15 Best Responses to “Are You Still Alive”

On most occasions when someone asks you “Are you still alive”, you may be left puzzled as a result of the question.

This is because the subject of death and life remains a topic a lot of people shy away from having. For most people, it seems that speaking about death is synonymous with summoning it or whatever.

However, I’m sure the person who asked you that question didn’t mean it literally. The question now is, what it means when someone asks you “Are you still alive”.

Answering this question now brings us to the main bone of content in this article which is the 15 best responses to “Are you still alive”.

We’ll be looking at all these, starting with the meaning of “Are you still alive”. Stay with me!

Are You Still Alive Meaning?

Are you still alive is a sarcastic, witty, and somewhat humorous way of saying that you have not seen someone in a long while.

So, when someone asks you this question, they’re trying to convey their surprise and concern about not having seen you for a long time. It means the person cares for you and wants to know how you’ve been faring.

However, the controversy surrounding the topic of death and life makes it somewhat hard for some people to reply when someone asks them “Are you still alive”.

They tend to shy away from it, especially if the person has a strong and somewhat religious background.

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But in the real other of things based on the contextual meaning, when someone says the question “Are you still alive” to you, it means they haven’t had their eyes on you for a long while, long enough to wonder whether or not you’re no longer alive.

15 Best Responses to “Are You Still Alive”

Remaining silent when someone asks you “Are you still alive” is not an ideal line of action for anyone. In light of that, it is pertinent that you have a response in this situation.

However, it doesn’t only end with having something to say as your response has to be good enough to represent your level of intelligence.

Some of the best responses to “Are you still alive are; “yes, what were you expecting?”, and “Physically, yes…Emotionally, I doubt.”

However, below is a highlight of the 15 best responses to “Are you still alive”. Without further ado, let’s dive into them.

  1. I wouldn’t call it living, but I’m surviving
  2. And what if I’m not?
  3. Lol, funny you. Well, that is what it looks like
  4. What does it seem like to you?
  5. How are you doing fam?
  6. Of course, I am. How else would I be able to answer your questions?
  7. What were you expecting?
  8. More or less. Either way, I’m still standing and breathing
  9. I just traveled for a while, so it’s not a cause for alarm
  10. I’ll have to go home and check. I’ll get back to you later
  11. My Snapchat was hacked, but my life wasn’t too
  12. Barely! You’ve got some palliative for me?
  13. I was, not until you started pissing me off with your questions
  14. We’ll need a stethoscope to verify that
  15. Physically, yes…emotionally, I doubt

1. I Wouldn’t Call It Living, but I’m Surviving

Life has a funny way of making us walk dead; particularly not in a bad way. When someone asks you “Are you still alive”, it means that they’re asking “Where have you been?”.

Well, it could be life hasn’t been fair to you and your decision to disappear for a while was borne out of that.

If that’s the case, then you can use this line of response for the person. This reply posits that all you’ve been doing, while they’re not watching, is ‘surviving’.

This response serves right because it puts you in the position of giving the questioner a heads up on what is happening with you, thereby clearing them of the thought that you’re no longer alive.

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2. And What if I’m not?

This is the first rhetorical question in this list, and it seeks to query the person who asked you ‘are you still alive?”.

Your query in this case is not why they’re asking the question because you already do. Your questioning is coming from the angle of what the person wants to do about it if you are dead in the actual sense.

If we’re to judge it by this, we’ll see that the person has nothing to do about it. This makes their question pointless and unnecessary.

3. LOL, Funny you. Well, That Is What It Looks Like

It is somewhat funny for someone who hasn’t seen you in a while to wound up asking you “Are you still alive?”.

Perhaps, this person in question knows nothing about your line of action, and they’re surprised to see you after a long time of setting their eyes on you.

The funny part comes on if you’ve been around but just scarce and the person who asked you this question didn’t realize that. To respond, you can tell the person that it is what it looks like.

4. What Does It Seem Like to You?

You can use this question as your line of response to the person who asks you “Are you still alive?”. Here, you’re asking the person what it seems to them that you’re doing.

I know it sounds a bit rude, but this is one of the best responses you can serve the person in terms of question-like responses.

This question is another way of telling the person that you’re still alive since it’s obvious that you are which they can see too.

5. How Are You Doing Fam?

Without offering a biased and not too-sensible response to the question “Are you still alive?”.

You can bail out by using this question as your response. It is a swift and sensible boycott of the person’s initial question to you.

Here, you’re asking the person how they’re faring. I’m sure the person will focus on this thereby, making you not answer the question again.

6. Of Course, I Am. How Else Would I Be Able to Answer Your Questions?

With this response, you’re telling the person that you’re alive. Furthermore, you’re establishing the proof of your living by asking the person how else you can answer their questions if you were not alive like they’re insinuating.

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7. Yes. What Were You Expecting?

This response is an affirmative reply to the person that you’re alive. It also goes further to ask them what they were expecting…your demise?

Responses to Are You Still Alive

8. More or Less. Either Way, I’m Still Standing and Breathing

If you don’t want to sound solid with your response when someone asks you “Are you still alive”, you can use this line of response.

It doesn’t go deep into the details of what you’ve been up to but affirms you’re still alive.

9. I just traveled for a While, so It’s Not a Cause for Alarm

This response affords you the chance of explaining what you’ve been up to, to the person who asked you “Are you still alive”.

With this response, you’re saying that you traveled which accounts for the person’s inquisition.

10. I’ll have to go home and Check. I’ll Get Back to You Later

If you’re looking for a witty response to “Are you still alive?”, here you have one for yourself. You’re telling the person that you need to go home to verify if you’re still alive…lol.

11. My Snapchat Was Hacked, My Life Wasn’t Too

These days, people compare social media presence to being alive. Perhaps, you have been absent from Snapchat (a social media platform) courtesy of a hack operation that caught your account.

If you decide to take a break from opening a new account, your followers and friends could assume you’re dead. If that’s the basis of the person’s question, you can clear the air with this response.

12. Barely! You’ve got Some Palliative for Me?

Life’s not easy, even for the wealthy. If you’re having your portion of travails and someone asks you “Are you still alive?”, don’t hesitate to answer them with this line.

13. I Was, Not until You Started Pissing Me off with Your Questions

If you’re irritated by someone asking you ‘Are you still alive?’, you can use this line to reply when someone poses that question to you.

14. We’ll need a Stethoscope to Verify That

This is yet another funny response to ‘Are you still alive’, as this response wittily asks the questioner to bring with them a stethoscope if they want to know whether or not you’re still alive.

Responses to Are You Still Alive

15. Physically, Yes…Emotionally, I Doubt

I know a lot of people who are physically ripped and healthy, but emotionally torn and disorganized.

If you find yourself in this league of emotional outcasts, you can try to open up to someone who asks you “Are you still alive?” To do this, you can respond with the statement above.

Wrapping Up

We’re here at the very end of this post, which emphasized the best responses you can give when someone asks you “Are you still alive?”

Before we went into that, we did justice to the true meaning of the phrase “Are you still alive”; where we established that it is usually used when someone who hasn’t seen you in a long while finally does.

I’ll indulge you to employ any of these lines appropriately. However, you’re free to use one or two of the lines at a go, if you so wish.

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