18 Ways to Respond to “Hey” on Tinder

It is not quite surprising that although Tinder is a site designed for potential lovers, not every of its users will end up with a partner. This is so because many lack good communication skills.

With our 18 ways to respond to hey on Tinder, we have intended to open your eyes to an entirely new theory of communication on Tinder. You’ll soon learn about it.

I understand that it feels good that you are worth a new person’s care but quite bad that you can’t judiciously treat them the same way.

While feeling loved may be a good thing, it often also requires sacrifices. In the same vein, the attempt to retain a person’s interest in you on platforms like Tinder can make the choice of the right response a challenge.

With a swift transition from here, we shall turn to the 18 ways.

18 Ways to Respond to Hey on Tinder

With any of the following 18 response options, you should be able to maintain the standard of chat you crave.

  1. Break the ice
  2. Ask about their day
  3. Use clever GIF
  4. Say something about their interest
  5. Repeat the ‘Hey’
  6. Seek their opinion
  7. Make a compliment
  8. Respond with an emoji
  9. Go with a flirty challenge
  10. Make a joke about something in their bio
  11. Reply with a popular song lyric
  12. An embarrassing response
  13. Use a cheesy pick-up line
  14. Let it be
  15. Do it your way
  16. Criticize their countenance
  17. Make the sender regret it
  18. Use simple insults

Break the Ice

Ways to Respond to Hey on Tinder

In case you want to, then standing to break this ice can be one of the best ways to win a person’s mind on Tinder with your response.

Some people are simply not good conversation starters and you can expect very little from them, consequently.

It is in view of this fact that breaking the ice for the sender of ‘Hey’ can be very healthy and advisable. You may want to ask – but how do I break this ice?

Your simple romantic lines will do or those usual friendly words you say to someone that means a lot to you.

Say for instance: Oh (her name), (your name) is more than glad to have you here.

As you continue on this page, you’ll learn more about breaking the ice.

Ask about their day

Ways to Respond to Hey on Tinder

As simple as this may sound, it can go a long way in helping you keep that potential partner. When people feel loved or cared for, they can literally do anything to retain that feeling.

It may not be a lot but the simple ‘Hello, how was your day?’ or ‘Hey, how do you do?’ questions can in some ways make a person’s heart melt.

Such questions as these tell a first-time messenger you are friendly and would be interested in them.

Nevertheless, I suppose every media person should be used to this by now, so if you want to sound different, continue with our other options.

Use Clever GIF

Sometimes you may simply be unsure of how to respond to messages like this using words, especially if it is the first time you are meeting the sender.

In cases like this, I would remind people that a picture carries a thousand meanings.

If you have any GIF that doesn’t seem too serious, you can push it up the screen. A GIF with a broad smile on a girl’s face leading a man into her room, or some others, will do.

Say Something About Their Interest

If you can, then go through the sender’s profile to know not only who but also what they are. What is he or she interested in? This information has got to be your next guide.

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Respond to the person talking about what interests them. You necessarily don’t have to do this like you learnt it somewhere or so.

By this, I mean you shouldn’t say: “You like football?” instead of “Wow! More like you, Liverpool is everyone’s choice.”

By talking about someone’s interest, it signals to them that you took your time to go through their profile and that you may be interested in them.

Owing to the nature of the site in question, your response to such greeting words as the simple ‘Hey’, has got to be fun and triggering continuity.

Repeat the “Hey”

Of the first five ways to respond to ‘Hey’ on a dating platform like Tinder is ‘repeating the Hey.’

This happens to be one of the most effective responses because, with it, you are able to tell if the sender is willing to take the conversation further.

When you reply to Hey with Hey, you are telling the receiver on the other end that it is his/her turn to continue.

It is also a smart way to show that you are interested in chatting with them but do not know how else to go about it.

If this is the option you are going by, feel free to choose between other similar words like ‘Hello’ ‘Howdy,’ and ‘Hi’.

Seek their Opinion

Not as boring as my heading might have appeared though. You need to keep the conversation going, but also fun and light-hearted.

Since asking questions is one smart way to get a person more engaged in a conversation with you, asking for an opinion is equally okay.

Fine, he or she said ‘hey’, but if you care about taking it further, you can ask, “How would you feel if you said hey and my response is ‘I can’t do without you’?”

Any question to make him or her speak out will be fine to see you through this level of any conservation.

Make a compliment

Maybe it sounds somewhat crude, but you can actually wheedle someone to be yours. Let us consider making compliments as a tip for your attempt to endear.

Do you remember breaking the iceberg hint? Well, you do that here with a simple and (maybe quite) honest compliment.

Your act of complimenting is followed by the uncovering of your personality in the receiver’s eyes, so you should be smart about it.

An example of compliments you can make is: “Never met anyone so cute – do people pay for beauty?”

You would agree with me that you can be loved because you show it; people love you for loving them. So make compliments!!

Respond with an Emoji

Emojis could also help you out in this. With some of the classic emojis your keyword offers, you can have that guy or girl involved with you just as much as you want.

Although the class of the interpretation of emojis could be similar to that of pictures, a number of emojis can help you send unambiguous messages.

