20 Best Responses to “What Are You Looking At?”

The question of what you are looking at is a direct question that needs to be answered. It’s asked due to what you have your eyes locked on or where your thoughts are at that moment.

Sometimes one can be lost in thoughts or just staring into oblivion or obliviousness.

The speaker who throws the question at you wants to know what you are looking at.

In this article, I would be telling you twenty responses to “what are you looking at?”

20 Best Replies to “What Are You Looking At?”

1. I Was Just Admiring Your Stunningly Symmetrical Face

When asked what are you looking at it is okay to reply by saying I was just admiring your stunningly symmetrical face.

The speaker would know that you are looking at them in awe of their nature which can be used both ways to either be a joke or a compliment.

I was just admiring that your stunningly symmetrical face is one way to respond when asked what you looking at.

This response tells the speaker that they have an attractive face and you have taken notice of that.

2. Oh, I’m Sorry. I Didn’t Realize I Was Staring.

Another response to What are you looking at can be Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I was staring.

This is a genuine pop response to give if you need an excuse or lost track of time staring into oblivion.

Such a response lets the speaker pardon you for staring away as it is human to be lost in thought.

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But also rude to wander away in thought when with someone in or out.

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was staring is a good response to what are you looking at.

3.  I Was Just Lost In Thought About What Kind Of Sandwich I Want For Lunch

Responses to What Are You Looking At

You can respond to a question like What are you staring at by saying,

I was just lost in thought about what kind of sandwich I wanted for lunch.

Saying this response tells the speaker that you are not looking at them but rather lost in your thoughts.

Such a response about food lets your speaker know that you have your mind on your food and not theirs.

It may sound silly or selfish to talk about sandwiches but it is fine to say what is on your mind.

4. The Ceiling, It’s Quite Fascinating

Responses to What Are You Looking At

Responding with “the ceiling” is quite funny, and fascinating. It is an awkward and weird way to reply to someone who asks about what you are looking at.

This reply lets the speaker know that you are looking at the ceiling.

An awkward response like The ceiling is quite fascinating can be answered when asked what are you looking at.

This response is seemingly awkward pointing out that you are not at all looking at the person but just at the ceiling.

5. My Future, And It Looks Bright!

When someone inquires what you are looking at, one fun way to reply to them is to say I am looking at my future and it looks bright.

This response is positive and playful which shows that you are happy with what you envisage for yourself.

This response shows that you are just staring into nothing particularly but your thoughts.

It shows that you hope and are optimistic about your tomorrow which looks bright to you.

6. Your Aura. It’s A Lovely Shade Of Blue Today.

Your, aura. It’s a lovely shade of blue today is a more enchanting response to what are you looking at.

This is an enchanting and playful reply that tells the speaker you have found something noticeably enchanting.

Such a reply would make the speaker feel charmed or blush, even the resistance to accept your response from the speaker is proof of the enchantment.

7. I Was Just Appreciating The Artistry Of Your Nose Hairs

I was just appreciating the artistry of your nose hairs. It is a very funny reply to give when asked what you are looking at.

This reply shows the speaker that you are in a playful mode to disturb and gross friends out in a friendly manner.

This is rather a playful statement than an offensive one. It shows that you are not looking at their attractive body parts but at the gross ones like their nose hairs.

8. Your Face Is Like A Beautiful Painting, I Just Can’t Look Away

A good excuse for staring is this response here. It projects as a compliment, by suggesting that the speaker has a very attractive and captivating face.

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This will be so intriguing to the speaker that they will be so happy to chat with you. I like how this response is dynamic, it fits into a wide range of situations.

It describes the speaker as a beautiful painting that is worthy

9. I’m Trying To Decide Whether Your Face Is More Lovely I Have Seen Or Not. It’s A Tough One

A funny response that is a bit flirty and playful is thus here, it tells the speaker you are attracted to them.

You gaped because you were actively trying to decide if they have the most lovely appearance you have seen, but finding it difficult to do so.

It shows them their beauty has captivated you. And you have been caught like a deer in headlights.

While this response is sure to put a smile on their face, it doubles up as a subtle flirty signal.

10. Just Trying To Figure Out How I Can Look As Cool As You

A funny response that flatters and compliments the speaker is saying this here. It informs the speaker they looked very cool and you only stare because you want to emulate them.

Sometimes a bit of flattering will go a long way. You can count on this reply doing just that. It settles the speaker emotionally by making them laugh and smile.

Great conversations always begin with a good joke. Also, the reply is the perfect excuse when you have been caught staring at someone.

