20 Other Words for “Roger That”

‘Roger that’ is one of the many Radio Comm. languages that are used in the military. It can mean anything from being a phrase that gives assent to one that shows confirmation and understanding.

Oftentimes, it is used by military personnel to show that he or she understands the task conveyed in the command to them.

Today, ‘Roger that’ is more or less a military thing as it is being used even in civilian circles. However, you may want to know other ways to say it without sounding militaristic, either to conceal identity or to address a more civilian audience.

In this article, I will be discussing 20 other words for ‘Roger that’. To know more, keep reading on!

20 Synonyms for “Roger That”

If you’re looking for other fine words for ‘Roger that’, then ‘Copy that’, ‘All righty’, ‘Aye Aye’, ‘Okeydokey’, and ‘Well-understood’ stand out for you to use in place of that.

Since ‘Roger’ already has a military history and tone behind it, any alternatives to it have to be less intense and formal if the audience is civilians.

It is on that note that the above-mentioned words come into play. A close look at them will have you notice that they are more friendly and less intense than saying ‘Roger that’. Well, there are more of them in this article so let’s get into them right away.

1. Well-understood

‘Well-understood’ is the foremost synonym for ‘Roger that’ in this article. This is a good idea of a phrase you can use instead of saying ‘Roger that’.

If you’re using this word, you’ll be implying ‘Roger that’ in the sense that you understand or confirm what someone is saying to you.

Perhaps, if you’re an employee at a firm or a public servant who takes orders from people or a boss then you can make use of this phrase to imply that you understood or confirmed the person’s order.

2. Aye Aye

‘Aye Aye’ is a good replacement for ‘Roger that’. It is so because it is an uncommon way of signaling confirmation or agreement to what someone says, which is the same message ‘Roger that’ conveys most of the time.

Likewise, this phrasal word sounds sporty and that makes it a preferable choice if you’re a sportsman or comic character or the person you’re directing it to is one. Either way, it has a jolly tone that perfectly fits in and applies to any of the scenery.

3. I get the point now

‘I see the point now’ is a line of statement you can employ in place of saying ‘Roger that’. Here, you’re implying ‘Roger that’ in the sense that you understand something that’s been said or commanded to you.

It is this understanding that you now ‘get the point’ of its use or relevance. Hence, making this line a viable option for other words for ‘Roger that’.

4. I see the point well

‘I see the point well’ is a smart alternative to ‘Roger that’ that you can use. To use this line of statement as your replacement for ‘Roger that’, means you’re saying that you acknowledge an order, command line, or idea someone has put forward to you.

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I’m sure the person you’re directing this to will understand it just as in saying ‘Roger that’. This is because using this line confirms you’re in the know of whatever order that was made.

5. Okeydokey

If you’re looking for a funny replacement for ‘Roger that’ then saying ‘Okeydokey’ serves you right. Here, you’re utilizing a comic effect to pass the same message you do when you say ‘Roger that’.

In essence, ‘Okeydokey’ is a less intense word you can use in place of ‘Roger that’. As well, it’s a preferred choice if your audience is civilian and not military.

6. All righty

‘All righty’ is a simplistic word you can use in place of saying ‘Roger that’. Although a simple word, it is one of those synonyms for ‘Roger that’ in this article that maintains the standard of being less intense and hardcore.

Rather, it sounds friendly and soothing to the ear unlike ‘Roger that’ which is almost abrasive to hearing.

7. Got it

‘Got it’ is that short and simple way to say ‘Roger that’. Telling someone ‘ Got it’ is a way of confirming that you’ve gotten a hold of something, thus making it one of the synonyms that sees ‘Roger that’ as a way of saying you understand something or someone.

8. Dutifully acknowledged

‘Dutifully acknowledged’ is a brilliant idea to consider if you’re looking for other ways to say ‘Roger that’. Like the previous one, this alternative for ‘Roger that’ stands for confirming or understanding someone or something.

Let’s say someone orders something as your work description says, and you want to let them know you’ve gotten that.

Then using this phrase to answer them and acknowledge their order in preparation for doing it is a very good choice.

9. Right you are

‘Right you are’ is a synonym to ‘Roger that’ which addresses it in the sense of assent to a request or proposal.

That is to say that if you receive a proposal or opinion about something from someone and you want to second it without sounding like a military officer by shouting ‘Roger that’ then saying ‘Right you are’ does the job perfectly well.

10. Loud and clear

other words for Roger that

‘Loud and clear’ is another plausible replacement for saying ‘Roger that’. The basis for this synonym is the angle of it being a confirmation or means of acknowledging someone for their words, actions, or even instructions.

This phrase implies that having received an order or instruction from someone, you can hear the person loudly with good understanding – as emphasized in “clearly.”

