20 Funny Sayings Like Awesome Sauce

Awesome sauce is a phrase used to express extreme satisfaction or pleasure over something. It can be used as an exclamation to communicate your feeling of joy and happiness over an event or good news.

Awesome sauce is also a saying used to show approval, usually positive, of someone or over something. It is also used to express excitement between family members, friends, and lovers.

Awesome is used to describe something that leaves one in awe and wonder with so much excitement. But sometimes, it might feel like awesome does not properly describe how you feel. So, an appropriate replacement would then be awesome sauce.

  • ‘My wedding is next month; I would like you to be there’.
  • ‘Wow, that’s awesome sauce’.

20 funny sayings like “Awesome Sauce”

Awesome sauce is a funny saying especially to a pal or someone who hasn’t heard it before. But sometimes awesome sauce might not be appropriate all the time especially when you are speaking or chatting with a senior or boss.

It could also be that you use awesome sauce a lot and want a new but equally funny saying. We have decided to save you the trouble and give you 20 funny sayings like awesome sauce.  

 1. Cool beans

Cool beans” is slang that is used to express extreme enthusiasm, agreement, or endorsement of something. The phrase doesn’t have a literal meaning, but it has become a popular and informal spoken expression.

Cool beans” is an old-time expression that might not likely be used in this present time. Therefore, it will be perfect to use cool beans for an elderly or aged person.

Example statement:

  • ‘I got my license today’
  • “Cool beans! you must be pumped up!”

2. Dope stuff

Dope stuff is an adjective that means that something is extremely cool and amazing. It is a casual, modern, and funny word. It will be too colloquial in a formal setting or if used during a conversation with an aged person.

Dope stuff is a slang used to describe a person, thing or event that was extraordinary and super cool. In a more extreme reaction or hype, you can say freaking dope.

Example statements:

  • P1 – I just got the latest PlayStation and PS5 console.
  • P2 – That’s some dope stuff.
  • P3 – Yo! That’s freaking dope.

3. Super-duper

Super-duper is a funny saying. It can be said when something is extremely pleasing, truly great, very good, or amazing. It is a more fun way of saying awesome sauce.

Super-duper is also an exclamation best said when something is better than average, better than usual or extra. It can be used to express excitement and show one’s feelings.

Example statement:

  • How are feeling today?
  • I feel super-duper!

Super-duper can describe both positive and negative feelings. You can use it to describe someone’s personality and character. It would mean that the person is fun, cool, and extra.

  • He has a super-duper personality.
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4. Amazeballs

The statement Amazeballs is a perfect substitute for awesome sauce. This is a slang that means amazing, awesome, or fantastic. It is a funny way of saying amazing.

Amazeballs have no literal meaning. It originated in 2003. It is used to express eager approval.

Between friends, amazeballs is a witty way of expressing excitement. It’s the perfect phrase to use when screaming encouragement or cheering someone.

Example statement:

  • Our team won the match.
  • Amazeballs!

5. Hooray

Hooray is used to express joy, excitement, or victory. People sometimes shout hooray when they are celebrating or when they are happy and excited about something.

Hooray is a fun saying just like awesome sauce only that the former is more popular. It can be used with anybody and at any time.

Hooray is usually said as a chant such as:

  • Hip Hip!!
  • Hooray!

6. Fantastic

Fantastic is a saying that means extraordinary, great, amazing, incredible, wonderful, outstanding, fabulous. Therefore, fantastic is an appropriate term to express excitement or satisfaction.

Fantastic stands for something excellent and extremely good. You can also use fantastic to describe a wholesome moment.

Example statement:

  • I had a fantastic date, thank you so much.

7. Whoop Whoop/ whoopee

Whoop Whoop is a shout to express eagerness, enthusiasm, and excitement. When you want to use whoop whoop to express happiness, give approval, or cheer someone, it usually comes out as a holler or shout except when chatting.

Whoop whoop can also be said as whoopee. Whoopee is a more spontaneous saying than whoop whoop but both can be used like awesome sauce to express delight or show high spirits.

Example statement:

  • Today is the last day of school.
  • Whoopee!

8. I’m in awe

I’m in awe is a saying that describes the feeling of reverence and amazement. You can use this term to describe extreme satisfaction or pleasure.

I’m in awe” expresses wonder, surprise, amazement, and respect. It is also used to hail and compliment someone’s win.

Example statement:

  • Judge came 1st in the tournament.
  • I’m in awe of his achievement and victory.

9. Awesometastic

Awesometastic is a funny and witty way of showing extreme satisfaction and delight. It is a word that can be used to describe something that is awesome and fantastic or just extraordinary.

Just like awesome sauce, awesometastic is a different yet applicable term to describe one’s excitement and thrill. Awesometastic is a blend between awesome and fantastic and it means superbly wonderful.

Example statement:

  • Today is payday, therefore, It’s going to be an awesometastic day.

10. I’m marveled

I’m marveled is a saying to express wonder, surprise, appreciation, and excitement over a gift, victory, good news, or exciting event. It can be used to show admiration and affection for someone.

Like awesome sauce, I’m Marvelled can be used as an exclamation to a sudden event or news. It is also a way to compliment someone’s physical, mental and or academic gift and achievements.

