20 Best Responses to “I’m Addicted to You”

We have, in one way, witnessed any of the following scenarios either personally or indirectly: Ants clustered around something sugary, a swarm of bees flocking towards a sweet fragrant flower, A child asking for more chocolate, and the list goes on.

In all these examples, one thing stands out, their addiction.

Addiction to a thing, a person, or some random scenario is not odd; what is odd is when the addiction is blown out of proportion and it affects the normal functioning of the person involved.

In a relationship (casual or romantic), one begins to tell you how addicted they are to you; specific steps need to be taken to curtail the outcome of the statement, and the core among them is knowing the best response to give.

In this article, we will be highlighting the 20 best responses to give when someone says they are addicted to you. On this note, let’s move on:

How to Respond to “I’m Addicted to You”

It’s normal to have someone describe their liking for you, especially if you meet the criteria they have set in their mind, but what is worrisome is when such a person begins to tell you how addicted they are to you.

While it is not a good or a bad thing to have someone addicted to you, depending on the level and state of the relationship, below are the 20 best responses to give to one who says they are addicted to you:

  1. That is Interesting, but you should go slowly with the addiction.
  2. It’s nice to know that you feel that way. How about we balance things out?
  3. I feel the same way, but don’t you think it shifts our focus?
  4. That may be a dangerous thing to do.
  5. Let’s work on being Independent.
  6. I guess we should work things out.
  7. Thank you for thinking so. I think we should focus on improving our mental health.
  8. It would help if you weren’t dependent on me.
  9. We both have different lives to live.
  10. Do you want to see the Doctor?
  11. I implore you to respect our boundaries.
  12. It could be toxic to be addicted. Come off it.
  13. Let’s take a break.
  14. Bear in mind we are couples and not belongings.
  15. Follow your happiness.
  16. Why don’t we be supportive of each other?
  17. Learn to live without me.
  18. You don’t want me to exploit you, do you?
  19. I care too, but I am taken.
  20. We’ll see where this leads.

That’s Interesting, but you should go slowly with the addiction

You don’t want to have someone you regard as a mere acquaintance doting intensely over you, do you? Then this answer sets the tone.

Here, you acknowledge that you are being adored, and this person will do anything to have you to themselves, but your principles and boundaries make them know that they should take things slowly.

It could also mean that you both have just started the relationship and as a result of a few things you have done to impress your partner, they can’t help but state the obvious. It is your duty to respond appropriately to avoid any mishap that may ensue during the relationship.

It’s Nice to know you feel that way; how about we balance things

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to dealing with relationship issues. While you may think that fellow understands your stance without explaining it to them, it may do you good to give them a clear-cut description of your relationship status.

When you respond with It’s nice to know how you feel. How about we balance things out, you place in their subconscious a caveat that contrary to what they may be imagining, you have no business in what they are proposing.

You could sit over dinner, call a date, or immediately on the spot let them know that although you appreciate their feeling, you instead prefer that they channel their attachment to someone else.

Explaining this to this set of people requires carefulness and comprehension of their psychology.

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I feel the same way, but don’t you think it shifts our focus?

This open-ended question response should be used when you feel something for the person, but you both have a different path regarding life choices.

For example, if you like this person and you do have plans to travel abroad, it is best to bring this up when they come up with the statement “I think I’m addicted to you,” for you to precisely know what they will think about the possibility of the relationship making headway.”

Other instances where this answer works best is if you are paired with this fellow on a project, and halfway into the project, they start to catch feelings.

If you feel the same way, don’t hesitate to bring up this response. Maybe, your prince charming is in them.

That may be a dangerous thing to do

Puppy love exists, and it affects everyone, single or married; everyone has a share of this experience.

How, then, do you deal with a minor or someone who knows your married status telling you they are addicted to you? You guessed right, cut them off with a warning.

Out of ignorance, stubbornness, or flirting, someone who knows your relationship status will want to test your emotions by telling you how well they are addicted to you.

The moment you fall for it, you might be walking into a minefield.

The best way to deflect this statement is by forbidding them to carry on with their intention, as it may be a dangerous thing to either you or them personally, significantly if the outcome of that relationship will cost a soul.

Let’s work on being independent

Away from the amorous feeling of a romantic relationship, frequently someone on sees you as their sole provider is likely to state that they are addicted to you due to your providence.

While this may sound like a compliment, it is crucial to know where to draw the line.

Maybe you are the room-mate with a job, and the bulk of the responsibilities in the house rests on your show, it is safe to state to your roomie that while you appreciate their commendation, you still have not lost sight of the fact that they need to be less dependent and get something for themselves as well.

This response immediately registers in the subconscious of your roommate that you might not be there forever, and regardless of the number of times they keep stating their addiction for you, they need to step up and get a life too.

I Guess we should work things out

You know that initial coy when that person is doing the chase, your hypocritical reluctance, and how much they have to woo you just to get you to open up.

When next they come up with how addicted they are to you again, my advice: find a way to work things out.

Okay, you’ve had your moment, but can you, for once, let them know that you are also interested in them, even if you don’t intend to be pronounced?

The response I guess we should work things out is refreshing for these individuals who have been chasing for a long and will give them more reasons to dote over you. Now who doesn’t like being doted on?

Thank you for thinking so. I think we should focus on our mental health

Not all relationship ends happily ever after; actually, it would have been better not to engage in the relationship at first.

So the deed has been done, and this fellow is seeking a comeback, my dear, don’t be blinded; it’s still going to crash.

Here is what you should do:

A careful reminder of the days you gave your heart to the working of the relationship and how much mental stress it caused you or them, plus the incompatibility will do well to bolster the response of them going to focus on their mental health will yield.