Let’s say you want to go romantic with him, you can send a rose flower emoji. If you simply want to break the ice, send one of the smiley face emojis.

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To trigger a response you can’t imagine, you may decide to send a string of random emojis at a time.

Go with a flirty challenge

“Oh. I know that someday, someone somewhere in the world will win my heart, but I didn’t know it was you…”

Such lines as this can be very catchy. Like the use of pickup lines (you will soon read about), you can get the sender’s attention by choosing some of the timely and healthy flirty challenges.

Remember the purpose is not to get too comical and appear silly – giving a poor first impression but to retain the interest of whatsit on the other end.

Make a joke with something in their bio

There are millions of different compositions on people’s Tinder accounts standing in as their bio, and it is quite uncommon that one is not moved by the uniqueness of every bio he reads.

Sometimes you even read some and laugh out loud to yourself, not knowing admitting this can also foster your relationship with the account owners.

Now the thing is, without making fun of some of the things you suspect they are crazy about, you can get to know a person more intimately by making a good joke with something they said in their bio.

For instance, you can, “I had thought Shakespeare messaged me,” because someone noted W. Shakespeare as his role model.

Reply with a popular song lyric

“I need somebody who can love me at my worse,” is no idle line of words that should start and end up in Pink Sweats’ ‘At My Worst.’

If you notice, from their profile, that a person is obsessed with music, then they are more likely to vibe better with certain lines of popular songs you choose as a response.

In case they are no music fans, one of the popular Radio or TV show lines can still see you through.

An Embarrassing Response

Something that is quite embarrassing may bring you and that man or woman closely together, contrary to what you might have assumed.

The embarrassing responses here are not some of those abusive words that make you sound like a villain of some Sci-fi book or so.

They are simply certain lines that would rather trigger the receiver to say something more than their initial ‘hey.’

Something like, “I apologize. I’d have since responded to your message, but I can’t help being romantic. Will you teach me?”

Disclaimer: This may not always work out well, you’ve got to be cautious.

Use a Cheesy Pickup Line

A smart way to get attention. This is especially the best option for men since they are expected to be good conversation starters.

Many would argue that while a woman may simply send you ‘hey’ on Tinder, it can mean a lot to her – she most likely has an interest in you.

The reason for this is that ladies are generally not thought good at initiating conversations.

Whether you use an old flirty line or something completely random, just ensure it is cool and appealing to the ear.

Such lines you can use include the common: “Do you have a name, or can I just call you ‘mine’?”

By choosing the right pickup lines, you can be sure you have not only responded to ‘hey’ but also lept to win a heart.

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Let it be

Sounds weird? Well, it is not what you might think. Oftentimes you can determine how interested a person is in you looking into the first impression they gave you.

One who said ‘hey’ may simply not be interested in you, so you don’t want to force it. To be so sure you’re not going to reply to this, you can go through the person’s profile and see if he/she is worth it. Worth in the sense of compatibility.

Is he or she having a profile that doesn’t quite fit into your standards, or something similar? You’ve got to let it be.

If they, among others, do not send another message to match your effort within a day or two, you can forget about them.

Do it your way

Finally, you can best respond to ‘Hey’ in your way. What is it that comes to your mind? An empty opinion? Then you’ve got to let that be. A funny idea? You’ve got to make it up.

You can say for instance, ‘My interest in you has a lot to do with my responding to such messages as Hey.’ Embellish the raw idea in your mind while cooking it into a response.

By suggesting that you do it your way, we are trying to hew out your hidden communication styles and confidence. In responding to Hey, literally any way around can do. Just try!

Criticize their countenance

 While Tinder is stereotypically taken for a platform where only single people in search of a partner meet, it should also be admitted that you can choose to reply the way you want.

If you’ve checked the profile picture of the sender and it doesn’t go down well with you, you can decide to sound a bit awkward.

“What are you doing on Tinder looking like that” is one example of embarrassing response you might also like.

Make the sender regret it

What will it cost one to examine your profile and be sure you’re not of their caliber before messaging you? What’s more, they said ‘hey’.

If this gets on your nerves, this response idea will help you out. ‘You read my preferences and you thought it was okay to text me, didn’t you?’ or ‘Why do the wrong people keep texting me?’, are some silly questions you can ask.

Simple insults

Ways to Respond to Hey on Tinder

Regardless of how angry you get with the message ‘hey’, I would suggest you keep things simple and modest, if not a little polite.

Insults are supposed to make people feel bad, but with the following responses, you will kindly curb a person from messaging you again.

  • You don’t know what you look like. Yuck!
  • You’re so beautiful! I don’t mean that.

You can especially embarrass one with this when colors disagree in the outfit they wear in their profile picture or so…

Tinder is fun, feel free to tease people you don’t mean to get along with, as you look out for your choice. But keep it simple!

Parting Words

If you paid attention all through the previous sections of this article, you’d notice some options are identified as more peculiar to females, for instance.

I suppose with our simplified list of the 18 ways to respond to hey on Tinder, anyone should be able to nurture new connections, especially those that open with ‘hey.’

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