20 Best Responses to “You’re So Funny”

Acknowledging a unique trait in a person can be considered a compliment. You may be referring to your partner’s beauty, confidence, or sense of humor.

What do you say in response to a compliment? Better still, how do you respond when you are complimented on your special sense of humor?

This article is here to give you ideas on how to respond when someone says you are funny.

While ‘You are so funny’ may be a compliment on your humor, it may also be a way of joking with your sense of reasoning.

A person can say you are funny because he or she thinks you are reasoning wrongly and humorously. In response, you can say ‘Alright then’.

Below is a list of 20 responses to the statement addressing the two contexts clarified above.

20 Correct Responses to “You Are So Funny”

  1. Am I?
  2. Thanks.
  3. Never mind
  4. I wasn’t joking about that though.
  5. I know I am.
  6. It’s not something to laugh at.
  7. I try my best.
  8. You too.
  9. I got that from my father.
  10. Alright then
  11. Funny is my middle name.
  12. Rate me.
  13. How is this funny?
  14. You never listen.
  15. I am being serious here.
  16. Enlighten me.
  17. Shut up.
  18. I can prove it to you.
  19. Alright, I’m joking… continue.
  20. You’re being really silly here.

Am I?

When you are complimented, your reaction matters. You can choose to respond by simply saying ‘Thank you’. You may just show appreciation by smiling and changing the topic.

You may also embrace the compliment in a funny way. Another option is to give a modest response. The above suggestion is an example of a modest response.

You can ask ‘Am I?’ like you don’t believe in the compliment and wear a smile. The smile will show that you appreciate it.

The rhetorical question will show that you don’t really consider yourself funny. The person will probably repeat himself or herself with more emphasis on how funny you are.

Lol. Thanks.

Another good response to a compliment is ‘Thank you’. It is the most common response given to compliments.

People don’t often know how to react after saying ‘Thank you’ to a compliment so they just change the topic.

Changing the topic is a good idea. You may also choose to talk about whom you got your sense of humor from… or who you think is funnier than you are.

Never mind

Does ‘Never mind’ sound incorrect as a response? It is definitely incorrect to say this after receiving a compliment.

However, you can give this response if you have been teased concerning a statement you made earlier.

In arguments, people often make jest of each other’s points just to show that they are being more reasonable than their opponents. Arguments do not have to go this way.

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It shows that one side is not ready to listen to the other and that means neither of them will be able to convince the other.

If neither of the two will allow themselves to get convinced, then the argument can be considered pointless.

You can simply say ‘Never mind’ and ignore the other person’s point.

How Do You Respond to You’re So Funny

I wasn’t joking about that though.

Here is another way to show your modesty, though it isn’t exactly a modest statement. You should say this if you have said something serious in a funny way.

You can get complimented on how funny you are but you may need to remind your listeners that you were being serious with everything you said, even though it sounded like you were joking.

You may be making a claim or giving a warning that sounds ridiculous. Ridiculous often sounds funny, especially if you are making it sound real.

However, ‘Ridiculous’ may be actually real. Tell your listeners to heed your warning instead of joking with it.

I know I am

As mentioned earlier, you can also just accept the compliment that has been said to you. By saying ‘I know I am’, you are claiming that you are truly funny just as the person had said.

This may sound boastful but you can easily turn it into a joke by making up a ridiculous story about your sense of humor.

It’s not something to laugh at

Sometimes, people joke about your sense of humor because they think the serious situation you are talking about is actually a joke.

However, people don’t only make this statement when they think you are joking. They may simply not understand how grievous a situation is or they just don’t care about it.

When you talk passionately about a situation that seems minor, it will definitely sound funny. When you talk about a serious situation but they consider it minor, they will also find it funny.

When they laugh at what you are talking about, you can remind them that it is not something to laugh at. You can also talk about why they should consider it seriously just as you do.

I try my best

If you are a comedian, this is a modest response you can give. It is a modest response for anyone. You may be complimented on how well you do something.

Claiming to be the best or to do better than some others may sound boastful. You may simply talk about how you put effort into doing well.

You may also add ‘thank you’ after giving this response. It implies that you try hard to do what you do and you are happy to know that someone appreciates it.

You too

Here is a nice response if this compliment comes in the middle of a long conversation. However, you may sound like you are kidding if the person hasn’t actually made you laugh since you started talking.

You should only use this response if you obviously enjoyed the chat with the person and the person was equally funny. It will be easier to make the person believe that you consider him or her funny too.

