20 Similar Phrases to “the Cat’s Pajamas”

Some of the best similar phrases to ‘the cat’s pajamas’ include ‘the ant’s hard work’, ‘the elephant instep’, ‘the cobra’s hood’, ‘ the rhino’s horn’, ‘the kangaroo’s pouch’, and ‘the cuckoo’s chin’.

The aforementioned phrases are similar phrases to ‘the cat’s pajamas’ but there are more. However, this idiomatic phrase has its origins in the U.S. in the 1920s and is often associated with cartoonist T.A. Dorgan.

Noticeably, the phrase is a combination of two terms; “cat” which symbolizes young and vibrant while pajamas symbolize style and fashion.

Also, most of the similar phrases to ‘the cat’s pajamas’ mirror animals but I’ve got few exceptions in this post.

Let’s get to the rest of the similar phrases to ‘the cat’s pajamas’ in this article without ado.

20 Similar Phrases to the Cat’s Pajamas

  • The peacock’s tail
  • The gnat’s elbow
  • The zebra’s stripes
  • The bee’s knees
  • The tiger’s spots
  • All that and a bag of chips
  • A king’s crown
  • The dog’s canine
  • The giraffe’s neck
  • The porcupine’s prickle
  • The rhino’s horn
  • The cobra’s hood
  • The sea’s dance
  • The marriage of streams and lakes
  • The spider’s ankles
  • The elephant’s instep
  • The ant’s hard work
  • The kangaroo’s pouch
  • The cuckoo’s chin
  • The fox’s socks

1. The Peacock’s Tail

‘The peacock’s tail’ is by a significant length one of the best similar phrases to ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

The first thought that comes to mind when a peacock’s tail is mentioned is how it is paraded as a wonder of science and nature.

This alone puts it in a clear shot as a plausible phrase that can be used in the place of saying ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

A peacock is perceived to be the most elegant bird or even animal there is, and that’s highly attributed to its tail which is colorful and bright.

To this end, it makes absolute sense if you decide to replace ‘the cat’s pajamas’ with ‘the peacock’s tail’ whether in speech or text. This way, you mean the same thing with different phrases.

2. The Gnat’s Elbow

‘The gnat’s elbow’ and ‘the cat’s pajamas’ are synonyms. You can use one in place of the other because they mean almost the same thing.

A gnat, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary is any of various small usually biting dipteran flies. However, this fly has an aesthetic that resembles that of a mosquito but then it is not one.

This phrase is part of the various idioms that are synonymous with ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

This is basically because the gnat’s elbow is a magnificent feature of this fly which despite its miniature size still flies strong and delivers bites like mosquitoes.

3. The Zebra’s Stripes

‘The zebra’s stripes’ is another similar phrase to ‘the cat’s pajamas’ which is sensible.

To this end, you can use this phrase in place of ‘the cat’s pajamas’. After all, what’s not unique about the Zebra?

As against the popular misconception that the Zebra is a white animal with black stripes, science has proven that the Zebra is a black animal with white stripes, more like a signature.

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These stripes are what make the zebra a unique animal which is an astounding thing, just like ‘the cat’s pajamas’. This is because both phrases address something different but appealing to people.

4. The Bee’s Knees

‘The bee’s knees’ is yet a good similar phrase to ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

A bee is a wonderful insect that is characterized by its ability to work collectively and the whole colony game. Bees are as important as they are unique.

A bee’s physical makeup can pass for a convenient wonder, especially its knees which support it to do work or accomplish whatever it is out to do.

The ‘bee’s knees’ from another perspective is a name for a type of cocktail made with gin, fresh lemon juice, and honey. This drink is made in such a way that it stands out from other types of cocktails.

Away from these two variations of the meaning of ‘bee’s knees’, the main takeaway is that is an appealing and somewhat remarkable drink.

5. The Tiger’s Spots

‘The tiger’s spots’ can be your preferred similar phrase to ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

A tiger’s spots are undoubtedly one of the most outstanding features of this animal of the cat family. Just like the Zebra’s stripes, a tiger’s spots are its signature natural feature.

Notably, the tiger’s spot is a feature of pride as any tiger without one is seen as less powerful. This is because of how crucial this spot is – which is located often at the back of a tiger’s ear.

This spot is a defense mechanism as it acts like fake eyes for the tiger only to be seen by its prey and predators alike.

It becomes a remarkable attribute of the tiger when it protects it from getting attacked by potential predators or affords it an advantage over its prey.

This remarkable feature which turns out to be the false eyes of the tiger is the reason why it makes this list of similar phrases to ‘cat’s pajamas’.

6. All That and a Bag of Chips

‘All that and a bag of chips’ is a phrase you can employ as a similar phrase to ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

This phrase means anything along the lines of the qualities of awesomeness and wonderfulness. Notably, a bag of chips is known to bring joy and comfort to people, making it an appealing package, especially for chip lovers.

So, when someone performs incredibly well and you want to refer to that, you can say the person’s rendition was all that and a bag of chips.

By saying this, you tend to equate ‘all that and a bag of chips’ with ‘the cat’s pajamas’ as both phrases have the same message embedded in them.

7. A King’s Crown

‘A king’s crown’ can be your phrase of choice if you’re looking for similar phrases to ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

A crown is a special royal accessory, which symbolizes authority and power to the person that is wearing it.

This item of fashion and status is magnificent in some places, while just the thought of it commands respect.

