15 Great Excuses to Add Someone on Snapchat

Although it is pretty weird, you may get asked why you added a person on social media. It is understandable if the person is asking you why you added him or her but it is still quite weird.

When the question comes, you can either have an honest response or just think of something that doesn’t warrant getting blocked by him or her.

There are several possible reasons you can add a person on social media. Today, we are focusing on Snapchat.

That is quite central but we will be exploring 15 different excuses you can give.

15 Good Excuses For Adding Someone on Snapchat

Excuses to Add Someone on Snapchat

  1. I love your pictures.
  2. I can’t find the filter you used.
  3. I am new on Snapchat. Hoping to make new friends.
  4. The name sounded familiar.
  5. Your account was suggested to me and I added it.
  6. Because we know each other. Duh!
  7. You looked familiar so I added.
  8. I am just growing my friend list
  9. I need help finding my way around Snapchat.
  10. Your avatar is cool
  11. I like your posts
  12. I saw you on my contact list.
  13. I didn’t realize I sent a friend request
  14. Your username sounds clever
  15. We needed a better space to chat

I love your pictures

Saying I love your pictures is a suitable excuse for adding someone on Snapchat.

This response is only very nice because Snapchat is designed for pictures and filters. There is hardly anyone who owns a Snapchat account without having a picture on it.

However, they don’t all share their filtered pictures on Snapchat. Some people would rather take those pictures and post them on other social media applications where they will have more visibility.

It is quite possible for the person you are chatting with to have shared no pictures that he or she has taken. Boom!

You would sound like a stalker who can’t even cook a perfect lie and you would wish you had just stuck with your actual reason.

I can’t find the filter you used

This is a beautiful response that should definitely work. It may not even give the person a chance of talking about anything asides from the conversation you are starting.

This is very similar to the excuse suggested earlier. Both have to do with pictures but you will wonder why this seems like a much better response than the other one. There are two reasons.

The first reason, which is quite minor, is that you must be referring to the filter on a particular picture if you are using this excuse.

This means that you must have found the picture already before saying this. It will be quite difficult to blow your cover as long as this particular one is your cover.

The second reason is that you are starting the conversation with a real issue. You can tell the person that you have a problem and you think he or she can help you out.

While the person may be unable to help you find a similar filter on your phone, It will change the topic from why you added him or her.

You can explain that you are new to Snapchat and you are just starting to find some filters. While this should be the outcome of this excuse, some people may actually not care about you needing help.

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They obviously can’t help but they don’t care that a newbie may not be aware of that fact. Such a person must be very arrogant. Why would you be chatting with such a person anyway?

I am new on Snapchat. Hoping to make new friends

Some people only challenge you and ask why you have added them as friends because they are choosing to befriend only people they know.

This happens in virtually all social media platforms. The person can choose to unfriend you or block you since you are a stranger. He or she may also just allow the friendship to happen.

This response is great but it is only nice if there is nothing that indicates you may have been on Snapchat for long.

For example, your images may reveal how long you have been on the platform. While you claim to be a newbie, you may have too many pictures on your profile negating that claim.

The name sounded familiar

Saying a Snapchat profile name looks like someone you know is one great excuse to use for adding someone on Snapchat.

This saves you from insults and disrespect but it may not save you from all that may come your way. For example, we have talked about people who only want to be friends with people they already know in real life.

They are careful with choosing friends online and some don’t even have any strangers or mere acquaintances as a friend on social media.

In this case, giving this response may just make the person move to your profile and unfriend you immediately. If that happens, it has happened.

There is no point in forcing friendship with a stranger anyway, and definitely not with a person who doesn’t want to befriend you.

When you say the name sounds familiar, you should ask a few questions about who he or she is.

This doesn’t have to be honest but it will create the façade that you actually had a reason for adding him or her. After saying this, you can change the conversation and just ask that both of you be friends. That is simple.

Your account was suggested to me and I added it.

This is not the most clever response but it shows that you don’t care about giving the best excuses. That is clever enough.

You simply added the person because Snapchat suggested him or her and you don’t exactly need to chat with him or her. The person can block you after hearing this. You shouldn’t care about that.