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This is a modest response. It is similar to saying that someone else is funnier than you are. By saying this, you are almost turning the attention away from yourself m

I got that from my father

As mentioned earlier, you can pass the compliment to someone else. You can say you got your superb sense of humor from your father.

Of course, it’s not necessarily your father. It could be your mother. It could be your uncle. It could be a popular comedian. It could also be your brother.

This is a modest response, as you are indirectly praising your father or another person for the unique traits you just displayed.

You can say this if you have been complimented on your beauty, your dance steps, or just anything about you.

How Do You Respond to You’re So Funny

Alright then

‘Alright then’ sounds weird as a response to a compliment. That is obviously true but only because it is not meant to respond to a compliment.

This is similar to saying ‘Never mind’. Both statements can be used to imply that you are giving up on an argument.

As explained under ‘Never mind’, when a person laughs at your argument, the person is not willing to listen to you or what you have to say.

The person is holding onto his or her beliefs and that makes the argument needless since you won’t be able to convince him or her.

The only choice you have is to listen to his or her points and see if they are convincing or not. If not, you shouldn’t bother about getting him or her to hear you out. ‘Alright then’ is another way to say ‘Continue in your delusion’.

Funny is my middle name

Embracing the compliment that has been said to you is not a crime but it will make you seem boastful. This response however will seem less boastful, as it takes a funny style.

By saying ‘Funny is my middle name’, you are embracing the fact that you are funny and claiming you already know it.

You can also make a ridiculous joke, as suggested earlier. With this, rather than sounding boastful, you will only appear to be joking.

Rate me

Here is a good one. You are not embracing the compliment, at least not yet. You are trying to get the person’s complete opinion on what he or she has complimented you on.

When you say this, you are telling the person to tell you how funny he or she considers you to be. It won’t sound boastful since you are still waiting to hear what the person thinks.

You can then express your surprise when the person says how funny you are to him or her.

You can give this response irrespective of what you have been complimented on. It could be your beauty, your style of dressing, or even your expertise.

How is this funny?

This is a rhetorical question but it can still be answered. You should say this if the person is trying to make jest of something that you consider serious.

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You may be giving a warning or talking about a real situation. When a person says ‘you are so funny’, the person thinks you are telling a ridiculous joke or you are exaggerating the situation.

You can simply prove that you are not lying. You may also show them how serious the issue is and why they should be equally concerned about it.

You never listen

Of course, if a person laughs at your argument, he or she is not trying to listen to you. The person is holding onto his or her ideas so none of your ideas will get into his or her head.

You can simply point out this fact by saying he or she never listens.

This statement may make him or her hear you out for a minute, at least. If not, you can ignore after saying this.

Continuing with the argument won’t yield anything in your favor anyway.

I am being serious here

You can emphasize how serious you are with what you are saying. You may be talking about your experience with so much passion that it sounds like you are exaggerating.

You may even be using metaphors that sound way too extreme. While people may believe your story is true, they may not believe they are as great or worse as you describe and you may be tagged as funny.

You can remind them that you are being very serious with all the metaphors you used.

Enlighten me

This may be the best response when your opponent in an argument is making jest of your points. We can consider it the best response until you find out your opponent is totally wrong.

When your opponent won’t hear you out, not hearing him or her out may show that you both are the same. You can hear what your opponent has to say. Possibly, you may find out why he or she thinks your claims were totally funny.

If he or she is not right, you don’t have to continue the argument since it won’t lead anywhere. You can simply ignore after this.

Oh. Sh^t up

Say this to your dear friends who joke about things you consider intense. You may be talking about how hurt you are or how much you need something. Your friends can make jest of you by calling you funny.

While ‘sh^t up’ may sound rude, it shouldn’t sound rude to your friends. At least, not to the same set of people who just laughed at you.

I can prove it to you

‘You are so funny’ can indicate disbelief. The person may either not believe your entire story or just the descriptions you are giving.

The best way to respond to disbelief is to bring proof and watch them get surprised.

Alright, I’m joking… continue

If you are giving an important warning and the person is refusing to listen, you can give this response. This response is not literal.

It sarcastically agrees with what your friend has said. This response is naturally followed by silence. You entirely ignore after saying this.

You’re being really silly here.

It is only silly to joke about a serious situation. If you are talking about something that should be considered important, it is absurd to have people joke about it or consider it minor.

You can call your friend or friends out for being silly.

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