20 Best Ways To Reply To “WYS”

“WYS” is an acronym that stands for several things. Depending on the context, it could mean, “What are you saying?” “What’s your status?” or “Whatever you said.”

But in most situations, people would use this abbreviation in texting to ask, “What’s happening or What’s up? What are you doing.”

I know. It can be very confusing to know what to say when someone texts you “was.” Even the urban dictionary confirms that this is the most complex and confusing question because it’s not very understandable.

Chances are you’re confused about whether the person is asking about what you’re saying or doing.

The perfect answer to give when someone says “ways” depends on the meaning. So you must know the essence first, which will be a precursor for replying.

What Does “WYS” Mean?

The abbreviation WYS is ambiguous, but its meaning is usually among these possible options:

  • “Whatever You Say,” 
  • “What You Said,” 
  • “What are You Saying?”
  • “What’s Your Status?”

If you’ve made an arguable statement and someone replies with WYS, they will most likely mean “whatever you say.” In a situation like this, your response is not necessarily required.

Because WYS, in this context, implies that the person doesn’t want to argue with you, but they know you’re wrong about it. (sarcastically or otherwise)

If the person agrees with you after you make a profound statement, they can reply with WYS to mean “what you said.”  Many people use this one to agree with something said or written.

WYS can also mean “What’s Your Status?” But it’s not an expected outcome. Most times, gamers use this acronym (with or without a question mark) to request a situation update about a player’s character, especially in games like Call Of Duty and PUBG.

But the most common one, which we will base the entirety of this article on, is “What are you saying?” In many situations, people use WYS (reading “what are you saying”) to ask about what you’re up to.

So, they expect you to read it as “What’s up with you” or “What are you doing?” Or literally, “What are you insinuating or implying.”

In this context, the person is using WYS as an icebreaker and asking after you. Here’s how to reply:

How to Reply to “WYS.”

Remember, the response I’m recommending in this article is ideal when the person says “was” as a form of asking, “What are you up to” or “What are you doing.”

Often, in this context, the acronym will come with a question mark. Even if it doesn’t, the context of your chat with the person is all it takes to understand what they mean by sending the acronym to you.

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The next time someone sends you “WYS” as a way to ask “What are you saying” or “What are you doing” reply with any of the following:

1. Just hanging in there

An easy-to-remember response. But it will most likely suggest you’re going through a challenging time. “Just handing in there” as a response to “WYS” can be a colloquial expression to convey that you’re managing, perhaps facing some struggles, but still persevering.

2. Living the dream, one day at a time.

When someone texts you “WYS,” you can reply with a positive and lighthearted response such as “Living the dream, one day at a time.”

It sends the idea that you’re enjoying life and taking things as they come. It’s a playful way of saying you’re doing well and trying to make the most of each day.

3. Just chilling, you?

“Just chilling, you?” Serves as another perfect thing to say when someone asks “WYS”.

This response is perfect when you’re simply relaxing or taking it easy. It would mean you’re not engaged in any specific or busy tasks while also interested in knowing what the person is up to as well.

4. Oh, you know, the usual.

When someone sends you “WYS,” you can reply with “Oh, you know, the usual” to imply that you’re engaged in your typical or regular routines.

This response indicates that there’s nothing particularly noteworthy happening at the moment, but it’s a friendly way of saying you’re occupied with your usual daily tasks or activities.

5. Nm, hbu?

“NM, hbu?” Is an acronym for “Nothing much, how about you?”

The exciting thing about this response is that it requires the person to decipher the acronym you sent.

So not only are you saying you don’t have anything significant happening at the moment, but you’re also giving the person a tit for tat while asking about their current situation.

6. Words and stuff. How about you?

Reply to “WYS” with “words and stuff. How about you?” when you’re occupied with various things.

It would also make you think you’re curious about what they’re up to.

“WYS” is like a casual conversation opener, inviting you to share what’s been happening in your world. So, you can also share what you have been up to lately with the person.

7. Crafting the perfect response to your question.

Respond with humor, indicating that you’re taking their time to come up with a clever or witty response to their question. It will show that they must be clear enough and stop using acronyms.

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But it also sends the idea of a playful way of engaging with them and keeping the conversation fun.

