25 Best Things to Say When Someone Surprises You with a Gift

Receiving gifts from people usually leaves a warm feeling, especially from a loved one. And when it comes as a surprise, it usually leaves what it is a surprise feeling.

Resultantly, knowing how to respond can be quite difficult. Usually, being thankful is the response people give when they receive a surprise package.

However, being creative with your thanks while still grateful will do a lot more good.

To help you, I wrote 25 best things you can say when someone surprises you with a gift. First, however, you’d know why saying things after receiving a gift is important.

3 Reasons Why Saying Things After Receiving a Gift Is Important

The importance of saying things after receiving a gift cannot be over-emphasized. In the same way, you compliment someone and it makes them feel good, so also is the act of gratitude.

When someone gifts you, it’s right that you show your thankfulness. Also, words are important in expressing your gratitude.

Below are some of the reasons saying something after someone gifts you is important;

It Makes the Giver Happy

A giver is always happy when their gift is appreciated. When you give a sweet reply after receiving a gift, it shows the person that you love the gift and this leaves a warm feeling within them.

The same way receiving a gift can warm your heart, is the same way what you say can warm the heart of the giver. That’s if you say the right thing of course.

So, don’t hesitate to appreciate someone who gifts you with a kind word.

It Makes Them Want to Give You More

Another thing that “saying things after receiving a gift” does is that it makes the giver happy to give more.

When you say the right things that warm the heart of someone who gifts you, there’s no doubt that they’d always want to do more if you’re their loved one.

It Expresses Your Feelings Better

Words are powerful and they can help you express your feeling perfectly when someone gifts you.

Whether you feel grateful or bitter, when you say it, the giver would know.

25 Best Things to Say When Someone Surprises You with a Gift

There are countless things you can say when someone surprises you with a gift.

Apart from showing how grateful you’re, these words can very much pleasantly convey your surprise and touch the giver.

Expressions like, “I love you” “you’re such a sweetheart” “you never cease to amaze me” and “this is beautiful” are some of the responses you can give when someone surprises you with a gift.

Below are 25 things you can say when someone gifts you without you expecting it:

  1. I appreciate your gift. Thanks a lot
  2. Wow! I’m getting emotional right now
  3. I never saw this coming
  4. This is beautiful
  5. I owe you thousands
  6. I love you
  7. You make me love you the more
  8. You are too sweet
  9. You are such a sweetheart
  10. You are the best
  11. Aww! This is lovely
  12. Wow! You have just won my heart
  13. Wow! I love this. God bless you
  14. I can’t get enough of this. I love it
  15. You have stolen my heart
  16. You are a darling
  17. You are one of a kind
  18. Oh, my God! This is just what I needed
  19. You never cease to amaze me
  20. You do a lot for me
  21. I can never forget this
  22. This means the world
  23. You are so thoughtful
  24. You know how to make me smile
  25. Wow! How did you do it?
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I Appreciate Your Gift. Thanks a Lot

When you appreciate a surprise with this response, it shows how deeply you feel about it. This is a wonderful reply to someone who gifts you.

“I appreciate your gift” shows that you love the gift while “thanks a lot” further expresses your thanks for their thoughtfulness.

Also, this expression offers you a variety of ways to use it. With an acquaintance or colleague, you can always use this reply. It’ll work perfectly in expressing your deep gratitude.

However, with a loved one, you can always use endearments that’d melt their heart. You could try something like:

  • I appreciate your gift. Thanks a lot, my sweetheart
  • I appreciate your gift. Thank you a lot, babe.

Wow! I’m Getting Emotional Right Now

Of course, you’d be emotional when you receive a surprise gift, especially from a loved one or a stranger.

The difference is that some people may be good at containing their emotions, while you that can’t contain yours shouldn’t be afraid to show it.

This is a simple reply that conveys how you feel genuinely without even saying thank you.

“Wow!” shows that you’re amazed by their action. Then, ‘I’m getting emotional right now’ shows how deeply touched you’re by their action.

It’s an expression you can always use anywhere when you feel it.

I Never Saw This Coming

Things to Say When Someone Surprises You with a Gift

Of course, it’s a surprise; you wouldn’t see it coming. This is a reply that tells the speaker that you’re surprised at the gift.

Whether it’s something you’ve always wanted or not, it expresses your astonishment at their thoughts. It genuinely lets them know that their action wowed you.

