18 Ways to Respond to “Hey” on Bumble

On a dating app, every message from a stranger will feel like some style of wooing, irrespective of how normal and innocent the message sounds.

‘Hey’ is an example of a simple word that still seems like an attempt to woo. That’s because you are on Bumble… a dating app. Everyone there has a goal and it’s to find a match.

How then do you respond to ‘Hey’ from someone you are interested in? While the message may hint at some interest in you, Bumble is a pool of people with interests placarded on their profile pages.

You have to see it as a competition. One of the best responses to give back is ‘Hey’.

While or before responding, you should take note of certain things:

  • Be quick with your reply.
  • Let the conversation flow naturally.
  • Show clearly that you are interested.
  • Check his or her profile before responding.

18 Ways To Respond To ‘Hey’ on Bumble

  1. Respond with ‘Hey’
  2. Introduce yourself.
  3. Use a nice GIF (Or sticker)
  4. Tease his or her opener (Hey)
  5. Ask about his or her day
  6. Say something about his or her profile.
  7. Start with a short lovely joke.
  8. Use flirty pickup lines.
  9. Use lines from a popular song
  10. Ask a question (If you have any)
  11. Make a comment on his or her profile picture
  12. Say a joke about his or her bio.
  13. Use sweet endearing emoji
  14. Talk about interests you have in common
  15. Ask open-ended questions
  16. Ask why he or she chose to chat you up.
  17. Ignore if you are not interested.
  18. Use a rude response.

Respond with ‘Hey’

Responding to ‘Hey’ by saying the same thing is not a new idea to most of us or everyone. However, you may be averse to the idea of saying ‘Hey’ back on a dating app.

Why? It is probably too short. That is true… or it just seems repetitive and it doesn’t show your interest.

‘Hey’ is a good response to ‘Hey’ on Bumble, though there are better responses. It is commendable as a response since you don’t have to pull the conversation forward with your effort.

Your match has started the chat for a reason so you can expect him or her to ask questions. However, this short response is only to the first message.

Remember you have to show that you are interested. Short responses don’t do that.

If you will be taking this piece of advice and responding with ‘Hey’, it is good to respond quickly. If it’s late already, you can choose a different way to respond from this list. As always, we’ve got you covered.

Introduce yourself

You know how you introduce yourself when you meet people. You can do the same on your dating app.

This may seem unnecessary since your name is sitting on your profile with everything about you, including your description and your preferences. For this chat, however, no one will be condemning a short introduction.

Once again, you know how you do introductions when you meet a person face-to-face. We say our names and we say ‘nice to meet you’. You can add this statement.

“Hey, I’m your dearest Jenny. Nice to meet you”

You may not stop at introducing yourself. You can even add further comments as suggested in the other options on this list.

How to Respond to Hey on Bumble

Use a nice GIF (Or Sticker)

If you have used stickers of GIFs long enough, you should know how they can be used to communicate. You can take your time to find a nice accommodating GOF that Express the message you want to pass.

You can send a GIF of a person smiling or two people hugging. It could also be two people walking into a room. It’s your choice.

Don’t be so creepy, though. While showing your interest, remember to take it slowly so you’re not just there to flirt with people.

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Stickers are good ideas but GIFs usually have motion and express your intentions better.

Tease his or her opener (Hey)

People often use better opening lines. You may not see just ‘Hey’. Your match will probably add some pick-up line if he or she is interested in you.

Everyone who texts you on Bumble is interested in you? The only reason you don’t have romantic pick-up lines leading their way to your DM is they don’t know what pick-up lines to use. Not everyone knows how to coin pick-up lines.

You can respond by jesting with the short opening line. Why would they use ‘Hey’ when there are thousands of pick-up lines on the net?

Not everyone is okay with guys that are not funny but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are not fun to chat with.

As suggested to you earlier, check his or her profile and decide whether you are interested in taking a chance or not. If you are, keep chatting. Make sure your jests don’t sound insulting.

Ask about his or her day

We say this when we are greeted too. Most of the time, we don’t how the day or night is going for the person. We are simply greeting.

This response is not a special tactic to win a girl’s or a guy’s heart. You are responding to a greeting and just making the conversation proceed.

Asking about your match’s day will also show that you are interested in chatting. While it is okay to let the person lead the chat, ask the questions, and try to win you over, not everyone is good at that so you may have to lead the way if you want something to happen.

Say something about his or her profile

We already talked about checking the profile of your match before chatting. This helps you with how you structure your conversation.

It helps with a lot of other things including knowing whom you are chatting with and knowing if he or she matches your interest.

Sometimes, there may be certain interests that don’t match. While those may be two out of a hundred, they may be the ones that matter to you the most.

One way to keep the conversation going is to say something about the person’s profile. It could be a compliment. It could be a joke on his or her bio.

How to Respond to Hey on Bumble

Start with a short lovely joke

 It is pretty easy to make anything funny while talking to someone who is interested in you. It is even easier if you are equally interested in him or her. You can bring a joke out of anything.

It could be the person’s profile picture. It could be his or her bio. It could be the descriptions or the person’s interests. You can also choose a joke that’s not related. Just say something that may be funny.

An eager response may even seem funny and interesting. Immediately you get the text, ‘Hey’, you can send a GIF from a man breathing heavily and add a caption ‘Yes, Ma’am. I came immediately I heard my name’.

Imagine you are talking to someone who matches your energy and has as much sense of humor as you do.