It is a pretty weird question to go about asking why people add you on social media. This should be a clear sign that certain people you adore on social media are arrogant and unrespectable.

Because we know each other. Duh!

This is a great excuse for adding someone on Snapchat if you are talking to someone you know. That is literally what you stated. It would be really weird and creepy if you both don’t know each other.

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The statement isn’t very funny anyway so you may just sound stupid. If you know the person, you can say this confidently.

Saying this doesn’t mean the person doesn’t recognize you or your account. It could be a friend or a group member who you want to relate with.

The person can question why you added him or her on Snapchat and you can simply say this is your only reason.

You looked familiar so I added

This implies that you have seen the person’s pictures and he or she looks familiar to you. The person may ask who you are just to confirm if he or she also knows you as you claim.

There is a high chance that the person will block you or unfriend you after saying this since you have confirmed that he or she is not the person you know. Some people will just let it go.

They will have you as one new friend and you can keep your ‘desired’ friendship with him or her.

I am growing my friend list

It is also okay to just sound intelligent. You can leave the person be if he or she is not willing to be your friend unless you have special reasons for choosing him or her.

When you say you are growing your friend list, you are directly implying that you have no special reasons for adding the person.

In addition, you can say that the person’s name was suggested to you so you thought of adding him or her. Then you can ask if you both can be friends.

With this, you have done right already. Whatever reaction you get should not affect you.

I need help finding my way around Snapchat

This lie should be able to work but not necessarily. Asides from the fact that it may not be something you can be helped with, your excuse may be blown.

If you say this without proper care, the person will just figure out you are lying by simply checking your profile.

This response or excuse implies that you are a newbie on Snapchat and you are telling the person that you need help in knowing what the platform is about and how to thrive.

The person will check your profile and you will just get blocked if there are indications that you are not a newbie on Snapchat.

Also, there are very few people who will take the time to give you lectures on what to do and what to not do on Snapchat.

Your avatar is cool

This sounds like a compliment but it really isn’t. However, it may be quite commendable if the person is not using a picture of himself or herself as the display picture.

This is quite similar to saying you like the person’s profile picture, except this one does not actually represent how the person really looks.

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The person you are chatting with may not be impressed by this excuse but it is something you can consider saying.

In addition to this, you can ask how to find and use that avatar.

I like your posts

A newbie would wonder if Snapchat lets you see the posts of people who are not your friends.

That would be a plot hole quickly figured out. However, Snapchat actually allows you to see the posts of people even if you haven’t added them as friends.

This totally depends on how the owner of the pictures shares them. If he or she sets posts to be viewed by the public, that is only when you could have seen the posts you claim to like before adding the person.

It may be quite hard to use this excuse unless it is your true reason or you have seen the person’s post before you even sent the friend request.

This should be a good excuse since it is the only good enough reason to have excuses. If the person is a total stranger to you, there is no point in looking for excuses just so the person doesn’t block you.

However, it is understandable to want to have a person as a friend after viewing his or her posts.

I saw you on my contact list

This is quite rare but it happens, especially to people who share their phones and save so many numbers of people whom they don’t know dearly.

You may also use this as an excuse for sending a message to a person on Snapchat. It is weird to be questioned on why you are sending a message but it can actually happen.

You can say you saw the person on your friends list on Snapchat. This means you both are friends already.

I didn’t realize I sent a friend request

Let’s give something simple and savage. If you don’t want to sound like you are begging to be befriended, you can make sure you don’t sound like that.

You can tell the person you didn’t realize when you sent a friend request. Then you can tell the person to block you if he or she wants to.

Your username sounds clever

This sounds weird but it is some sort of compliment too. You can’t say this if the person is using his or her real name. Then, this excuse would not fit.

If you give this as your reason for adding the person, he or she still has to choose whether to block you or not. This excuse doesn’t exactly convince the person not to.

We needed a better space to chat

This is an excuse you can give someone you already know and chat with on a different platform. Although it’s a weird one since Snapchat is a better space to chat.

You can say you just realized that the person is on Snapchat so you thought of adding.

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