This kind of response should touch the giver, letting them know that they got the effect they were expecting.

This Is Beautiful

If you think the gift they got you is beautiful, you should let them know. It could be a dress, a suit, a wristwatch, or something you love so much, let them know you fancy it.

Also, you can use this reply to describe their thoughts towards you. It’s a beautiful thing when someone thinks to get you a gift without you asking, so you should let them know what you think about it.

Something like, ‘this is beautiful and thoughtful,’ will work.

I Owe You Thousands

When the surprise gift moves you so much, you may feel indebted to them. It’s natural to feel the need to reciprocate some good acts, especially if the person moves out of their way to do it.

So, this is a reply you can use to show how grateful you are, and the indebtedness you feel.

“I owe you one” is the common phrase people use, but when you say, “I owe you thousands,” it expresses the depth of your feelings better. And how you wish to make them feel good too.

Furthermore, this response is not coming from the aspect of you wanting to gift them too since they gifted you, but it genuinely lets them know you’d love to make them feel loved too.

I Love You

When someone gifts you, it can bring a rush of feelings and make you full of emotions. What better way to express yourself than saying, ‘I love you’?

It could be your loved one or a stranger, whoever they’re to you, you shouldn’t hesitate in saying these words.

The person doesn’t have to be your partner or family. Saying “I love you” even to a stranger, genuinely expresses how much their gift touched you.

You Make Me Love You the More

Now, this is a reply for someone you know. Some actions of our loved ones can ignite our love for them more.

It’s not that we don’t love them enough, but when they keep doing lovely things, it makes you feel, “oh how I love them more.”

So, this response shows that you already love the person, but their action towards you, blows your mind more and makes you all lovey-dovey again.

This reply can work in letting them know that you loved what they gifted you.

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You Are too Sweet

“You’re too sweet” is an expression you use for someone who does something romantic. It can also work for a thoughtful gesture from a friend and your loved ones.

This is a wonderful reply that shows how much you love the surprise and also expresses your gratitude towards them.

You Are Such a Sweetheart

Another good response you can use when someone surprises you with a gift is, “you’re such a sweetheart.”

This reply is just like the above. It’s a compliment that’ll make the person feel loved by you.

Also, it tells the person that you find their gesture sweet, and also find them sweet too. It’s a nice response you can use with anyone, irrespective of their relationship with you.

Things to Say When Someone Surprises You with a Gift

You Are the Best

This is another way of responding to someone who gives you a surprise gift. It tells the person you love their kind gesture.

Also, this response lets the person know that you value them a lot. Saying you’re the best shows that they’ve done something beautiful that makes them stand out in your life.

This is a complimentary response that can get to anyone and make them want to give you more. It expresses your happiness genuinely.

Aww! This is lovely

“Awww!” This is lovely!” is a great response to show that you love and appreciate the kind gesture.

Also, it shows that you also love the effort they made in making you feel happy. It’s a great response you can use with anyone.

Wow! You Have Just Won My Heart

When you’re so moved by the kind gesture of someone who gifts you, this is the kind of response you can use.

It expresses your surprise at their action and shows the effect it has on you.

When you tell the person that they’ve just won your heart, it could mean they’ve been showing romantic interest in you, and this is the action that moved you.

Also, it could mean they’ve been seeking your forgiveness over something, or you’re just not welcoming toward them. But, with this action, they’ve opened your heart towards them.

Wow! I Love This. God Bless You

This is another wonderful way you can respond when someone surprises you with a gift.

“God bless you” is a simple prayer that further shows how much you value their gift and thoughtfulness. In addition, praying for someone is another gift they’d appreciate.

So, this is a priceless response you can say to anyone who has done well for you.

I Can’t Get Enough of This. I Love It

When you’re blown away by their action and the gift, this is a response you can use. It shows that you’re surprised at what they’ve given you and you can’t stop admiring it.

It could be a new phone, a dress, or something you are crazy about. When you respond this way, it shows the person you love and what they gave you.

It’s a very nice response that expresses your gratitude very well. With this happy response, the person can pat themselves on the back that they’ve done well.

You Have Stolen My Heart

When you tell someone that they’ve stolen your heart, it means that you love them. So, when someone gives you a surprise gift, this is a reply that you can give them.