You don’t even have to force the conversation to proceed. He or she would give a nice funny response. ‘No, not you. I was referring to the other guy who’s not you’.

The conversation will continue with the joke that you started with and there would be no introduction yet.

Do you know how introductions and beginning questions can be boring? Starting with a joke can avert that experience.

Use flirty pickup lines

You can always think of a nice pick-up line to use. It is normal to get nervous when talking to someone you are interested in so you can just borrow ideas from the internet.

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The pickup lines you can use range from dirty to clean ones. Just make sure they match the person’s interests. You can check on his or her profile page to be sure of who you’re dealing with.

An example of a dirty pickup line is, ‘Whoa! You are so hot my zipper is falling for you’. That’s definitely dirty but pretty okay.

You can also choose to be a good guy or a good girl. There are clean romantic lines you can say. An example is ‘What have you been doing without my phone number?’

Use lines from a popular song

You can also use the lyrics of a popular song as a pick-up line when responding to ‘Hey’. Think of any romantic song and check the lyrics online.

There is always or usually a line that sounds nice and romantic enough to express what you feel.

For example, you can say ‘Is that you on your profile? A shout-out to your mom and dad for making you’. This is a line from Justin Bieber’s ‘Intentions’.

This is a very popular song so you can expect everyone to know those lines. This will also be a great bonus if your match has an interest in music or Justin Bieber in particular. If you are lucky, it is probably on her profile.

You may also get the name of another artist whom she may be interested in, then you can find nice lines from the artist’s songs.

Ask a question (If you have any)

We know what we do when we talk to people we are interested in but have nothing special or important to talk about.

Sometimes, we ask silly questions. It is not always the best option but you can choose that to start the chat on Bumble. Since your match is also interested in you, you can expect some questions from him or her too.

Check his or her profile. Assess the descriptions and interests. You may find something that interests you there. Then you can ask. You may ask a question like ‘Are you the one in your profile picture?’

Ask about anything else that fascinates you.

Make a comment on his or her profile picture

Like the example given earlier, you can confirm that he or she is the one in the profile picture. This will show that you are attracted or your match is being considered.

After confirming, say a compliment. ‘You look so handsome in your skin. Why are you here when you look so perfect?’ Now, you are showing that you are truly interested.

He or she has shown interest by texting you. Explicitly showing your interest will boost his or her confidence in chatting with you. From here, you can ask questions and get to know each other better

Say a joke about his or her bio.

You can say a joke about many things including his or her bio. Some bios can sound too serious. They may seem funny. They may also just sound absurd to you.

You can say ‘Your bio is so awkward. Take no offense though. You are cute. Nice to meet you’. Here comes another lesson; long responses.

One of the best ways to show that you are interested in a chat is to avoid giving one-word responses or anything short. This response is a long one expressing everything you feel.

You have said an awkward joke, an apology, and a compliment, all in one response. He or she has so much to respond to. That will keep the conversation going.

Use sweet endearing emojis

We know what emojis are and what they are used for. There are several emojis on your keyboard that allow you to express your emotions. You can look for the ones that signify love or accommodation.

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There is the red heart emoji. There is the emoji that signifies care, represented by arms wrapped around a red heart. There are also other emojis for smiling. You can add texts too to fully show how you feel.

Talk about interests you have in common

After checking the profile of your match, you should already know what you both have in common. You both may share an interest in the same music.

It could be the things you do when you are free. It could also just be the kind of people you like to have around you.

After getting to know the interest of your match, you will also be able to tell if he or she will like you or if you will like him or her.

By checking the description of your match, you can tell if he or she will be the kind of person you would like to date.

Ask open-ended questions

We suggested questions earlier but you shouldn’t just ask questions. It is very easy to ask questions. ‘How are you?’ ‘What is your name?’ ‘Are you having fun?’ etc.

It is also pretty easy to get ignored. That may not even be the issue. It is very easy to get bored when it feels like you are asking all the questions and you only get one word in every response.

This is a sign that your match is no longer interested.

Ask why he or she chose to chat you up

You can inquire from your match why he or she chose you. Don’t be so blunt or aggressive with it.

You just want to know what part of you got him or her interested and that is exactly how you are going to ask without seeming dismissive.

You can say ‘Hello, dear. Why did you choose me? What did you like about me?’

You can also add a smiley face emoji after this question. Consider this response as a way of getting yourself a compliment.

Your match will most likely respond with a compliment on your looks or on your profile. If it’s not what you expect, you can say something like ‘Ouch… and here, I thought you fell in love with me’.

Your match will find this slightly amusing but cute too.

Ignore if you are not interested

There is always a choice when you are hanging out with people. You can stop holding a person’s hands. Similarly, you can stop chatting with a person on Bumble.

No one will force you to respond so you can just ignore the greeting if you are not interested.

This often hurts but it may be necessary if the person does not match your preference. Your profile is always open to checking so he or she should have done that first to know your preference for a man or woman.

Use a rude response

You can choose to use a rude response when you are texted by someone who doesn’t match your preference. Ignoring is always a better option but you may want to just let this out.

You don’t have to use great insults. You can simply ask a sarcastic question.

For example, you can say ‘Wow. You thought you matched my preferences after checking my profile, right?’ This implies that he or she doesn’t match your preferences.

As mentioned earlier, you should probably ignore, rather than say this. There are other not-sane people on Bumble and other dating apps who don’t hesitate to throw insults at people.

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