It would be best if you weren’t dependent on me

This direct answer speaks to the heart of a dependant; how much they profess to cherish you hinges on all that you have made available.

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As you become a good soul, it is essential to realize that the earlier you let them know that they can’t keep depending on you, the earlier they will need to sit up in fending for themselves.

Additionally, appreciate their comment but let them know what the truth is. I rest my case.

We Both Have Different Lives To Live

how to respond to I'm addicted to you

This answer may not directly respond to “I’m addicted to you” statement, in that there is some underlying issue that requires addressing before the statement is made.

Maybe this person who is confessing how addicted they are to you leads a life that is riotous, rambling, and somewhat a braggart and is not in the know of how your reserved, calm demeanor contrasts with his.

Items it is your responsibility to let them know that you are not the best match each time they come up with such a statement again.

This sounds like a warning to the culprit and will, over time, see them not addressing you as they have before.

Do you want to see the Doctor?

This response is a sharp, cutting remark only used for someone who consistently troubles you even after making your opinion known.

Sometimes, they may feel like your constant denial could mean that you still have a soft spot for them, but with the response of them seeing a doctor, Only one who is a lunatic pesters them after the response is given.

However, bear in mind that as sarcastic as this response sounds, it is advisable to use this response if you know that your security is guaranteed.

We don’t want to have placards in the air screaming justice for you. Just kidding!

I implore you to respect our Boundaries.

Maybe you are not the kind of person who likes hurting others’ feelings, but the response is mild enough to chase the intruder out.

This individual could be your colleague, a neighbor, or just some random secret admirer, whoever they are- by imploring them to respect your boundaries, there are tendencies to have their pipe down on their addiction for your statement.

Nevertheless, the bull-headed one will prefer to keep nudging you until they have you give in; in this case, you may want to invite the law to step into your situation.

It could be toxic to be addicted. Come off it.

This doesn’t have to be you. Your friend or relative needs to know that being addicted to someone could be a trap they might not be able to escape from.

If you notice how your friend excessively talks about their partner, you must give them some schooling.

Each time they do so, the opportunity to let them know that they have to cut down on the way they cherish their special one of theirs should not be taken for granted.

Explain in simple, clear terms while they should tread carefully with their emotions lest they are disappointed.

Let’s Take a Break.

Believe me, when I say you did the right thing, especially if the relationship is one-sided.

A one-sided relationship is one where a party only feels the benefit of any relationship rather than both parties engaged.

This manifests as an excessive demand for things only the party will want, constant projection of their self-worth while demeaning the other, and lastly, the pretense of love and care to the other party involved.

Phew! That was a whole lot of definitions; what you need to know is once you notice the above sign in the person you are courting, and they still sweet-talk you into believing they are addicted to you, suggest you both take a break, and be sure to take to your heels.

Bear in mind we are couples and not something to own.

Now, don’t think the issue of having one tell you there are addicted to you is a thing for the Singles; you may have to rethink.

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These days, couples find it irritating when their partner to addresses them as a possession; this could come in the form of a statement like I’m addicted to you.

If you or someone you know is being addressed in this manner, you should spill out your heart to them.

When you lay out your reasons as to why you do not like being addressed that way and offer alternatives that sound less classifying, you have not only improved your relationship but also well shown how mature you are in handling marriage problems.

Follow your Happiness

This is a subtle way to let that admirer know you are ready for a relationship without revealing too much, even when you want them.

Following your happiness as a response to I’m addicted to you mitigates any assumption of desperation.

In fact, it depicts disregard on your part; you make the person know that you are available but that whether they shoot their shots or not, you are unperturbed.


Why don’t we be supportive of each other?

If you are looking for a perfect way to decline a compliment or think it is unnecessary, using this response is the best you will ever know.

First, you show your speaker that you know neither too much nor too little, but you believe that everyone has a spot at the table.

You want the best in the relationship while still seeking the best from the relationship: call it a break-even t, then you will be correct.

Learn to Live without me

Another way to let dependants know that they can stand on their independence of you or anyone who has been supporting us is by giving this response.

You necessarily don’t have to stop being supportive, but while you offer your assistance, you make them know that a time will come when they will have to foot their bill and other miscellaneous.

You do not want me to exploit you, do you?

What people will do for love is fantastic. When you or someone has fallen head over heels for someone, there is no telling the length to want to keep that relationship.

However, one mistake those blinded by Cupid is when they tell their partner how addicted they are to them.

Once or twice is enough to let the other partner know how much they love other. However, when it starts recurring, and this partner observes, it could lead to a one-sided relationship.

Here the partner sees all the right and no wrong in every action the object of their interest carries out.

It takes a partner who means well for the relationship to end this incessant doting by letting the other party know about the dangers of a one-sided relationship.

I care to, but  I am taken

If the intention is for a relationship and you or the significant other has a date, it is then proper to appreciate their liking/addiction for you.

At the same time, you go on to let them know that you are already in a relationship.

This avoids any lurking trouble and saves you the stress of an explanation.

We will see where this Leads

So you have finally agreed to give in to the chase to settle with that someone; this answer is appropriate in what was said.

All you need to do is make arrangements and write in to inform us of the date of the marriage. I end my statement.


Honestly, I feel the need to go on with this article; well, I guess good things have to end.

Nonetheless, I believe you now have the answers you need to reply to an I’m addicted to you statement.

From we will see where this leads, I care to, but I am taken; you should see a Doctor; the list is endless; sort out the correct answer for the scenario that plays out, after which you can thank me later.

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