11. Copy that. With passion

‘Copy that. With passion’ is another military radio language that you can use in place of ‘Roger that’. As part of the Military Lingo, this phrase slightly differs from ‘Roger that’ although it can be used instead of it in some cases.

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The difference between them, just as Allthedifferences pointed out, is in the fact that while ‘Copy that’ is just a confirmation without action, ‘Roger that’ shows that the order has been understood and actions have been taken towards it too.

12. Taken and processed as commanded

‘Taken and processed as commanded’ is a considerate alternative for ‘Roger that’. Here, you’re saying that you’ve taken and processed the person’s message as commanded.

A close examination shows that this phrase can work well in both militaristic scenery as well as that of military instances.

13. It’s in my sights and mind

‘It’s in my sights and mind’ is a savvy other word for ‘Roger that’ which you can employ. Here, you’re using this line to mean assent or confirmation towards a message that was sent to you by someone.

Telling someone that something is in your sights and mind shows that you’ve seen the message they sent and you’ve considered it.

This is a pleasant way to let someone know that you’re in thought with their order or assertion. As well, this phrase and the previous phrase are in the same line and order.

14. Commands on my compass

‘Commands on my compass’ is a brainy alternative you can use instead of ‘Roger that’. With this line of statement, you’re making it clear to the person that their command is on your compass i.e. it’s now to your knowledge.

You can either use this in a military instance or employ it in an informal way to address a civilian audience. Either way, using this phrase in the place of ‘Roger that’ is a brilliant idea.

15. Noted, pursuing action

‘Noted, pursuing action’ is an energetic synonym for ‘Roger that’. With this line, you are making it clear that you’re referring to the part of ‘Roger that’ that has to do with confirmation.

That is to say, you understand very well the assignment conveyed through the message you want to reply to with ‘Roger that’.

However, using this line shows that you do not only understand the assignment, but it also means that you’ve started making plans to swing into action concerning the assignment. With this as your response instead of ‘Roger that’, you tend to convey a clearer and better position you have taken so far.

16. You’re coming in well clear

‘You’re coming in well clear’ shows that an alternative to ‘Roger that’ can be soft to the ear yet straight to the point.

With this line, you’re supposing that you can hear whatever message you’re getting from someone very clearly.

Using this instead of ‘Roger that’ is thoughtful and reiterates the aim of this article which is to provide you with synonyms for ‘Roger that’ that are not overly intense.

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17. Got hold of it

‘Got hold of it’ is another phrase you can use in place of saying ‘Roger that’. Here, you’re implying that you got hold of the information or command that is being passed to you by someone else.

Although I aim to curate alternatives to saying ‘Roger that’ which appeals more to a civilian audience, this one is an exception.

This is because you can still use this line in a military sense without sounding particularly intense like when you say ‘Roger that’.

18. I second the thought

‘I second the thought’ is another interesting phrase you can employ in place of saying ‘Roger that’. With this phrase, the bone of contention is not a case where ‘Roger that’ means affirmation. Rather, here, ‘Roger that’ converts to giving your assent to something someone asserted.

Hence, saying ‘I second the thought’ has you agreeing with someone’s line of thought. It also means that if the person is to implement their thoughts, you would do the same.

19. By all means

‘By all means’ comes up as a viable phrase to use in place of ‘Roger that’. Since ‘Roger that’ already has that intensity, using a less compelling phrase is thoughtful. And it is on this note that ‘By all means’ comes into play.

Here, you’re using this phrase as a confirmation of what has been said by someone. Perhaps, you got an order from a customer while working as a waiter and you don’t want to use ‘Roger that’ which doesn’t apply to your profession.

If so, then saying ‘By all means’ serves right and better than ‘Roger that’.

20. Affirmative

other words for Roger that

‘Affirmative’ is a formal but less militaristic word you can use in place of saying ‘Roger that’. If you aim to use another word that doesn’t sound intense but also formal and can be used for a civilian audience then saying ‘Affirmative’ has to be your best bet in the game.

‘Affirmative’ is a synonym for ‘Roger that’ that has you agree with or confirm an order, advice, or suggestion.

So, if the scenery you want to use this word concerns any of these instances then you can surely use it in the place for ‘Roger that’

Final Words

By all means, alternatives for ‘Roger that’ are phrases, words, or one-liners that you can use in place of saying ‘Roger that’ which is a Military Lingo.

Depending on your audience, this article packs about 20 diverse other ways to say ‘Roger that’. You can pick anyone that appeals most to you and swing into action.

Thus, you have the prerogative to decide which one fits a civilian audience, a comic community, or a military audience.

Just like other words such as ‘Aye Aye’ and ‘Okeydokey’ sound funny, you can use them for a comic community or audience and so on.


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