20 Appropriate Responses To “Kudos” On Strava

Let’s start with your workout routine, do you prefer hitting the gym, or working out with peers and other gym goers, or is your preference a one-on-one online lesson without the fanfare and glaring eyes of many?

Strava comes to mind when it comes to having an online workout section. Not only is this workout interesting, but you also get to receive “kudos” for every milestone achieved.

It has quickly become one of the most popular social platforms for athletes who are seeking to improve their fitness and connect with other like-minded individuals.

If you’re an active Strava user, you know how good it feels to receive kudos from your friends, supporters, and followers after completing a run, cycle, or any other sport activity. But how can you properly respond to those kudos?

20 Best Replies When Someone Gives You Kudos on Strava

Responses To Kudos On Strava

As an athlete, receiving kudos on Strava can be a great motivator and a way to show appreciation for the hard work you’ve put in. But how do you respond to those kudos?

While a simple “thank you” can suffice, there are many other ways to show your appreciation and keep the conversation going.

In this section, we’ll explore twenty appropriate responses to kudos on Strava, stay tuned:

Thank you

“Thank you” is a straightforward response that shows your appreciation for the kudos on Strava. It’s always a good idea to start with a “thank you” to acknowledge the person’s gesture.

If the kudos was given in response to a particularly impressive or enjoyable activity, you can respond with “Glad you enjoyed it!” to show the person their support is valuable.

Say you had an online workout with other athletes and this led to someone sending you while still expressing their delight over the workout, letting them know that you’re glad they enjoyed it only makes them want to keep up in their workout routine.

However minuscule or minimal this is, thank you as a response to a kudos on Strava to make your followers know that you appreciate their time and sincere feedback.

I appreciate it

“I appreciate it” is another polite way to express your gratitude for someone giving you kudos on Strava. It’s a simple and direct way to show that you value the person’s support.

It could be that you are just starting on the application and have no prior knowledge in work out but were able to hit the required target, when this result is posted on the dashboard, and a kudos is sent, it is proper to respond by expressing your appreciation.

An “I appreciate it “differs from a “thank you” when it comes to appropriate responses such that it gives a personal feel rather than the latter response which sounds general and flat.

You’re the best

If you’re feeling especially grateful for the kudos, you can respond with “You’re the best!” to let the person know that their support is truly appreciated.

This response works well when you have at some point in time back tracked on your routine and upon hitting it on, you get your first kudos, by letting such a person know that they are the best, you not only make them feel special, it also creates a bond where this person is willing to be your accountability partner.

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Thanks for the encouragement:

Kudos can be a great source of encouragement, especially when you’re feeling down or unmotivated. If you received kudos that helped you push through a tough workout, respond with “Thanks for the encouragement!”

That word alone is a mood booster and when you or someone reply in that manner, you can help but feel the influx of adrenaline in your system to make you work out more.

Maybe the kudos is in response to a push-up workout executed and upon doing it you felt exhausted, it is proper to let the sender know that you appreciate their encouragement and how it boosts your willingness to carry on.

Your support means a lot to me

Kudos on Strava could be responded with”your support means a lot to me”, which is highly suggested if you’re going through a rough time keeping to your schedule.

Akin to celebrities who go through a traumatic event and their fans pour in consolation, the effect of this statement goes beyond just replying to the kudos sent.

Letting the person know that their support means a lot to you can be a powerful way to strengthen your relationship. Respond with “Your support means a lot to me” to show your appreciation and build a connection.

I’m glad we can motivate each other

You are probably not the only one going through a tough exercise schedule and when you get kudos from one going through your challenge, knowing the best response becomes timely.

When you respond like that, moving on in your plan becomes necessary not because you don’t get fatigued at some point but because the thought of not wanting to be someone who doesn’t do what they preach urges you to do more.

If you’ve been exchanging kudos with another athlete on Strava, respond with “I’m glad we can motivate each other” to acknowledge the value of your connection.

Your kudos made my day

A little flattery does not harm, only make it genuine, maybe you had a not-so-good day and after using the Strava app, you get kudos, the right response counts a lot here as it is a signal that your day has been made.

If the kudos you received brightened your day, respond with “Your kudos made my day!”

Thanks for being part of my Journey

The beauty of Strava is that it’s an app that stays through for longevity, and making friends on the platform can lead to a long time connection.

Strava is a great way to document your fitness journey and connect with others who share your passion for fitness. If someone has been supporting you along the way, respond with “Thanks for being part of my journey.”

I’m grateful for your support

Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can strengthen relationships and improve our overall sense of well-being. If you’re feeling grateful for the kudos you received, respond with “I’m grateful for your support.”

