plunge the person into some minutes of sober reflection regarding their choice of tone and statement towards you.

3. I Smell Jealousy All Over You

Nothing is really without a purpose, as the words and actions of people towards all have different strains of bearing.

Surprisingly, these strains of bearing are often anchored by the person’s prejudice against you.

So, someone who thinks you’re better off than them and is also unapologetic can try to guilt-trip you by telling you to get over yourself.

If you’re not having any of that from him or her, you can dismiss their assertion by using this line of response.

This response depicts that their statement is not borne out of careful analysis, but only driven by jealousy which you can metaphorically smell from their body.

4. I know what you mean, and It’s Giving ‘Spite’

I always find it funny when someone says something is ‘giving…’ or whatever. This is because the aforementioned phrase is a big tool of sarcasm.

So, if you’re reading this post and you wish to appear sarcastic with your response to anyone who tells you to get over yourself, then you might want to employ this particular line of response.

This response suggests that you clearly understand what the person means, and unfortunately for them, it’s giving…spite.

This means that they said that because they find you spiteful, and you know what they say about ‘if they can’t be you, they’ll spite you’.

Yeah, that’s what happened when they tell you to ‘get over yourself’.

5. Says the Person What Doesn’t Have Their Life Figured Out

It is funny how unsuccessful people end up advising others, especially the younger generation on how best to live their lives.

This could be true if the person who tells you to get over yourself is older and claims to have seen it all with life.

This type of person is keen to point out how the path you’re treading will lead to doom, while they couldn’t be half as confident as you are when they were your age.

However, you can reply to them by using this statement. Don’t worry about sounding sassy, because this line has a low dose of that comeback spice.

6. I Don’t Remember Asking You to Opine

Responses to Get Over Yourself

Oftentimes, people stick their nose in cases that concerns them not. The usual gratification for these types of people is the fact that they can boast of being experienced in one way or the other, so when they offer their opinion in any case, they’re perceived as wise.

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Sadly, it doesn’t always come out well for them. This will be the case when someone whom your life concerns not decides to offer their take on what you should do with your life. This response serves them right.

7. Yeah, I Should. Just Like Your Dad Did

You can troll just about anybody. All you have to do is to capitalize on what they hate the most and hit them below the belt.

If the person who arrogantly told you to ‘get over yourself’ loves their dad painstakingly, you can use that against them in your response.

To avoid getting into trouble for that, you can use this line of response.

8. Now you’re done Talking; Put Your Mouth Padlock Back On

Haters talk and get happy if you react to their critiques. If you show less concern, they feel defeated. That is what you’ll be doing with this response.

You’re telling the person who told you to ‘get over yourself’ to shut up since they’re done talking. Whoever it is, he or she will have to do just that.

9. I’ll think about that because you’re not far From the True

While you load up your arsenal of responses with the best comebacks, you should also avail some space to accommodate mild replies too.

This would be the case if you realize that you’ve been projecting a wrong notion about yourself to people (perhaps, a negative one).

If this is the case, then the speaker has a point. You can then acknowledge the person’s gesture by saying this line as a response.

10. I Don’t Think You Concluded Me Rightly

Do you feel the person who said you should get over yourself got you wrong? If that’s what it looks like, you calmly rebuke them using this line of response.

I’m sure the person will appreciate your mild protest regarding their conclusion about you.

11. Isn’t That Not What You Failed to Achieve?

It is laughable how we often get pieces of advice from people, and when we look closely we see them lacking in that same area of life. That is the basis on which I came about this particular line of response.

Perhaps, the person who told you to get over yourself couldn’t even do that to themselves yet they ask you to. Hypocrisy is on clear display!

12. I Appreciate Your Remark, but I Don’t Think That Would Be Necessary

If you feel that it is not important to ‘get over yourself’ just because somebody who thinks they have you all figured said so, then you shouldn’t shy away from putting it to them that it is not necessary for you to do as they said.

And to do that, you’ll be needing this response.

13. I Would Appreciate You Use Subtler Terms to Talk to Me

You could acknowledge a person’s constructive criticism about you, but if you don’t like their tone you can shun them about it.

This would be the circumstance of this line of response because the person who said you should get over yourself could’ve been too blunt with what they said.

14. Is That What You Tell Someone Who Prefers Being Real to Themselves?

I understand that not too many people love it when you’re unapologetically confident about yourself. This could make for why someone would tell you to ‘get over yourself’ because they feel little around you.

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Whilst you’re still unapologetic about it, you can reply to him or her with this line.

15. I Understand Your Views Differs From Mine but Let’s Compromise

Since it could sound condescending when someone asks you to ‘get over yourself’, they may be right about that. Instead of disagreeing bitterly with them, you can try to find a common ground.

And to do that, you’ll need a line of response such as this.

16.  I’m Not Narcissistic like You Think; Just Confident

Responses to Get Over Yourself

If the circumstance presents itself; you need to correct any misconception generated by anyone who tells you to get over yourself on the basis that you’re narcissistic.

You can do that by presenting this line of response when they come up with their misjudgment.

17.  It’s Giving…Constructive Criticism. Not Bad, Coming from Someone Like You

While telling you to ‘get over yourself’ sounds like a ploy to floor you. You can see it as an unconscious constructive criticism from the person.

With this in mind, you can make informed reforms about your life and status.

18.  Can You Do Me The Honor of Explaining What You Mean?

Sometimes, people say things to our bewilderment and you can even lose track of understanding in most cases.

Therefore, if you need the person who says you should get over yourself to explain further with specifics, don’t hesitate to do that with this line of response.

19.  I Need to ‘Get Over Myself’, and You Don’t? SMH, Psycho

The funny thing about most people who critique others is that they’re undoubtedly also doing something wrong with their life.

If you notice this flaw is present in the person who asked you to get over yourself, you can reply to them with this line of response. I’m sure they’ll understand the angle you’re coming from with your reply.

20.  I’ll have to take that Under Advisement, but I’ll always do ‘Me’

Without totally disregarding the assertion of the person who said you need to reevaluate yourself, you can also opt to always do you.

If this is the case, it means you took their statement under advisement. That is what this line of response establishes, and we both know that any advice is always subject to review.

Parting Words

Although a person could mean good when he or she tells you to ‘get over yourself’, the most profound reason for this statement in most statements is out of spite.

Due to this difference in levels of acceptance, you could be divided between staying cool with the person or going all out to serve them a deserving comeback.

I have been able to bring to light a couple of my best responses to ‘get over it’, so you’re now left with the choice to either do the former or go on with the latter.

However, either one you choose to go with I’m sure you’ll get your desired reaction because all these replies are top-notch.

In case you have any questions or suggestions, avail to make use of the comment section below.

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