8. Talking to you!

Take their question as an opportunity for a witty response while emphasizing your ongoing interaction.

When someone says “WYS,” You can respond with, “Isn’t it obvious what I’m up to? We’re chatting right now!”

9. Living the dream. How about you?

This reply captures a positive and lighthearted tone, implying that you’re content and satisfied with your life.

The phrase “Living the dream” conveys a sense of enthusiasm and fulfillment while also leaving room for the other person to share their own experiences (how about you?).

10. Nothing much

“Nothing much” perfectly responds to “WYS” because it effortlessly combines wit and casual conversation.

It captures the essence of a laid-back attitude while subtly implying that there isn’t anything particularly exciting or noteworthy happening at the moment.

It’s simple to remember and works for every situation. It also leaves room for further conversation by inviting the person to share their updates.

11. Just being awesome. What about you?

“Just being awesome. What about you?” emanates the ideal blend of confidence and intrigue.

You can playfully showcase self-assuredness, intriguing the person who asked you “WYS” to share their endeavors.

12. Not saying much; just going with the flow. How about you?

“Nothing much, just going with the flow” is another fantastic response to “WYS” because it encapsulates a laid-back and open attitude that invites further conversation.

It conveys a sense of flexibility and adaptability, suggesting you embrace whatever comes your way.

By using this response, you leave the door open for the other person to delve deeper into your activities or initiate a broader discussion.

13. Being a cool cat. You?

When someone asks you “WYS,” you can respond with “Being a cool cat.”

It typically means you’re feeling relaxed, confident, and enjoying yourself.

Use this response to portray yourself as cool, calm, and collected, suggesting you’re in a positive state of mind.

14. Mastering the art of relaxation. You?

“Mastering the art of relaxation. You?” Is a witty option for responding to “WYS.” I

I like this response because it cleverly replies to a simple question with humor.

15. Brewing some creativity. How about you?

“Brewing some creativity. How about you?” is a concise and intriguing response to the question “WYS” (what are you doing?).

The playful metaphor makes the person think you’re ongoing a process of generating ideas, which implies engagement in imaginative or artistic activity.

The “how about you” further implies that you are genuinely interested in the other person’s activities, inviting them to share their pursuits.

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16. Enjoying the rollercoaster of life. You?

When someone tells you ‘WYS,” you can reply with “enjoying the rollercoaster of life’ to imply that you’re embracing all the ups and downs, the twists and turns, and even the occasional loop-de-loops that life throws at you.

You’re not just sitting back and letting life happen to you; oh no, you’re strapping in, throwing your hands up in the air, and screaming “Woo-hoo!” at the top of your lungs.

17. Just trying to make the most of every moment. How about you?

Alternatively, you can respond to “WYS” by saying, “Just trying to make the most of every moment. How about yourself?”

By saying this response, you’re expressing a positive and proactive attitude toward life, suggesting that you want to seize opportunities, enjoy experiences, and make the most out of each moment you have.

18. Not much, just taking life as it comes. What about you?

Remember, “WYS” most likely means the person wants to know about your current activities or how you’re faring.

So you can respond with, “Not much, just taking life as it comes.”

It indicates that you don’t have any significant or specific activities. You’re simply going with the flow and handling whatever comes your way without making plans or commitments.

19. Just enjoy the simple pleasures in life. What’s up with you?

You’re engaged in activities or experiences that bring you happiness or contentment. This response suggests that you appreciate and find joy in the minor, uncomplicated aspects of life. That’s an excellent reply to “What are you up to”

20. What do you mean?

If you’re unsure what the person meant by saying “WYS,” simply ask them to clarify instead of responding inappropriately.

When someone tells you “WYS,” you can respond with “What do you mean.” This will allow them to type the acronym in full or throw more context to their text.

WYS is a slang acronym that has become a staple icebreaker on social media chats. It can be super confusing to know how to respond. But the problem is knowing what the person means by sending the acronym.

In most situations, they mean to say, “What are you saying?”, “what’s up?” or “What are you up to?”

I hope that you’ve found, in the above article, the best replies to give when someone sends you this slang.

Meanwhile, there’s nothing wrong in responding with “What do you mean” if you don’t understand the acronym. It will allow the person to explain themselves better or type in full text.

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