20 Best Responses to “Snitches Get Stitches”

When someone tells you snitches get stitches, it is normal for you to feel offended. First, they didn’t have to be that rude about whatever it is that you did or said.

And also, it was off for them to try to rub it in that you said something about them or their activities without first seeking their consent.

So, when they refuse to think in that direction and decide to sort of warn up with that phrase, you’ll be likely pressed to reply to them.

You don’t have to be all apologetic, especially if the information you gave out helped solve crimes.

However, I will be revealing to you the 20 best responses to snitches get stitches in this article. But first, let’s look at what this phrase means.

Snitches Get Stitches Meaning

The true meaning of snitches get stitches is not entirely far from its literal translation. Before we forge ahead, it’ll be important that you understand who a snitch is.

In this context, a snitch is someone who passes vital information or tittle-tattle to the police or authority institutions about the perceived activities of a person or group of people without seeking the consent of the individual or group involved.

Snitches get stitches means that anyone who snitches is prone to end up injured by those he or she snitched on.

This consequential injury is borne out of the initiative that a snitch is the same thing as someone who throws you under the bus i.e. someone who wants bad for another person.

From this above explanation, we can deduce that snitches get stitches implying that anyone who tells the authorities about the activities of others without their permission will be physically abused.

This abuse in turn will likely leave the person in stitches, making the phrase more or less of a threat.

Best Comebacks for “Snitches Get Stitches”

When someone says to you “Snitches get stitches”, there’s every tendency that they’re portraying you as a snitch in their little story.

Perhaps, you’re one but did the telling out of a positive concern. In this case, their threat is geared towards making you remorseful and less humane but you wouldn’t let that happen, would you?

Below are the best responses you can throw in to keep your head up if someone says to you “Snitches get stitches”.

  1. It is ironic how you say that to me when you do worse than snitches
  2. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll make my skin thicker than it is already for the stitches
  3. You only say that when you’ve gone days without chocolate; get some for yourself
  4. I already got my pain relief package, so?
  5. Snitches also get money as rewards…clown
  6. It’s no doubt saying that to me comes out better when you’re a scumbag
  7. At least, they also get the bags
  8. Beat it, it’s all in your head
  9. Was that a threat?
  10. Let it go, karma just paid you a visit
  11. Ewww, you’re giving off a toxic vibe
  12. And I’m supposed to fret because of that?
  13. I didn’t know there was a punishment for saying the truth
  14. It’s sad how you pride yourself on fatality
  15. That’ll be dependent on what they snitched about
  16. Grow up, violence only breeds its subordinates
  17. You never seemed dumb to me, but now I guess I overestimated you
  18. Now, being a concerned citizen translates to being a snitch? Clownery in a blatant display
  19. You’re more than ridiculous
  20. What do you mean by that?
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It Is Ironic How You Say That to Me When You Do Worse Than Snitches

If you think that the person who said to you “Snitches get stitches” has done more than just snitch (which is just a presumed overstepping), then you shouldn’t shy away from bringing this shortcoming of theirs to the table.

It is not just a counter-attack but also a move to reframe the person’s notion that snitching is a morally bad act when compared to theirs which is the real deal.

Perhaps, you had snitched on them because of their abuse of younger kids (i.e. he or she is a pedophile). If that is the case, then taking your stand by using this line of response is the best thing to do.

Thanks for the Heads up, I’ll make My Skin Thicker than It Is already for the Stitches

Now, this is what we call a “sarcastic response” when someone says to you “Snitches get stitches”. You can use this when someone tries to warn you of being a snitch.

This response implies that you’re ready for whatever it is the person wants to bring aboard.

It could be just to make you afraid or live in self-doubt, but you don’t have to allow for such as you can always stay with your head up than breaking a knee in front of them.

If the person is knowledgeable enough, he or she will understand the angle of your response.

You Only Say That When you’ve Gone Days without Chocolate; Get Some for Yourself

This is another witty response you can give when someone says to you “Snitches get stitches”. The essence of this response is to cajole the person by implying that it is only chocolate that keeps them out of trouble.

That is to say that the person who says to you “Snitches get stitches” is barely doing that out of their inability to take chocolate for a long time.

Can you tell me a better way of telling someone that they’re joking without actually saying that?

Well, this response will likely beat any responses you find somewhere else hands down in the race of which response suits the context the best.

I Already Got My Pain Relief Package, So?

This will be the second response that passes the message of “I am ready for your actions, bring it on” to the person who says to you Snitches get stitches”.

The essence of this line is that it portrays you as unshaken by the threat, and even goes a bit further to throw a rhetorical question to the person who brings the threat to you.

Since getting a stitch is painful, you’re positing that you already have your pain relief package, which means you do not regret your actions and you’re ready to face the consequences even if you have to endure pain for a long time.

Snitches Also Get Money as a Reward…Clown

Best Responses to Snitches Get Stitches

You can’t agree less with this line of response, because some snitches even do so when there’s a reward afterward.

