20 Other Ways to Say “I’m All Yours”

I’m all yours” is a statement that indicates availability. However, you can read more meaning to this statement depending on who it’s coming from and the context of the communication.

Due to the ambiguity of this statement, it may be better to use another similar statement in place of “I’m all yours.”

In a work setting, you could alternatively say ” You have my undivided attention” or “How may I assist you?” to convey availability. In a romantic context, you could say “I’m completely devoted to you” to express dedication and commitment.

So, it depends on the situation.

Someday at work, whenever I  request assistance from a colleague, she could say “I’m all yours” which is to say that I have her full time and attention.

But If I’m home, depending on the person, it is most likely the same.

In the rest of this article, I’m going to walk you through 20 different ways you can say “I’m all yours” so you can pass across the intended message without being misinterpreted.

First, let’s be on the same page regarding what this term means.

“I’m all yours” meaning

Other Ways to Say I'm All Yours

“I’m all yours” is a statement you can say to someone when you just resolved a previous commitment or distraction and you could now give full attention to the person.

For example, if you’re in a meeting with someone they are called away for a moment. Upon returning, they could tell you “I’m all yours” as if to say “So where were we?”

But then, the statement is versatile such that you can use it in other settings to convey different meanings.

If you’re making plans to hang out with someone, you can say “I’m all yours” to indicate availability for such entertainment activity.

If you also ask someone for a favor that requires their time and attention, the person can reply using the statement as well.

For example, when you tell your colleague, “Bob, do you have a minute to go over the sales numbers?” He then replies with “I’m all yours.”

When this idiom is used, people are always careful not to read too much into it.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way when there are a plethora of other statements to use to convey a similar message

List of 20 other ways to say “I’m all yours”

Do you want to tell someone “I’m all yours” but look for another way to say it? Here are the best alternatives:

  1. You have my undivided attention.
  2. How may I assist you?
  3. My time is yours.
  4. I’m at your service.
  5. What can I do for you?
  6. I’m ready to help.
  7. I’m here for you.
  8. You can count on me.
  9. I’m yours to command.
  10. What do you need from me?
  11. My attention is focused on you.
  12. I’m completely at your disposal.
  13. My time is at your disposal.
  14. I’m here to support you.
  15. What can I do to help?
  16. My heart belongs to you.
  17. You have my complete devotion.
  18. I’m completely yours, my love.
  19. All of me is yours.
  20. I belong to you, body and soul.
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1. You have my undivided attention

Instead of saying “I’m all yours”, you can replace it with the “you have my undivided attention” statement.

Both statements mean the same thing but they are best used interchangeably when it’s a professional or business setting.

For example, let’s assume a previous distraction has taken your attention while talking to an associate. Upon resolving the distraction, you can say “You now have my undivided attention” instead of saying “I’m all yours”

2. How may I assist you?

“How may I assist you” is a question you ask someone to indicate that you are willing to be of assistance to them but you want them to specify what area they need your attention and time into.

Hence, it’s another way of saying “I’m all yours” since the latter also means that you are offering yourself to be available to meet their needs.

3. My time is yours

When people say “I’m all yours”, especially in a non-romantic context, it’s often to indicate that they have the time and attention to give a person.

So instead of being ambiguous, you can specify what factor of you that person has at the moment. Is it your time and attention? Is it your opinion? Is it your audience?

4. I’m at your service

“I’m at your service” is also more specific and it rules out ambiguity especially when you’re trying to say “I’m all yours” in a professional way.

If you don’t want the person to read too much meaning to “I’m all yours” (signifying your availability) simply say “I’m at your service”

5. What can I do for you?

Imagine your supervisor at work comes to you and asks if you’re available to perform a certain task. You can indicate your willingness and availability to perform the task by saying “No worries, I’m all yours”

But that can sound ambiguous and the supervisor can read much meaning to it.

6. I’m ready to help

You can say “I’m ready to help” instead of “I’m all yours” whenever you want to signify your willingness or availability to offer assistance to someone.