11. Oh, Just The Usual. Trying To Decipher The Meaning Of Life.

I like that this response is intentionally absurd and a bit philosophical.

It suggests that the person staring is not looking at anything interesting or important at all, but rather contemplating the big questions of existence.

It shows the speaker you are not staring at anything in particular but is lost in space.

This is a natural response when you are lost in thought. It reveals nothing about what you are thinking to the speaker.

12. I Was Admiring Your Impeccable Fashion Sense.

One response that is a bit of a compliment, is suggesting that the speaker being looked at has great style and that you are starting because you’re impressed by it.

It tells the speaker you have an observant eye. They will feel loved and admired with such compliments from you.

This shows them their efforts to look good were noticed by you. It will improve their confidence too

13. I Wasn’t Looking At Anything In Particular. I Just Have A Tendency To Stare Off Into Space

Sometimes one response that is a bit self-deprecating and honest, indicates that your gaze wasn’t looking at anything in particular, instead you are just prone to spacing out.

It tells the speaker that you constantly stare into space and don’t have anything interesting to look at.

This shows the speaker that you are bored and in need of company.

It’s a sign that you aren’t occupied with any serious tasks or chores.

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14. I Was Trying To Figure Out If You’re A Wizard Or Just Naturally That Charming

One funny response that is a bit playful and complimentary, is suggesting they are being looked at due to them either being magically charming or naturally gifted in that way.

This is a flattering reply that will get you a look of approval from the speaker.

It’s a way to show you appreciate them with words of flattery. It portrays you as one with a rich background and education.

15. Your Face Looks So Familiar. Do I Know You From Somewhere?

A funny response that is a bit curious, is this here? It suggests to the speaker that you only stared because you recognized them from somewhere, but can’t quite place where.

It’s pretty common to confuse the identity of one person with another.

Humans have very similar looks to other people on the planet.

This response tells the speaker that you only looked at them because they remind you of someone they knew.

It tells the speaker curiosity got the best of him.

16. I Was Just Admiring The Way The Light Reflects Off Your Forehead

This response is very funny, it implies that you only looked at them because they have attractive foreheads and that the lighting nicely accentuates them.

It’s hilarious and shows the speaker you are joking with them. They will laugh and find the whole situation silly.

Such responses can be used to start a conversation or break the ice. It’s a good way to show a funny side if you.

17. I Was Admiring Your Impeccable Posture. Do You Do Yoga Or Something?

This response is a funny one it acknowledges, that the speaker has great posture, and that is why you are staring because you are impressed by them.

When you are admiring someone or something, it is common to find yourself staring at them for a long. It happens because you are trying to make their features imprint last longer in your memory.

It also questions the speaker about their routine. Doing this will let the speaker know that you are interested in them. With a reply like this, you are going to put a smile kn anyone’s face.

18. I Was Just Trying To Imagine What You’d Look Like With A Funny Mustache

This response is a bit silly and playful, it shows the speaker that you’re staring because you have imagined them looking with a funny, exaggerated mustache.

It shows the speaker you are in the mood for some good laughs. They will burst into laughter once they hear your reply.

This response will get you friends in any room you enter. I like this because it’s a joke that’s evergreen and can be used on multiple occasions. It’s also a great excuse when someone caught you starting.

19. I Was Wondering If You’re Secretly A Superhero In Disguise

This response is a bit playful and curious, it tells the speaker you only stare because they look like have hidden superhero powers.

I love this reply because it’s used as a deflection to the question from the speaker. It helps you tell them something funny instead of the real reason.

It is useful when you have been caught lost in thoughts or ogling someone. The reply is witty and funny enough to generate the right amount of humor.

20. I Was Just Imagining You In A Disco Outfit, And It Was Glorious

This is one of the best responses to what are you looking at. It sounds silly and playful. It implies you imagined the speaker in a funny, exaggerated disco outfit and find it amusing.

This is very playful banter you can use with a friend or work colleague. It puts a smile on their face while making them feel at home.

It shows the speaker you were just looking at them for amusing purposes and nothing of serious consequences.

Wrapping Up

All our replies are funny and engaging. They have to potential to make anyone around you laugh out loud.

These replies can also save you when you have been caught staring at someone. They create the perfect reasons to use as an excuse in times like this.

Each of them has been well written with the right amount of friendly humor to get any conversation going.

What’s best about these lists is that they can be used for different kinds of scenarios. Also, they are adaptable and ever-fresh.

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