This response is best used when you are hitting the lowest ebb as regards your exercise journey and no motivation seems to hit you right after receiving the kudos.

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Let’s keep pushing each other

Here’s another encouragement.

If you’ve been exchanging kudos with another athlete who shares your goals, responding with a “Let’s keep pushing each other” shows that you value your connection and you are committed to helping each other succeed.

Such a reply serves in two ways, providing support for the sender and also pushing you as a receiver to do more.

This response also works best if you have been in a connection with another athlete for a long time and you are both a support system for each other, the statement acts as a boost and support.

Thanks for noticing my progress

The beauty of Strava is how your progress is publicized, giving room for others to give you kudos.

While the kudos given to you keep coming on, the best you can do is to constantly appreciate the sender for noticing your progress.

Progress can be slow and sometimes hard to notice, so when someone takes the time to acknowledge your progress, it can be a great motivator. Respond with “Thanks for noticing my progress” to show your appreciation.

Your kudos keep me going

Motivation can be a hard thing to get and when it seems that nothing is forthcoming, a Kudos can do the magic, and responding appropriately to one send only enhances your zeal.

If you’re feeling unmotivated or struggling to stay on track, receiving kudos can be a great way to keep going. Respond with “Your kudos keep me going” to let the person know that their support is helping you stay motivated.

I appreciate the positive feedback

Positive affirmation and support are key to achieving our goals. A dosage of it however small can be the difference between going the extra mile on that workout plan and vice versa.

Positive feedback can be a great way to improve our performance and build confidence. From the kudos you received, it is great to include some positive feedback by responding with an “I appreciate the positive feedback.”

A little bit of humor in between your appreciation is also a great way to connect with others and make light of the challenge of staying fit.

I feel happy knowing this is such an amazing community

Being more than just an app, it’s a community of like-minded individuals who strive to be healthy, active, and motivated and when you get a kudos, it is only proper to appreciate the community.

Bear in mind that the kudos sent does more to foster the relationship and build a kinship, which is good for the overall betterment of society.

We’re often inspired by the achievements that we see in others and appreciating the community will also help others to keep reaching their milestones.

We keep pushing ourselves

Commenting with a “we keep pushing ourselves” whenever a kudos is sent on the Strava platform takes out the need for a self-centered disposition and recognizes collective effort.

This encouragement as a response has a way to spark up the desire to push on, as you recognize the struggle and discipline it takes to stick to a workout plan.

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Moreso, supporting and motivating others is a great way to spread positive energy and lift each other to newer heights, in other words by responding to a kudos with the statement you make that happens.

Let’s keep building

By replying a kudos with the statement “we keep building”, you recognize the effort of others in the community, their struggles, and the good times gained in using the platform.

Let’s keep building as a response shows to other users who send in kudos that you’re humble and ready to contribute in any way you can for the betterment of the group.

This shifts the attention from yourself to the general members, making it easy to make more friends and connect with acquaintances.

Return the Kudos

Maybe you aren’t a person of many words but deep down in your heart you cherish it every time Strava members send you a joke for your accomplishment and have been looking for a perfect response to their gesture, we’ve got you covered.

Did you know that aside from the comments you place on any kudos sent to you, many Strava users feel content when you go on to send in your kudos in appreciation of their effort in meeting up with a target?

There you have it, one of the best responses to a kudos on Strava.

Wouldn’t mind if we connect outside this space?

While Strava is an online community of many workout enthusiasts and allows room for connection, you can also go all out in requesting a physical meeting.

Maybe, it’s a story or just a deep liking for the person who sent you kudos(their constant sending of kudos) which you’ve noticed, you may seek to meet in person if they live within your locality in appreciation for their kudos.

This creates a bond that crosses the virtual world into something tangible and enduring.

I wish to see you all physically

This response draws on the emotional pool of your audience and is likely to result in a brotherhood that can be unbroken.

By replying in this manner, you make them feel special such that the kudos sent can’t replace your earnest desire to have a Tete-à-tete with them and draw support from one another.

I wouldn’t mind connecting with you on your social media handle

This response is a direct call for chatting with them and keeping track of your fan/other users progress and is only advisable to utilize if this user is a long-time fan.

By responding like this, you are kind of sending an invitation to not only look out for you on the Strava platform but other social media handles to connect and share ideas.

Parting Words

In conclusion, Strava offers a supportive community for athletes seeking to improve their fitness and connect with others.

Kudos serves as feedback from fellow users and as a motivational tool.

Responding to kudos with these appropriate responses will help keep you engaged and motivated, and keep the positive energy flowing.

The next time someone sends you kudos, take a few seconds to respond with a heartfelt gesture of gratitude!

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