For instance, if you friend ask you to follow them somewhere, you can say “I’m ready to help you today” as a replacement for “I’m all yours for today”

7. I’m here for you

“I’m all yours” is a statement of commitment, showing the person that you are available for them with unwavering support. Another way you can convey this idea is to say “I’m here for you”

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I like this alternative because it blends well with whatever context or setting.

“I’m here for you” sounds like an idea for your boss, colleague, friend, SO, and even your kids.

Other Ways to Say I'm All Yours

8. You can count on me

As mentioned earlier, “I’m all yours” is something people say to establish trust in someone — the trust that they can be taken care of or helped when in need.

So you can use this in a relationship context or business-oriented environment.

9. I’m yours to command

I have a little problem with this alternative because one would have to be very selective as to the person you say this to, but it serves as an ideal alternative to say “I’m all yours”

It’s especially useful when you are engaged in intense lovemaking with your partner and you want to tell them “I’m all yours” in the most arousing way possible.

10. What do you need from me?

“What do you need from me” is another way you can say “I’m all yours” because both statements send the idea that you’re available to offer help that the person might need.

It’s an indication that you now have the time and attention to meet the person’s needs or demands.

11. My attention is focused on you

You can say “My attention is focused on you” as a response to someone’s request for your time or attention. In my opinion, this is better than saying “I’m all yours” so you aren’t misinterpreted.

For example, if someone asks for my minute to run things over with you, you can say “Sure my attention is focused on you”

12. I’m completely at your disposal

To be at someone’s disposal means to be available for whatever activity they want you to be engaged in with them. So it underlines the message that “I’m all yours” attempts to convey.

13. My time is at your disposal

This has a very close connection to the preceding option, only that “my time is at your disposal” serves well as an alternative to “I’m all yours” when someone asks you to spend time with them.

If their request is a major on your time expense and you’re willing to grant the request, then this is the best one to use.

For example, when someone asks if you could grab a coffee with them, you can say “Of course, my time is at your disposal for the next 30 minutes.”

14. I’m here to support you

You cannot say “I’m all yours” to someone you don’t support. If the person had asked you to help them with someone or had come to consult you for something, you can express your willingness to help by saying “I’m here to support you”

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15. What can I do to help?

“What can I do to help” is a common question people ask when they intend to pass the impression that they are willing and available to be of assistance.

I like it when sales attendants, especially in showrooms or libraries, come to me and say “What can I do to help”

If I eventually ask them to help me find an item, they could reply with “Sure I’m all yours”

16. My heart belongs to you

You guessed right — “My heart belongs to you” would best replace “I’m all yours” when referring to your partner or someone you love dearly.

You won’t want to use this when a colleague approaches you for a favor to run over something quickly.

17. You have my complete devotion

If you plan on using “I’m all yours” in a romantic context, then another way you can say the statement is “You gave my complete devotion”

As I cited earlier, “I’m all yours” underlines one’s commitment, attention, trust, and devotion toward the person he or she says it to.

18. I’m completely yours, my love.

Other Ways to Say I'm All Yours

Again, this is an excellent way to say “I’m all yours” without actually saying “I’m all yours”

Here, you’re fiddling the words to strike a more impactful statement of commitment and endearment with someone you share deep feelings with.

19. All of me is yours.

When you genuinely love someone, you’d want to reassure the person as many times as possible that he or she is the only significant other in your life. Saying “I’m all yours” now and then will become monotonous.

20. I belong to you, body and soul.

I read this line in a poem and I thought to share it as one of the best alternative ways you can say “I’m all yours”

You can use this when referring to your lover.

Final thoughts

The place where I’ve heard the statement “I’m all yours” most is at work where someone was on the telephone when I approached them with a question of some kind.

Then, when they put the receiver down, they say “I am all yours”, meaning I have their full attention.

So, it’s most likely going to suit a context outside the romantic idea.

Due to how ambiguous this statement can be, it is better to use other similar expressions that can’t be easily misinterpreted.

The crux of the idea is that the tone of your voice is as important as the statement you eventually choose to use.

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