This response shows that you’re so wowed by the present they surprised you with. Also, it’s a good response that lets the person know that they’ve done well.

You can always say this expression to anyone, irrespective of your relationship with them.

You Are a Darling

When you tell someone that they’re a darling, it means they’re dear to you. Usually, a darling is an endearment partners use on each other.

However, this term has become more casual and it can serve as a compliment to someone who has done well.

So, when someone gives you a surprise gift, you can use this expression to let them know you appreciate it well.

You Are One of a Kind

This expression is another great way to appreciate someone who does something very special for you.

Oftentimes, it’s very nice to let people know how special they’re and how much you value them.

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So, when someone thinks to give you a gift without you requesting it, irrespective of who they’re, you can let them know how special they’re to you.

“You’re one of a kind” is an expression that says that very well. It tells the person that their actions mean so much to you.

Oh, My God! This is Just What I Needed

Things to Say When Someone Surprises You with a Gift

Your loved ones may be intentional and can offer you a gift they know you need. It could be they had heard you talk about it or they’re just sensitive enough to know what you need at the moment.

This action explains the love they’ve for you and it’ll take you by surprise when they get you exactly what you need at the moment.

So, you’d have a double surprise when you get your present. This expression very much says it all.

It expresses your shock at them getting you what you needed even without you telling them. It’s a response that can work for anyone who also coincidentally gets you what you need.

It’s a great way of telling them how much you appreciate the gift and their effort.

You Never Cease to Amaze Me

This is the kind of response you give when the person has surprised you before. It shows that you’re yet again amazed at their thoughtfulness and the gift they got you.

In addition, this reply lets them know you find them amazing. It’s a great response for someone who has been in your life and has been doing so much for you.

Also, it shows how grateful you are and how you’re pleased to have them in your life.

You Do a Lot for Me

Do you have someone in your life who’s very thoughtful, and does things for you selflessly? These kinds of people are rare to find and it’d be good to always appreciate them.

So, this is a good response when they surprise you with a gift. It tells them you’re aware of all the things they do and also appreciate them.

Here, your focus is on the fact that they are always sweet and generous to you and not particularly on the gift.

I Can Never Forget This 

When you’re so touched by what someone does for you, you may find it difficult to forget the act.

If someone surprises you with a gift, perhaps something you’ve always wanted, you can give this reply to show how much it means to you.

This statement is a good way to let them know you’ll always have them at heart. It’s a nice response that can work for anyone, whether they’re your friend or not.

Furthermore, this kind of response makes them feel valued, and satisfied that they made you happy.

This means the world to me

“This means the world to me” is a statement that expresses your heartfelt gratitude for their thoughtfulness.

This is an emotional expression that tells the person how touched you’re by their action. It tells them you’ll always remember and value what they’ve done for you.

When someone gets you a surprise gift that melts your heart, let them know with this statement. It’s a simple reply, but it says much. The giver would know they’ve done well.

You Are so Thoughtful

This is another response that pays more attention to their thoughtfulness rather than the gift.

Yes, the gift might be what you’ve always wanted and needed, but here you think they’ve done so well to think about surprising you.

This statement tells them that you value their good intention, as well as being appreciative of the gift.

Whether it’s what you like or not, you just love that they thought to get you something.

You Know How to Make Me Smile

Did they make you smile? Are they always making you smile? This is another wonderful response you can say to someone who gives you a surprise gift.

Here, you’re letting them know that their present and surprise to you made you smile. Also, you’re letting them know that they always make you happy.

It’s a good reply that tells them that you love their gift and also appreciate their efforts to keep you happy. It’s a good reply for a loved one.

Wow! How Did You Do It?

Things to Say When Someone Surprises You with a Gift

Here, you’re utterly blown away by their surprise. If it’s the case that they managed to shock you with what they got you, then this is a reply you can give.

This exclamation very much shows that you didn’t think they’d pull such a surprise. It’s a completely honest response that shows your gratitude for what they’ve done.

Final Words

When someone surprises you with a gift, it’s natural to show your surprise and your love for the gift.

Whether they’re your friends or not, it’d be nice to let them know that you value the gift as well as the thoughtfulness.

There are countless ways you can respond to show that you love the gift and their kind act. The above expressions are examples you can choose from.

They can work for anyone to show your appreciation properly. Don’t hesitate to use any of them, you can as well be creative with yours.

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