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This is not in the vein that the person is materialistic but because it is worth it. Let’s see it from this angle; where the government places a reward for whistle-blowing on the head of a notorious thief who happens to be a member of your community or neighborhood.

While the monetary gain may be alluring if you snitch you’re doing that to save the sanity of society and also be of help to the security outfits around. But at the same time, you’re getting paid, see?

Therefore, you can use this line to decimate the person’s pose that “snitches ‘only’ get stitches”.

It’s No Doubt Saying That to Me Comes out Better when you’re a Scumbag

Yeah, there’s no doubt about the fact that only an unfortunate person would end up telling you “Snitches get stitches” after you just gave a piece of information about a notorious gangster who has been terrorizing the community.

It could be that the apprehended outlaw was related to them, so it would be understood as an emotional reaction coming from them. But who cares?!

If anyone does, it shouldn’t be you. On that note, you have yourself another premium response to add to your menu.

At Least, They Also Get the Bags

We previously established that snitches do not only get stitches for their actions, but sometimes, they also get cash gifts.

Well, this right here is another way to say the same thing concerning the same subject matter, with the same contextual meaning all packed into it.

I’m sure this is a clear message and the person at the receiving end needs no further explanation unless they’re dumb.

Beat It, It’s All in Your Head

First of all, snitches getting stitches is not a universal fact but a truth that lives only in the heads of its adopters.

This could be the case of the person who says it to you, and if that is so, there’s a need for you to inform them about their unhealthy adoption.

You can do that using this line of response which is explicitly self-explained.

Was That a Threat?

Please, you might as well play ignorant of the true meaning of “snitches get stitches” when someone uses it on you.

For what it’s worth, you just heard a line from someone and need help understanding what they mean by that.

By that reasoning, this response will help you understand better the person’s view of “snitches get stitches” since everyone has got theirs.

Let It Go, Karma Just Paid You a Visit

Karma is real and surely pays. You can capitalize on that to serve a befitting response to the person who says to you “Snitches get stitches”. If that’s the plan, then this response comes in a timely.

Ewww, you’re giving off a Toxic Vibe

It is toxic and inconsiderate to tell someone “Snitches get stitches”. Even more, it is uncivilized to say that.

Perhaps, the person who said that to you doesn’t know that, and if that’s the case you can use this response for them.

And I’m supposed to fret Because of That?

You can also employ this very rhetorical question to the person who says to you “Snitches get stitches”.

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Here, you’re sarcastically asking the person if you’re meant to fret because of what they said to you.

I didn’t know there was a Punishment for Saying the Truth

Well, It is proven that when you say the truth you’ll face punishment. Although it is not proven anywhere, it could be in the head of the person who says to you “Snitches get stitches”.

On that note, if the person says that to you, you can reply them with this line.

It’s Sad How You Pride Yourself on Fatality

No one makes a great personality by priding themselves in a fatality. It is not only uncalled for, but it is also dumb.

Unfortunately, that’s what the person who says to you “Snitches get stitches” is trying to do. Ignorant of their actions; you can school them using this response.

That’ll Be Dependent on What They Snitched About

It is wrong to condemn someone totally because they snitched, without having in-depth research done to ascertain why they did that. In light of that, you can form your response that it’ll be dependent on what one snitched about for them to be left in stitches.

Grow up, Violence Only Breeds Its Subordinates

The person who tells you, “Snitches get stitches” is violent, whether physically or verbally. When you sense that, you can repel him or her by reminding them that violence only breeds more violence and nothing more.

You Never Seemed Dumb to Me, but Now I Guess I Overestimated You

Also, in the vein of posing the best response, you can throw a little savage response into the tray to spice up the mood. If you’re looking in that direction, you can do that using this line of response.

Now, Being a Concerned Citizen Translates to Being a Snitch. Clownery in Blatant Display

You can as well express your surprise at the fact that being a concerned citizen now means that the person is a snitch.

Perhaps, you snitched on someone who has a criminal character which led to their arrest, so someone tells you “Snitches get stitches”. While your actions could be bad to them, it was only borne out of concern for societal peace.

You’re More Than Ridiculous

Best Responses to Snitches Get Stitches

It is ridiculous for someone to say to you “Snitches get stitches” while they do far deadlier acts than snitching.

What Do You Mean by That?

You can also feign ignorance of what being a snitch is when someone says to you “Snitches get stitches”.

While this line helps you achieve that, it also lets you know the true intentions of the person who said that to you.

Wrapping Things Up

We’ve come to the end of this post, which has done enormous great moves to discuss the somewhat controversial topic of being a snitch and its consequences.

In the course of this post, I’ve explained what it means to be a snitch, what “snitches get stitches” means, and also the best response to the phrase.

Make use of them with caution and discretion to violence and its other vices. Hit the comment section if you have any questions or contributions.

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