What Does “Boujee” Mean? And How To Use It In Conversations

Did someone call you “boujee” or you just saw an instagram comment with that word and wondering what does it mean? In this post we will share what exactly it means and when should you be using the term.

“Boujee” Meaning

“Boujee” is a slang transformed from the word “bourgeois,” which refers to high class in a showy or extravagant way. You can say being boujee is often linked to something materialistic or someone trying to make something look or be expensive.

But if I were to sum up “boujee” in a simple phrase, it means “over the top”.

Now, you may not have heard this word before till the rise of Gen Z and social media. Where we started referring to people or actions that depict what exactly rich people would do or be.

It does not just end at being or showing off rich. Boujee sometimes is also referred to a thing or an action that emulates being rich.

It can be a fancy meal, getting your nails done that looks fancy or even walking your dog while wearing something nice. It depends on the observer and what they feel about the situation.

The Good and Bad of Calling Someone Boujee

Positive Associations

The term “boujee” started off as a class thing, where you can tell that someone is rich and has classy life but they are humble and down to earth to still hang out with you. You can address them as “being boujee”.

You can also call something “boujee” like a nice meal prepared by your friend. Or a nicely packed gift you just received. This shows that you are in aww of what you are seeing. And you want to express that.

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Negative Comments

‘Boujee’ is also used to be sarcastic or be negative to someone.  It can superficiality, arrogance, or materialism, painting those labeled as such in a negative light.

So, it’s really important to use this term wisely in your conversations. You need to make sure that you are comfortable or ok with it being taken in a negative tone.

That is why its important to think through your words before saying it.

Tips on Using “Boujee” In Your Conversations

Here are some tips to help you use “boujee” in your conversations smartly:

1. Know the Context

Make sure you understand the context of where you are using and your relationship with the person. Its easy to misread the phrase which may lead to hardship in your relationship.

2. Use it Sparingly

Like any slang term, moderation is key. Overusing “boujee” might dilute its impact and make you sound more like a wannabe trendsetter or someone trying too hard to be cool.

3. Mix and Match

You don’t need to always use “boujee” to convey the message honestly. Here are some alternatives for you:

  • Extra
  • Fancy
  • Super Cool
  • Dope
  • Over the top
  • Unnecessary

5. Stay Authentic

Remember, authenticity is key in incorporating slang into your vocabulary. Use “boujee” in a way that feels natural to you and aligns with your personality. Don’t force it into conversations where it doesn’t flow – let it shine in contexts where it truly resonates.

6. Be Observant

Pay attention to how others use “boujee” in different settings. Observe its nuances and subtle variations in meaning. This will not only help you grasp its full range of usage but also inspire you to incorporate it creatively in your own vernacular.

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With these tips in mind, you’re ready to level up your vocabulary with the stylish sophistication of “boujee.” So, go ahead, sprinkle some boujee flair into your conversations and watch your language take on a whole new fashionable twist!

Final Thoughts

“Boujee” is a versatile slang term that has found its way into mainstream vocabulary, but its meaning and connotations can vary depending on context and interpretation. Whether used to describe style, sophistication, luxury, or cultural identity, “boujee” reflects the diverse ways in which people express themselves and navigate their social worlds. By understanding the origins and nuances of “boujee” and incorporating it into your vocabulary thoughtfully and respectfully, you can engage in more meaningful and inclusive conversations about style, identity, and culture in today’s diverse society.

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