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It is also used in flattering someone.

  • I’m marveled at your beauty. Your pictures do not do you enough justice because you look better in person.
  • The passer-by marveled at the little girl’s voice.

11. That’s surreal

Surreal is an adjective that means bizarre, or incongruous. That’s surreal is a statement that can be used to describe an experience or feeling that is strange and unusual.

You can also exclaim, respond, or say that’s surreal to another person’s description of a bizarre experience or strange feeling.

Either way, it describes something as outwardly, uncanny, mystical, or simply magical.

Example statement:

  • When I first saw him, I had goosebumps, it was such a bizarre experience.
  • Wow, that’s surreal!

12. Yass queen

Funny Sayings Like Awesome Sauce

Yass queen is an enthusiastic phrase often used to hail a friend or close pal on how they look or something they did. This phrase can also be used to call someone fierce.

Yass is an LGBTQ slang used in the strong expression of excitement or admiration. Yass queen can be a cheer for a friend or partner.

It is also an acceptable and witty way of saying awesome sauce.

Example statement:

  • Kelvin has officially asked me out on a date.
  • Yass queen! Finally.

13. You don’t mean it!

This is an expression of momentary disbelief, not because you doubt the occurrence but because it seems too good to be true. It is also an expression of wonder.

This phrase is best used when something happens abruptly or in a way that is more than expected or wished.

This phrase can either be funny or insulting depending on your relationship with the person. To a friend, it is funny and you all will probably laugh it off while they assure you that the news is true. To a senior colleague, it will sound like you are doubting them or making jest of them.

Therefore, ensure to say this only to close friends and family.

Example statement:

  • ‘Desmond has sent the money for my flight’
  • ‘You don’t mean it! That’s so kind of him.’

14. Wow

Wow is a word expressing astonishment or admiration of something, or over someone. It is an exclamation which is a sudden reaction to a sensational success, pleasure, etc.

Wow is used to describe how impressive and exciting someone is. It can also be used to register shock over something.

Wow is a fun and cheerful way of encouraging and hailing someone. Wow is usually followed by applause or a smile.

Example statement:

  • The stadium for the concert is sold out. People are everywhere.
  • Wow, that’s impressive and commendable.

15. Yippee

Yippee is an exclamation of wild excitement, happiness, satisfaction, and pleasure. It can be used to cheer someone. It can also be used to express triumph or to celebrate a victory.

Yippee is a fun and childlike way of expressing joy, excitement, and enthusiasm. So, whenever you want to let out your inner child, yippee is the best term to use.

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Example statement:

  • Our middle-of-the-term break starts tomorrow.
  • Yippee!

16. Yay

Yay is a shout you make to express joy or delight. It also means yes or yeah. It is a funny saying like awesome sauce that can be used to express extreme pleasure over something.

When you say or shout yay, you are expressing joy and happiness, showing support and encouragement, or celebrating a win and victory. Yay is simply a shout of joy.

Example statement:

  • My results are finally out. I cleared my papers.
  • Yay! Go, girl.

17.  I’m overwhelmed

To be overwhelmed means to be completely overcome with emotions. It can have both positive and negative connotations.

I’m overwhelmed is a saying used to express how one feels. It is a way of expressing a deep feeling over something or someone.

I’m overwhelmed is a saying that describes deep joy, happiness, pleasure, remorse, sadness, hurt, etc. It’s perfect to use when you lack words to describe how you feel.

Example statement:

  • The management of XYZ got you this car to commend your dedication to the growth of this company.
  • I don’t know what to say. I’m overwhelmed. Thank you.

18. Top-notch

Top-notch is an adjective that perfectly describes something as excellent or of the highest quality or level. It is used to praise or grade something as highly rated.

Like awesome sauce, top-notch is funny and can be used to express satisfaction or delight over something.

Example statement:

  • How do you feel about the new lounge?
  • It’s top-notch.

19. OMG

Omg is an abbreviation that translates to oh my God. Omg is an enthusiastic initialism used to express surprise, excitement, shock, thrill, and even disbelief.

Omg is a funny and witty way of expressing joy, and happiness and celebrating a person’s win. It is used mainly in text messages, chats, and email.

Example statement:

  • I graduated yesterday.
  • OMG! I’m so proud of you.

20. Awe-inspiring

Awe-inspiring is a phrase used for an amazing moment that leaves you in awe. It’s perfect when something is worthy of respect and of high esteem.

When you describe someone or something as awe-inspiring, you are highlighting that they are magnificent and leave you in wonder.

Example statement:

  • The excursion was an amazing experience. Niagara Falls is awe-inspiring.

In conclusion, awesome sauce is a geriatric term. This term possibly originated in a cartoon, by the character Strong Bad in the early 2000s and has since been used to illustrate something good as better than good or extremely good.

In recent times, awesome sauce and cool beans are no longer popular. It can also be said to be outdated and extinct. Nonetheless, it is still funny, and it is a witty way of expressing pleasure, happiness, satisfaction, and contentment.

To an older individual between the ages of 50 and above, saying awesome sauce will bring a smile to their face.

  • I’m turning 50 tomorrow.
  • Golden Jubilee! That’s awesome sauce

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