With how awesome and majestic a King’s crown is, it is only thoughtful to consider it a synonym to ‘the cat’s pajamas’. After all, they both share something in common – being regarded as unique and appealing.

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8. The Dog’s Canine

‘The dog’s canine’ is a similar phrase to ‘The cat’s pajamas’.

You can use it in the place of ‘the cat’s pajamas’ to mean the same thing as the phrase. While a canine is a general term for animals of the dog family, it is also the name given to the dentition of dogs.

And since a dog’s pride lies in its barking strength as well as its tail, it also brags with its canines.

Because of this, the dog’s canine makes for a viable similar phrase to ‘the cat’s pajamas’. Both phrases address the same thing, which is an appealing element, feature, or attitude.

9. The Giraffe’s Neck

‘The giraffe’s neck’ is the next similar phrase to ‘the cat’s pajamas’ which you can use. A giraffe’s neck is an incredible feature of the animal that stands out from others and even proves to be one of the wonders of nature in the animal world.

Since ‘the cat’s pajamas’ as a phrase talks about interesting and appealing features or events, especially accredited to animals, then this phrase makes for a fitting phrase you can use in the place of ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

10. The Porcupine’s Prickle

Similar Phrases to the Cat’s Pajamas

‘The porcupine’s prickle’ is another similar phrase you can use for ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

A porcupine’s prickle is pointy thorns which the rodent uses as a defense mechanism. It makes this list of similar phrases to ‘the cat’s pajamas’ because the prickles although commonly seen in porcupines, is a wonder on its own.

This is most especially because of how they’re weaved into the animal’s body.

This wonder makes them interesting components of the animal, which is as impressive as ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

11. The Rhino’s Horn

‘The rhino’s horn’ is an ideal similar phrase to ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

A rhinoceros is a wild animal with 5 living species, and physical structures that are almost unnoticeable. Their hairless body is one, and then their horns.

A rhino’s horn is a standing feature of the animal, almost like its own tiger’s spot or viper’s fang. It is the signature feature of the animal, and as such stands out.

To this end, it makes for a worthy synonym for ‘the cat’s pajamas’ since both phrases speak about elegance and uniqueness.

12. The Cobra’s Hood

‘The cobra’s hood’ is a unique phrase you can use in place of ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

A cobra’s hood is an extension of a snake’s neck region. Britannica puts it better to assert that it is a major characteristic of most cobras, even though not all of them are related.

With this in view, it is clear that the cobra’s hood is an outstanding feature of the snake and as such makes the phrase synonymous with ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

13.  The Sea’s Dance

‘The sea’s dance’ can be another similar phrase to ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

This is one of the few synonyms for ‘the cat’s pajamas’ which are not portrayed by animals but still convey the same message. The only difference is the perspective it follows.

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Seeing a sea dance without turbulence is a great sighting because of how serene and beautiful it looks. The fact that it is appealing gets it a place in this post.

14.  The Marriage of Streams and Lakes

‘The marriage of streams and lakes’ is another similar phrase to ‘the cat’s pajamas’ that is not illustrated by an animal.

Here, the attention is at the meeting point between a stream and a lake. This point is significant and remarkable.

15. The Spider’s Ankles

‘The spider’s ankles’ and ‘the cat’s pajamas’ are synonyms.

This is because of how strong and intriguing a spider’s ankles are. Judging by their good form and flexibility, you can use this phrase instead of ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

16. The Elephant’s Instep

‘The elephant’s instep’ can be your choice of a similar phrase to ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

This takes us back to the synonyms for ‘the cat’s pajamas’ which is illustrated by animals. The phrase is slang that came aboard during the flapper era of the 1920s – just as ‘the cat’s pajamas’. It is used to describe something outstanding and significant.

17. The Ant’s Hard Work

‘The ant’s hard work’ is an even more practical phrase to use as a similar phrase to ‘the cat’s pajamas’. With this phrase, you’re picturing the hard work of ants as a remarkable thing, just as ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

18. The Kangaroo’s Pouch

Similar Phrases to the Cat’s Pajamas

‘The Kangaroo’s pouch’ is a similar phrase to ‘the cat’s pajamas’ you shouldn’t look away from.

If you’ve seen a Kangaroo’s pouch, you’ll testify that it is a natural wonder for an animal to have a bag cut into its stomach to form a pouch with which it carries things including its young ones.

19. The Cuckoo’s Chin

‘The cuckoo’s chin’ is second to the last similar phrase to ‘the cat’s pajamas’.

If this is to replace the original phrase in speech or text then it will be because of how distinct a cuckoo’s white chin is.

It is just beautiful, while the phrase itself has a history back to the 1920s when it was used to mean something or someone impressive.

20. The Fox’s Socks

While Julia Donaldson made a children’s storybook with the same name – Fox’s Socks, the phrase often acts as similar phrase as ‘The Cat’s Pajamas’.

This is possibly because of the aesthetic wonder of a fox’s hoof which is different and unique.

Final Words

If you’ve been looking for similar phrases to ‘the cat’s pajamas’, I guess your search is over by now. This is because this post discussed in length about 20 similar phrases to the idiomatic expression – the cat’s pajamas which is used to explain elegance, awesomeness, or appeal.

However, since it is hectic for you to have all the synonyms in this article in your memory, you can pick two of them that relate to you the most and make use of them.

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